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When we went to E3 this year we met with Turner, the creators of the upcoming GameTap service. GameTap provides subscribers an “all-you-can-play” gaming service accessible from up to two household computers. To access GameTap, players securely download and install Turner-developed client software from www.gametap.com that acts as a gateway to the GameTap vault. Because games reside securely on the PC, not across a network, they act just as if they were still on the console or at the arcade. Fast response times, 3D effects, colors, and characters are all present and accounted for. GameTap supports navigation and game play using keyboard and mouse, as well as most USB peripherals. Today, we got a press release from them explaining their pricing strategy. Jump down for the details!

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If you can’t wait until Google releases Google Talk to the masses, it seems you’re in luck.  All you need is a Jabber-compatable IM client like Audium, iChat, GAIM or Trillian and a Gmail account.  Point your server setting to talk.google.com and simply sign in using your Gmail username and password.  You’ll be online using the latest instant messaging program in no time. Okay, not quite - but you are using the server. That’s cool, right? If you’re having a problem getting on, compare your configuration settings with these.

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OCZ Platinum PC3200

Boy, am I glad that’s over. What a freaking ordeal. You see, a few days ago I continued my Mac switch (which, up to that point, included a Mac mini and 12” PowerBook G4) with the purchase of a 20” 2.0 GHz iMac G5. The thing costs about $2,000 after taxes are said and done, and maxing out the RAM would have cost an extra $400. Of course, I have upgraded RAM in many a computer - heck, I have built plenty of computers from scratch. Looking on Newegg, I saw a great deal for 2 sticks of 1 GB OCZ Platinum PC3200 RAM. With that purchase, I saved about $200 doing it myself instead of having Apple do it. The RAM arrived today, and the war between me and my iMac began.

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Google IM ClientGoogle has had quite a busy year in terms of expansion- first Gmail, followed by Google maps and personalized Google news pages just to name a few.  It now seems that Google is ready to launch their next project, possibly titled Google Talk, as early as Wednesday.  Not just a clone of other instant messaging programs in the market, it’s reported that along with the ability to talk via text-based messages, users will also be able to hold voice conversations thus throwing Google into competition with Skype, a service which has already hit the 150 million download mark.  While Google has not yet commented on the project, I think it’s safe to say that whatever it is Google has in store for us, it will be just as successful as their past ventures.

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SMS LightbulbNot 100% sure yet how this one works, but it is cool nonetheless. This is a light bulb that sends an SMS message to its owner once it is burned out by sending a signal through the power line, to the internet, then finally to your mobile device. The result is a message that tells you to stop at Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up a bulb. This one is a little more trouble than it’s worth for me. Obviously you need to register your bulb on a website so that it knows where to send the text message once it burns out. Too busy for that.

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Nintendo Revolution Controller?

Computer Games Magazine is claiming to know the secret behind the Nintendo Revolution controller, that being gyroscopes. They have announced that the controller will feature off balance spinning widgets inside to give resistance to turning the controller. If Nintendo can get this right and vary the resistance dynamically it could be huge - imagine being in a driving game and when your wheel hits a curb the controller (and your car in sync) twists to the side. The question really is going to come down to wether or not Nintendo can make a motorized system like this work wirelessly without requiring you to recharge the batteries every hour. Just as rumble packs were huge when they hit back in the day this could be a big step forward in console gaming control.

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TiVo Desktop 2.2I must admit, since I got my HDTV a little less than a year ago, my TiVo hasn’t been getting much play. I mean, it does serve as my primary DVD player and all, but it mostly lives today to record shows that aren’t in high definition and only when the dual-tuner Comcast DVR is busy recording two shows at once. That being said, having the ability to mess around with it using TiVo Desktop is something I always enjoy, and later today I plan on doing it a bit more now that TiVo Desktop 2.2 has been released. TiVo Desktop 2.2 now includes support for playing TiVoToGo shows on Microsoft Portable Media Centers, as well as transferring video from your PC to the TiVo unit itself for playback (nice!). The bummer is that the software is only available for Windows XP and 2000 - still no Mac version of the more advanced TiVo Desktop software. Thank goodness for Virtual PC.

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OSx86 Boot ComparisonOkay, not that I am implying in any way shape or form that this is a fair comparison, but it’s still interesting nonetheless. We have been hearing that the Intel version of OS X runs faster than the PowerPC equivalent, and someone has put up a video comparing the boot times of the two different versions of the software. The thing is, they are comparing a G4 PowerBook to a full-size Dell with a P4 with Hyper-Threading. A little one-sided there, no?

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PSP 2.0 FirmwareFinally, after much waiting, the United States version of the PSP 2.0 Firmware is officially official. All you need to do to get it is select Network Update within your PSP menu, make sure it’s plugged in to a power source, and wait patiently. This update contains updates for photo, video, network, and music features. Sweet.

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PSP 2.0 FirmwareOkay, we have been waiting for this news for about two weeks, and the Sony gods have finally answered our calling. Switch on your PSP, and go for the Network Update. You will now have a warranty-compatible PSP with Firmware 2.0, complete with updates for photo, video, network, and music features.

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