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PSP 2.0 FirmwareOkay, we have been waiting for this news for about two weeks, and the Sony gods have finally answered our calling. Switch on your PSP, and go for the Network Update. You will now have a warranty-compatible PSP with Firmware 2.0, complete with updates for photo, video, network, and music features.

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HP HW600 ReviewedOm Malik got his hands on an HP Mobile Messenger (or HW 6500 if you prefer) and came away rather impressed. He was impressed with the construction and form factor of the unit as a whole, but was disappointed in it’s lack of WiFi. Om also liked the bundled Good Technologies Wireless Email solution, finding it very Blackberry like. He found the keyboard comfortable and less cramped than the Treo 650 - an important feature on the rash of coming QWERTY phones. I personally own the HP 4355 that the Mobile Messenger inherits it’s keyboard and am a current Treo 650 user so I can see how having a wider keyboard like that would make the push email capabilities even more alluring. Check the link below for Om’s full thoughts on this new device - I’m personally going to wait for Windows Mobile 5.0 and it’s push email solution to come out before I plunk down for another QWERTY phone but this device might be right for the email hungry mobile professional with it’s imminent launch by Cingular.

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Log iPod dock

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Log iPod DockOur sister site, I4U News, has a great story on a post of a more literal sense - the iPod dock made from a tree. The dock is made from an actual log and features stereo speakers poking out from either end, used to play music from the iPod which can be docked in it’s top. This brings to mind a calming evening at home listening to the classics on an audiobook. Were I to have one I would keep it in the fireplace - the perfect statement about technology and nature blended together.

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The jury is still out on whether listing your site in free directories is good for your site’s search engine optimisation. Same people say Google ignores directories for rankings, some say that a few of the authority directories, especially DMOZ - The Open Directory Project, are important. There is even rumours that Google will penalise sites with a lot of free directory inbound links. My rule - list your sites in a few authority AND relevant directories but definitely don’t go for a blanket approach, quality over quantity.

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Web page authoring languages come in many flavors - HTML, DHTML, Java, XML, PHP…and the list goes on. There are many cool things one can do with a dynamic page that a static HTML equivalent can’t provide. For example, information can be updated in real time with up to the minute data without any intervention of a webmaster. Always remember, though, that if you use CGI or another form of dynamic HTML, that you may be passed over by the search engine spiders. The big boys like Google and Yahoo! have gotten a bit better about this, but truth be told, even they pass over some information that is generated dynamically. If you have information that you absolutely want to be sure is indexed, make sure that the information is presented in a static format somewhere on your server in an unprotected area.

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Crosley Traveler TurntableThis one is a throwback to the days of simpler, static-ier, music. The Crosley Traveler Turntable is a portable, all-in-one jukebox that will hold and switch out 6 records of similar size and speed using Crosley’s Stack-O-Matic technology. The turntable even has speakers built-in to the sides, so all you need to add is the electricity (AC adapter provided) and music. At $180 USD, it’s like an iPod shuffle for Grandpa!

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Canon 5D

For all of you photographer types who have been waiting for it, Canon has finally made the EOS 5D official, proclaiming it to be the smallest and lightest full-frame digital SLR on this planet we call Earth - with 12.8 megapixels to boot. Of course, these things don’t come without a price. Canon says it will drop later this year for “under” $3,300.

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Mactel on eBayMan, I love when people try to take advantage of unknowing suckers on eBay, only to have their auction ended and account frozen. Case in point, an auction titled “*EXCLUSIVE* Intel Mac - P4 3GHz, OS X 10.4 with iLife”. Now, those in the know will look at this and write it off as utter crap. After all, this is just a PC with the pirated OSx86 installed. In the Q&A section, the seller admits that it is a “clone” of the official developer version, but still, how many average shoppers really know what that means? Click below if you want to see the auction, but don’t delay, as we have a hunch that this won’t be up for much longer.

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Prometia Mach II CoolerIf you are still looking to squeeze out those last few framerates out of your computer, this just may be the overclockers dream.

The Prometia Cooler Unit uses Phase-Change technology or Vapor Compression Refrigeration to achieve freezing temperatures. The main components include the Evaporator (Copper Cold Plate), Compressor, and Condenser. Heat from the CPU causes liquid refrigerant in the system to be evaporated and carried away to the Condenser via the Compressor. The Condenser then cools the refrigerant back to a liquid which returns to the Evaporator.

Using this device, some users have reported reaching CPU temperatures as low as -50C. Remember, these types of systems may result in condensation. Be careful, as we wouldn’t want to see the $931 you spend on this thing ruin any of your internal components.

Panasonic 1080p, Viera Price CutPanasonic is set to announce their first 1080p plasma display later today, which makes brings the technology that much closer to the forefront of our entertainment minds. Is what may be even more important news, the company is also going to cut the price of its 65-inch Viera HDTV by 50% over in Japan. Any time an expensive piece of technology sees such a large price drop, it normally equates to even better stuff coming down the pipeline.

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