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Mobile QuakeIf you think your cell phone’s version of Tetris is tiring you out, ID software has recruited Bare Naked productions to release their famous FPS Quake on the “next gen” mobile phone. Using new 3D technology, these phones will continue to impress us and impede everything we should be doing.

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Time magazines’ Internet counterpart has unveiled their list of the 50 Coolest Websites for 2005.  This years’ list includes a newly added blog section, which coincidentally had the highest amount of sites on the list, at fifteen.  Wondering how Time Online Edition chooses their list?  It’s a mix of reader suggestions, colleagues, and general surfing.

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Heartbeat Lamp

This crazy looking lamp, designed by Matty Salin, has a rather interesting function.  By placing your hands on the lamp base, it will detect your heartbeat within 10 seconds and begin to pulse along with your heart.  The idea is to amplify a usually inconspicuous biological function, and give the user a biofeedback handle with which to control it.  The light is hypnotic, and after a while you can actually watch your pulse slow down by concentrating and relaxing. Leet.

No word on price/availability, but you can check out a movie of it in action here - QuickTime required.

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Browser Vulnerability Security company Secunia is warning that many major Internet browsers contain a vulnerability that could allow cybercriminals to steal personal information.  The problem has to do with the fact that JavaScript boxes do not show where they originate, so users could be tricked into putting their information into a form they believe is from a trusted site.  The browsers that are reportedly affected are latest versions of IE, IE for Mac, Safari, iCab, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Camino. Opera 7 and 8 are affected, but not 8.01, according to Opera.  Even though Secunia has labeled the problem as “Less Critical”, most companies are already trying repair the problem.

To take advantage of the flaw, a cybercriminal would have to direct a Web user from a malicious site to a genuine, trusted site such as an online bank, in a new browser window. The malicious site would then open a JavaScript dialog box in front of the trusted Web site, and a user might then be fooled into sending personal information back to the malicious site.

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Actiontec 54g Game AdapterActiontec provides a third party wireless game adapter at a price less exhorbatant than the first party counterparts. It really functions as an Ethernet to 802.11g bridge, enabling you to get your game system (PS2 or Xbox) or other Ethernet enabled device (TiVo or notebook) online wirelessly. It’s a very cool concept, but unfortunately the Actiontec has a few minor implementation issues. Check out the full review after the jump.

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Mobile QuakeOne of the most famous games that sparked the FPS genre is coming to a mobile phone near you. Planned to be release on 3D enabled phones in Korea, ID has hired Bare Naked Productions to develop the application for mobile technology.

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simplehuman Trash CanSteve Rubel, PR extraordinaire, made mention of the simplehuman Trash Can on during his talk at Gnomedex. Interestingly enough, he said that it is a $200 trash can, which sparked some applause from the audience. Going even further, he said that the lid opens and closes “like a Lexus”. I know that is has a wide opening, and it is brushed stainless steel, matching all the Mac gear you have in your office. There is even a noise dampener on the lid to make sure no one hears you trashing anything, and the liner lifts out for easy cleaning.

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iTunes PhoneAlthough there has been a lot of debate about whether or not the Motorola iTunes phone would ever see the light of day, it now seems that we are closer to an actual ship date.  Mark Sue, an analyst with RBC Markets, claims that “Motorola’s iTunes phones are now ready to ship according to our sources, with Apple working out the final details with Cingular for revenue sharing.”  This could just be more speculation about the first iTunes phone, but Sue believes that Motorola ended last quarter on a high note (due in part to the fact that 3.5 million RAZR phones have been sold) and that releasing the new phone could only continue to raise Motorola’s sales as the next quarter passes.

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Hobie is new to the world of blogging.  He has found that it allows employees to communicate with each other, and customers. The company is 11 years old, growing mostly by word of mouth. Client based application, currently only PC but will have Mac version in a year.

People don’t think linearly. A lot of the tools on the market are linear, whereas MindManager allows you to think. It is a branch structure with which you can drill down. As opposed to a PowerPoint slide, it is almost like a Visio layout. It can be published as a PowerPoint or Word, or export as XML. It is the place you go before you use your apps - the place you go to think about things.

Demo: Design a floating bike. He asked the audience to throw out ideas, and it became a frenzy as he was giving away free copies of the $350 software for good ideas. After entering a bunch of random ideas, we were able to drag-and-drop then into three separate categories - features, materials, misc. Very, very cool the way it worked. You can even put an RSS feed into a bubble, and expand it to see the actual entries.

You can even put search results into a bubble, and drill down whenever you want to see those search results. There is an IE icon within it which allows you to go to the search result page. This includes local PC search results (desktop search).

Did a drawing of the pedal in a new sketch category. Showing an idea of how you can also manage visual thinking. Copied the drawing a couple of times and added different aspects to it. Again, all is collapsible. You can now define task info, how long each task would take, the resources needed for each bubble, start date, due date, etc. There is an ink-to-text converter, which actually worked very well. There were just a few errors, but it was obvious that it was just a letter or two in a complicated word.

I asked about the IE icons, and if they were for IE or the default browser. They were IE launch icons, but the API is very configurable.

Hobart (Hobie) Swan is Manager of External Affairs for Mindjet and co-author of The Cancer Code, the story behind the creation of Mindjet, the company, and MindManager, its software. Before starting at Mindjet, Hobie produced health programming for CBS Radio’s The Osgood File, and was a freelance writer and video producer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has since left that burgeoning megalopolis for the wide sidewalks of Boise, Idaho. On a Tablet PC, Hobie will be presenting “Mapping the Floating Bicycle: An audience participation presentation using Mindjet’s MindManager to design the next extreme water sport.

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Coldplay SolioFans of the band Coldplay may be excited to know that they have hooked up with Solio and come up with a solar powered iPod charger with designed in the same vein as the album art from Coldplay’s recently released album, “X & Y”.  The charger retails for £79.99 - a little less then $150, at the Coldplay Shop.  Only 200 of the things were made, so if you want one you better get it now before they’re all gone.

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