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Vaja PSP CaseVaja, the makers of many fine leather cases for laptops, phones, and MP3 players have introduced the PSPouch and PSPouch retro. These stylish leather cases protect the PSP and 2 extra games along with 4 Memory Sick Duo cards. With a number of great color combinations available this could be a winner for toting your games. With a $140 and $160 price tag respectively you should really love your PSP consider forking out for it, but when you do you will be the most stylish kid on your block!

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DescriptionWhat do you get when you combine a PocketPC, a signal amplifier, and a high gain antenna with a slingshot base? The Bloodhound WiFi Gun. The creative hackers from the schmoo group at Defcon put this WiFi signal detector together and instantly created a new category in WiFi detectors - deliciously excessive. Our hats are tipped to you, oh wielder of the bloodhound gun!

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Coke EnvigaCoke employed beverage scientists in cooperation with Nestle may be working on a disturbing miracle of sorts with Enviga, a “diet” soda that burns calories. The Enviga product they claim would increase the users metabolism and burn calories upon drinking. Although this is a great concept in theory we have seen time and time again how weight loss drugs either fail to work, or present a wild array of side effects - I can’t see it catching on. Way to go Coke - find a way to make caffeine more “peppy”, and make us even more afraid to drink your products!

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Bob Artner, the Veep of TechRepublic, has an interesting program on ZDNet which sums up five elements of an effective professional blogger. It is done on a whiteboard video, and is very unique - as well as spot on, I believe. This is a good viewing piece for anyone that wants to blog effectively, and sustain a captivated audience. This is one that I see quite a few people talking about, so it must be good!

Miyamoto Controller DesignShigero Miyamoto gave an interview today to GameSpy and talked about making controllers for Nintendo’s both in the past, and what ideals should be observed in the future. He commented that he wants a controller to be something fun - something that you want to interact with - not something complex that needs to be learned.Miyamoto wants each button of a controller to be different, feel different, look different - he feels that this helps audiences young and old be comfortable anddifferentiate between the wide array of buttons present on modern game controllers. He seemed surprised that Sony and Microsoft had not taken strides in this direction - Microsoft has colored their buttons, but has failed to change their shape even with the release of theXbox 360. Near the end of the interview Miyamoto expressed his two goals for the revolution controller design: “What we really want to do is create something that’s not frightening to the user that is usable for a Zelda-type game. We’re going to have to figure out a way to marry both those ideas.”

Obviously with rumors of a QWERTY controller for the Xbox 360 Microsoft has taken a very different approach to designing a controller. Everything from electro-shocking cylinders to hepatic feedback touch screens have been proposed for the Revolution design by people in Nintendo’s fan base. What do ourPlayfeed readers think the Revolution controller is going to look like? How will you interact with it? How will it interact with you?

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QWERTY Xbox 360Someone has snapped some camera phone pictures of a Spanish language presentation from Microsoft which featured a controller for theXbox 360 which appeared to have a full QWERTY thumb board nestled between the main game controls. Of course the rumor mill is flying about this, but the potential for online communication and game control (particularly for MMORPG’s) is limitless if you add a feature like this to the Xbox 360. Let’s hope this is a planned product and not just some marketing guys “what-if” prototype.

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I just found a nifty visualization hack created by a student at MIT. It’s a graphical map of all of the zip codes in the United States. As you start to type a zip code it highlights possible areas that the zip code is in until it has narrowed down on a single zip code. Make sure to turn on the zoom feature and type in your home zip code. I find it interesting how structured the zip codes are - you can see how they were laid out according to population density quite easily. I can’t wait until someone migrates this from Java toGoogle Maps!

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Richard Simmons TingleBizarre and hopefully untrue. Nintendo will have lots to answer if Mr. Tingle sounds like Richard Simmons. Of course, any voices in the new Zelda game would be a bit out of place considering Nintendo’s stance on the series in the past.

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Richard Simmons TingleOne of the most anticipated games in history will beexcruiatingly horrible if this is true.  This rumor comes from the usually reliable IMDB where I usually solve argument’s about who was in what movie/tv show. The rumor being that Richard Simmons will voice the already slightly annoying Mr. Tingle. Honestly, everyone will be starting the web petition atwww.dontputrichardsimmonsinzeldaorwewillboycott.org . Jerry Springer’s final thought: WTF?

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Windows Vista DisappointmentsOkay, so I installed the Windows Vista Beta 1 software last night, and all I can say is that I am thoroughly unimpressed. Allow me to tell you why. Remember a few years back when Microsoft was touting all of the amazing things that Longhorn would do, both visually and under the hood? Well, those day are now long gone. I mean, yeah, Microsoft has put in some visual bells and whistles - but nothing like they were touting a few years ago at WinHEC. Do we really need to wait until Blackcomb to ship in the 2011-2015 range before we can get an OS as visually-appealing and stable as OS X?

It took me forever to just get Vista to recognize that it was on a network and get it connected to the Internet. Also, after installing I needed to re-load a few DLL’s in order to get a few things running. Now, I realize that this is beta software, so take all of this with a grain of salt. I am sure this won’t be the case once the OS goes gold, I just really would have liked to have seen some of the stuff Microsoft was making a big deal about. I am talking about the WinFS, Avalon, Indigo powered behemoth that was supposed to usher in the next generation of computing. At this point, Vista really does just seem like a skinned up version of Windows XP with some new animations on a clunky GUI. Yeah, Aero is very unimpressive as well. I guess I will now digress.