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Mactel on eBayMan, I love when people try to take advantage of unknowing suckers on eBay, only to have their auction ended and account frozen. Case in point, an auction titled “*EXCLUSIVE* Intel Mac - P4 3GHz, OS X 10.4 with iLife”. Now, those in the know will look at this and write it off as utter crap. After all, this is just a PC with the pirated OSx86 installed. In the Q&A section, the seller admits that it is a “clone” of the official developer version, but still, how many average shoppers really know what that means? Click below if you want to see the auction, but don’t delay, as we have a hunch that this won’t be up for much longer.

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Prometia Mach II CoolerIf you are still looking to squeeze out those last few framerates out of your computer, this just may be the overclockers dream.

The Prometia Cooler Unit uses Phase-Change technology or Vapor Compression Refrigeration to achieve freezing temperatures. The main components include the Evaporator (Copper Cold Plate), Compressor, and Condenser. Heat from the CPU causes liquid refrigerant in the system to be evaporated and carried away to the Condenser via the Compressor. The Condenser then cools the refrigerant back to a liquid which returns to the Evaporator.

Using this device, some users have reported reaching CPU temperatures as low as -50C. Remember, these types of systems may result in condensation. Be careful, as we wouldn’t want to see the $931 you spend on this thing ruin any of your internal components.

Panasonic 1080p, Viera Price CutPanasonic is set to announce their first 1080p plasma display later today, which makes brings the technology that much closer to the forefront of our entertainment minds. Is what may be even more important news, the company is also going to cut the price of its 65-inch Viera HDTV by 50% over in Japan. Any time an expensive piece of technology sees such a large price drop, it normally equates to even better stuff coming down the pipeline.

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Google SidebarThe desktop search arena is an interesting one, with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and even some independants all vying for your attention. Today, Google dropped a major upgrade to its desktop search tool appropriately called Google Desktop 2. This one includes a Sidebar, which allows you to view and manage just about every component of your search experience, including stock management, weather, Gmail, Outlook information, RSS, and instant messaging. This one is for Windows users only, but I don’t see too many Mac users complaining - after all, we have Spotlight.

We’ve also improved your desktop search experience. With Quick Find, you can now launch applications and see search results as you type without even opening a browser. We’ve also extended our Outlook integration, so you can search Google Desktop with the Outlook Toolbar and see results within Outlook itself. Finally, you can search even more stuff, including your Gmail, files on network drives, many Outlook data types (including Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, Notes and Journal) and MSN Messenger chats. And if you yearn for even stronger security, you can encrypt your entire index.

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Wardriving has become a favorite pastime for many, myself included.  Most wardrivers, again including myself, are not out to steal people’s identities, infect someone’s computer with spyware or pass along a virus.  Nor do they really have any desire to delve into the personal files and programs or track their behavior.  Most of the time, the interest is in finding a network connection, not exploiting it for any criminal reason.  In other words, plain and simple curiosity —
“Hey, I wonder if there’s wireless here?  No?  Well, what about here? Sweet!”

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Police have charged a Florida man with a third-degree felony charge, after he was arrested for accessing a St. Petersburg resident’s wireless Internet network without permission.

Curiosity, apparently, is now a class three felony.

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GPS Cell Phone GamesWith more and more cell phones featuring location awareness GPS, more games utilizing the technology are coming into the forefront of mobile gaming. Several games have been released that take advantage of GPS for control. Imagine a Pac-Man styled game where each part of the maze (containing 3-5 of the 100+ pellets) was a city block, and the game board itself was a crowded downtown corridor. The interesting interaction here is how the physical world is suddenly drawn into the virtual by requiring the user to go running about in order to accomplish their goal. The two released games so far seem to be more focused on a battleship-style navel combat game where users can interact with other players and try to “torpedo” them down by guessing their current location on street maps. Gaming evolved, or revolutionized - you make the call!

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Savitmicro NTP-25Savitmicro has announced their NTP-25, yet another screen-less portable multimedia device. The NTP-25 is designed to mouth a portable hard drive (meaning 100GB and 120GB models could be a reality) and allow a user to output hi-definition content to a television or other display. The NTP-25 features component video (with 480p, 720p, and 1080i support), support for Divx 3.x, Xvid, MPEG 1/2 (IFO,ISO,DAT), as well as the usual slew of audio formats, all the while packing it all into a surprisingly tiny package. No word on how well implemented the on-screen display will be, but if it’s well done then this sleek little device might just be a good solution for someone looking for a way to get their computer based content into the living room and onto a much larger high definition display.

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Game Boy Micro Site

Nintendo has finally launched with Game Boy Micro official website. The website is lean on information at the moment, but includes a lot of pictures of the Micro and it’s various faceplates. The Micro certainly has found a place in the heart of many avid gamers for its diminutive “slip in a pocket” size and customizable faceplates. With the launch date looming near, Playfeed promises to present a full review once it launches.

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iPod photo HacksPlaylist Magazine has a great little write up on six cool iPod hacks for really getting the most out of your little white friend. All of these tricks require installing iPod Linux on your iPod, so do at your own risk - but it’s a safe and proven process that’s pretty easy to do. They detail how to add high quality recording from any microphone, video support, and a few other nifty things. If you just got an iPod and want more functionality, or if you have an old one kicking around that’s just begging for new life, check out this great article.

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Motorola FranklinLast week Microsoft quietly introduced their push email extension technical preview for Exchange 2003. This enables server administrators to enable push email capabilities for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. Obviously since no Windows Mobile 5.0 devices have been released yet to the public, so not many will be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s instant, always on, email in their pocket. Push email really is a driving technology in the marketplace right now with so many mobile professionals wanting access to their inboxes and the ability to know when a client has sent them mail and respond instantly. Of course if you need your fix today go buy yourself a Treo 650 and download ChatterMail for instant push IMAP email in your pocket.

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