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DescriptionWell, we knew it was inevitable. It appears that one of my personal favorites sites on the internet, AllOfMP3.com, may finally be in a position to be shut down. While many figured what they were doing was okay by Russian standards, our friends in the Russian police force felt otherwise. Now they are under criminal copyright investigation due to their pay-per-megabyte music model. Say it ain’t so! Hey, as long as they leave MP3Search alone, I’m good.

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iPod photo

Continuing with the iPod coverage, Apple has also updated the iPod photo line. There isn’t much to it, but here are the details:

The 40 GB iPod photo is no more. In its place is a slim, trim 30 GB model which retails for a cool $349 USD. The 60 GB model remains, but costs only $449. Just yesterday, the 40 GB iPod photo was $499, so this is a nice price point. Let’s see if it actually kick starts the photo into moving off shelves a bit more. Also, Apple is apparently going to release software next month that will add more functionality to the iPod photo:

Get the most out of your iPod photo. Coming in March, new software lets you:

  • Choose new slideshow transitions on the go
  • Upload photos directly from your camera using the optional iPod Camera Connector accessory, also arriving in March

iPod mini 6 GB

We all knew that it was just a matter of time before Apple announce an iPod mini with a larger capacity hard drive. What wasn’t expected, though, was that they would also keep the current mini line virtually intact. Apple’s new iPod mini now holds 6 GB of data, and has a very nicely upgraded battery that lasts for about 18 hours per charge. The gold color has been removed from the lineup as well. Silver remains, and the green, pink, and blue models pick up more vibrant shades along with icons on the click wheel that match the color of the iPod. The 6 GB iPod mini sells for $249 USD, while the 4 GB version has its price bumped down to $199 USD.

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Latest Gear Live Videos

Automoblox Car  Wired News has a nice little feature on some of the highlights to this week’s Toy Fair in New York.  Pictured here is a car model with interchangeable pieces allowing you to create a hybrid minivan-truck or SUV-sports car.  Other cool items on display include a laser-based trip wire, and a powered skateboard.  You’ll also find pics of an enhanced bubble-shooter gun: it spits out bubbles with vapors injected into it (nontoxic of course) that, when popped emit a quickly dissipating, whitish fog. 

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Nissan  This reminded me a little bit of the scene in I, Robot where Will Smith’s character decides to not let the car do the driving for him.  Nissan recently developed technology that will allow vehicles to auto-correct their path when detecting an accidental shift in lanes.  It’s nice to know that the car will not auto-adjust if the driver uses their turn signal, indicating an intentional lane change.  Cooler still, a series of cameras planted on all sides of the vehicle will give drivers an “arial” view of their car on the dashboard, so as to make parking easier.  Maybe now I can play my PSP while driving.

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Behold, the Anti-Panti. Those polka dot looking things up there are actually 4” discs of cloth which are sticky on the underside. The point here is that the ladies will be able to stop wearing panties altogether, and instead stick these things in the crotch of their pants. No more panty lines, because you are no longer wearing panties! It’s like wearing a pad all the time, but with designs like Tiger, Camoflauge, and even Jesus. Wow.

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Mobiblu has figured out what other MP3 player companies seem to have missed - we use these things in our car. In order to make it a bit more convenient, this new portable flash MP3 player is shaped like a cassette. It has adjustable magnetic pickup heads and works like a normal tape when inserted into a car stereo, even responding to the fast-forward and rewind controls on the tape deck while allowing you to set the speed. It is also an FM tuner, voice recorder, built in EQ settings, direct recording, multiple repeat modes and a LCD controller which can be attached for a convenient control screen. Seven hours of playback time and an MMC expansion slot round this one out. It’s USB capable and works with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Macintosh OS9.X and OS X.

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DescriptionWhile our article on why Apple makes a one buttoned mouse continues to stir controversy, we figured we would fill you in on a site that compares the two operating systems that are most prominent. X vs. XP puts Mac OS X and Windows XP Pro/Home side by side in a huge multitude of categories ranging from usability to appearance to video playback. As you read the comparisons,  you get a nice understanding for what goes into operating system design. In the end, Mac OS X comes out on top - but Windows XP certainly beats its Mac counterpart in quite a few categories.

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RNK Telecom VOIPWhile companies like Vonage are charging $24.99 per month for VOIP service, Massachusetts-based RNK Telecom is offering lifetime VOIP phone service for a one-time fee of $999 USD. That’s right - for a cool G, those in Massachusetts can make unlimited local and long distance calls. The fee also includes calls to 22 countries as well. While $999 sounds like a lot, it comes out to about 39 months of Vonage service. Of course, the other factor here is the question of how long will this company be around? If they happen to go under in three years, you are out of service and out of one thousand bucks. And even if they do stay in business, are you saying you plan on staying in Massachusetts for the rest of your life?

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Security RiskHow secure is your cellular phone’s voice mail? If your cell phone provider is T-Mobile or Sprint PCS it may not be as secure as you think. Recently hackers have found a way to access your voice mail by simply spoofing your phone number using caller ID spoofing systems such as CovertCall and Telespoof. Sprint and T-Mobile give users the option of enabling auto voicemail login where the user may log in to their voice mail automatically when calling from their own cell phone.  The authentication system is simple – it uses the user’s caller ID to validate the number.  If the caller ID matches your cell phone number, then it will log you in automatically. To prove that this is what hackers doing, they were able to access Paris Hilton’s voice mail as well as Vin Diesel’s voice mail after the events of this past weekend.

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