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SMS LightbulbNot 100% sure yet how this one works, but it is cool nonetheless. This is a light bulb that sends an SMS message to its owner once it is burned out by sending a signal through the power line, to the internet, then finally to your mobile device. The result is a message that tells you to stop at Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up a bulb. This one is a little more trouble than it’s worth for me. Obviously you need to register your bulb on a website so that it knows where to send the text message once it burns out. Too busy for that.

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Nintendo Revolution Controller?

Computer Games Magazine is claiming to know the secret behind the Nintendo Revolution controller, that being gyroscopes. They have announced that the controller will feature off balance spinning widgets inside to give resistance to turning the controller. If Nintendo can get this right and vary the resistance dynamically it could be huge - imagine being in a driving game and when your wheel hits a curb the controller (and your car in sync) twists to the side. The question really is going to come down to wether or not Nintendo can make a motorized system like this work wirelessly without requiring you to recharge the batteries every hour. Just as rumble packs were huge when they hit back in the day this could be a big step forward in console gaming control.

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TiVo Desktop 2.2I must admit, since I got my HDTV a little less than a year ago, my TiVo hasn’t been getting much play. I mean, it does serve as my primary DVD player and all, but it mostly lives today to record shows that aren’t in high definition and only when the dual-tuner Comcast DVR is busy recording two shows at once. That being said, having the ability to mess around with it using TiVo Desktop is something I always enjoy, and later today I plan on doing it a bit more now that TiVo Desktop 2.2 has been released. TiVo Desktop 2.2 now includes support for playing TiVoToGo shows on Microsoft Portable Media Centers, as well as transferring video from your PC to the TiVo unit itself for playback (nice!). The bummer is that the software is only available for Windows XP and 2000 - still no Mac version of the more advanced TiVo Desktop software. Thank goodness for Virtual PC.

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OSx86 Boot ComparisonOkay, not that I am implying in any way shape or form that this is a fair comparison, but it’s still interesting nonetheless. We have been hearing that the Intel version of OS X runs faster than the PowerPC equivalent, and someone has put up a video comparing the boot times of the two different versions of the software. The thing is, they are comparing a G4 PowerBook to a full-size Dell with a P4 with Hyper-Threading. A little one-sided there, no?

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PSP 2.0 FirmwareFinally, after much waiting, the United States version of the PSP 2.0 Firmware is officially official. All you need to do to get it is select Network Update within your PSP menu, make sure it’s plugged in to a power source, and wait patiently. This update contains updates for photo, video, network, and music features. Sweet.

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PSP 2.0 FirmwareOkay, we have been waiting for this news for about two weeks, and the Sony gods have finally answered our calling. Switch on your PSP, and go for the Network Update. You will now have a warranty-compatible PSP with Firmware 2.0, complete with updates for photo, video, network, and music features.

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HP HW600 ReviewedOm Malik got his hands on an HP Mobile Messenger (or HW 6500 if you prefer) and came away rather impressed. He was impressed with the construction and form factor of the unit as a whole, but was disappointed in it’s lack of WiFi. Om also liked the bundled Good Technologies Wireless Email solution, finding it very Blackberry like. He found the keyboard comfortable and less cramped than the Treo 650 - an important feature on the rash of coming QWERTY phones. I personally own the HP 4355 that the Mobile Messenger inherits it’s keyboard and am a current Treo 650 user so I can see how having a wider keyboard like that would make the push email capabilities even more alluring. Check the link below for Om’s full thoughts on this new device - I’m personally going to wait for Windows Mobile 5.0 and it’s push email solution to come out before I plunk down for another QWERTY phone but this device might be right for the email hungry mobile professional with it’s imminent launch by Cingular.

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Log iPod dock

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Log iPod DockOur sister site, I4U News, has a great story on a post of a more literal sense - the iPod dock made from a tree. The dock is made from an actual log and features stereo speakers poking out from either end, used to play music from the iPod which can be docked in it’s top. This brings to mind a calming evening at home listening to the classics on an audiobook. Were I to have one I would keep it in the fireplace - the perfect statement about technology and nature blended together.

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The jury is still out on whether listing your site in free directories is good for your site’s search engine optimisation. Same people say Google ignores directories for rankings, some say that a few of the authority directories, especially DMOZ - The Open Directory Project, are important. There is even rumours that Google will penalise sites with a lot of free directory inbound links. My rule - list your sites in a few authority AND relevant directories but definitely don’t go for a blanket approach, quality over quantity.

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Web page authoring languages come in many flavors - HTML, DHTML, Java, XML, PHP…and the list goes on. There are many cool things one can do with a dynamic page that a static HTML equivalent can’t provide. For example, information can be updated in real time with up to the minute data without any intervention of a webmaster. Always remember, though, that if you use CGI or another form of dynamic HTML, that you may be passed over by the search engine spiders. The big boys like Google and Yahoo! have gotten a bit better about this, but truth be told, even they pass over some information that is generated dynamically. If you have information that you absolutely want to be sure is indexed, make sure that the information is presented in a static format somewhere on your server in an unprotected area.

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