On Gear Live: Apple iPhone 6: 4.7-inch 1334 x 750 Retina HD display, A8 processor, NFC for $199 on September 19

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Apple has finally updated its iBook line after much anticipation. The new iBooks now offer a few features which made the PowerBook line so popular. The 12” and 14” iBook now come with 512MB DDR standard, with the 14” now including a 60GB hard drive along with a SuperDrive. The features that really make it more enticing are the implementation of the enhanced trackpad made popular by the PowerBook, sudden motion sensor technology on its hard drive, and built-in AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0. Starting at $999 for the 12” and $1299 for the 14”, these notebooks are definitely a great deal for anyone thinking of making the switch or upgrading to a new notebook. After implementing so many new features to its iBook line to make it more PowerBook-ish, does Apple have something up its sleeve for its PowerBook line?

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Motorola QMotorola just announced the Q - their RAZRberry phone. It looks like the Franklin is upon us - albeit in a slightly different form. The Q features a 240x320 screen, full QWERTY keyboard, and will be the first launched phone running Microsoft’s new Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. The Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system will work out of the box with Exchange, and offer speaker independent voice recognition - a great feature for anyone using a Bluetooth headset. The Q will measure in at 4.6 x 2.5 x 0.45 inches making it a very small handheld - a great form factor for having a high resolution screen and full keyboard. The phone will have individual raised keys unlike the Franklin prototype which will make typing emails and SMS much easier. The Q will feature a 1.3MP camera, Bluetooth, and a MiniSD slot. Because the phone features MiniSD it will theoretically be possible to add WiFi or other technologies to the Q. No word on the data yet - I’m assuming at least EDGE support, but UMTS would be very nice - with an expected Q1 2006 launch date Cingular should have their UMTS network running by then. Aimed squarely at the business customer I can see this email-centric device becoming a solid winner in the marketplace - perhaps even a Treo killer in the Microsoft court.

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So we reported yesterday that the MOTONOW event held Monday night was supposed to bring forth the unveiling of the iTunes phone, but, like all the all the other events that were scheduled to reveal the Motorola phone, this one was a bust as well.  We were however introduced to the Motorola ROKR family, a couple of phones that feature an integrated MP3 player (the one on display was powering the intro. music at MOTONOW).  Not many more details are known about the ROKR phones yet- the display was removed immediately after Motorola CEO Ed Zander finished his presentation.  So the question still remains…when will the Motorola iTunes phone make its public debut?  Stay tuned…

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TViX HDFor those not yet able to afford both the Hi-Definition TV and a good media center to go with it a company called TViX has the perfect solution for you. The TViX-HD M-5000U not only features a tongue twister of a product name, but also the power to display 720p and 1080i content from a portable USB hard-drive of from a share on your network on your TV via component video or DVI/HDMI connection. The small cylindrical device is capable of playing WMV9 hi-definition content, and can play .TS files directly that have been downloaded from a cable box or satellite provider for delayed playback. The M-5000U will also work as an HDTV tuner with an added tuner box.  Supporting WMV9, DivX, XVid and MPEG 1/2 as well as AAC, MP3, WMAM, PCM, OOG and every common static image format this seems to be an all in one wonder that can bridge your living room with your office. The only things missing from their website are a launch date and a price, although I’m sure it will be cheaper than a Windows Media Center - the only real competition when it comes to getting your computer based Hi-Def content on your screen.

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Griffin ChameleonGriffin just introduced some sweet cases for the iPod Mini: the Chameleon. These are thin PVC sleeves that help protect your mini from scratches while adding a beautiful splash of color. I particularly like that the design goes right over the click wheel giving a very unique look to the mini. The PVC over the click wheel is thin enough to operate the iPod through it, while still offering protection to the touch sensitive surface. The Chameleon cases feature a removable clip for use on your belt of a lanyard, and includes a 21” lanyard. With more than 16 wild and crazy designs to choose from you are sure to find one that fits your style. The Apple and Kiwi ones are my favorites - what are yours?

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EtherkillerReally want to scare your boss at the Network Operations Center tomorrow at work? Make and bring in one of these. Fiftythree.org proudly presents a number of network and computer hacks sure to bring a spark of excitement whenever they are used. The site features similar hacks to CAT5 cable, serial cable, and creative ways to really get a HDD going.

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Auxiliary Display LaptopWindows Longho… Vista will have a feature offering a secondary display on some laptops. The display will allow instant access to information such as the next appointment in the owners calendar, or access to contact information at a glance. It’s a really innovative idea that will change the way people make use of their computers and reduce the number of times that they have to actually boot a laptop to get that quick piece of information. MAKE Magazine has a great feature on how to add a (somewhat cumbersome) auxiliary display to your laptop now using a PocketPC and some creative software hacking.

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DNA11 Art

If you are always questing or a truly creative and unique piece of art, DNA11 has a solution for you. They take a sample of your DNA, and then sequence it into a work of art. The DNA is photographed and then digitally manipulated to create an abstract masterpiece that really is a part of it’s owner. The scientific and technology community is going to love this piece of art that has a story and technology behind it - a great conversation starter. It’s also a great way to send a far away yet geeky loved one a creative way to remember you.

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Burnout Revenge Demo Disc

Get a chance to play one of our favorite racers right now by heading over to Best Buy and snatching the free demo disc. According to one Joystiq reader, Best Buy stores are handing out these demo discs free of charge. Run down to your local Best Buy before they are all gone.

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