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Logitech dNovo Media Desktop LaserSeriously, it’s getting a little silly in here. Logitech has updated the diNovo series ultra-flat keyboard and Bluetooth Media Pad long range remote commander thingy by adding a Bluetooth laser tracking mouse, the same one being included in the Cordless Desktop MX 5000 Laser. I can’t believe they got me to type that product name again.

The big news here is that if you were looking to get the diNovo set, you’d be well served to wait.  They’re knocking $50 off the exorbitant price of $250, so you can get the package for $200.  Plus, you’re getting a mouse out of the deal.  I just wish that Logitech would remember those of us that like - no - need a more ergonomic keyboard, since only Microsoft seems to be updating their “Natural” line with anything approaching regularity.

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Mobile Speedpass HackingIf you own one of these convenient pieces of tech - and I do - you understand how much easier it is to pump your gas and go. However, just like a lot of technology out there, there is a way to hack into these devices.  The equipment needed to capture the essential data?  A microreader, a laptop, and a serial cable can be used to get information from the Digital Signature Transponder (DST), that being your SpeedPass. The signal can be captured by just sitting next to someone and scanning right through their pocket. At $2.71 per gallon a block away from me, I’m sure to keep an eye on “creepy laptop guy” at the Internet cafe.

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Twilight Princess DelayAccording to a press email sent by Perrin Kaplan, VP of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Nintendo of America, Twilight Princess for the Gamecube will be pushed back past the end of the current fiscal year, which ends March 31st, 2006.  The delay is brought on by the request of the development team, which wants more time to deepen the length and the quality of what may now be Gamecube’s last great title.  The announcement was paired with reminders of all the positive things being released by Nintendo this fall, such as the DS wi-fi network, the Gameboy Micro, and lots of Mario-themed sports titles for the Gamecube.  Despite these offerings, though, it will be hard to ignore the huge hole that Zelda leaves in Nintendo’s holiday 2005 line-up.

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Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5000 LaserLogitech plan for world domination apparently includes smothering us in our sleep with product announcements. Hot on the heels of their new gaming products, Logitech announces a wireless desktop set for “the rest of us”, the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5000 Laser.  They are now in the running with Microsoft for the most unweildy product name award.

Borrowing the LCD from their G15 Gaming Keyboard (why, God…why?), the MX 5000 Laser includes “touch-sensitive” media controls that are ready for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. We thought all keyboards were “touch-sensitive”, but apparently, this is better. The wireless connectivity comes via Bluetooth 2.0, and the keyboard includes a thoughtful “Sync” button that allows you to sync your data with your Bluetooth phone automagically.

The Laser mouse included in the set is only 800dpi, but includes a battery meter and charging cradle. It’s also got a tilt-wheel, so apparently they aren’t just borrowing product name methodology from Microsoft. The whole kit and kaboodle will run you $150, no word on when the kaboodle might be available for purchase separately from the kit.

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Nintendo DS Price Cut As of Sunday, August 21st, the day before Nintendo releases Nintendogs, its much-anticipated pet simulator, the Nintendo DS will begin selling in the US at the suggested retail price of $130, a $20 price drop.  While the $20 drop may not seem like much up front, it does put the DS at a strategic price of roughly half of the cost of the PSP and allows a new buyer to bring home an extra game or accessory with their system.  So far, the DS has sold over 2.5 million units in the US and 5 million worldwide.

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O'Reilly Nokia HacksIf you have $25 and a Nokia Smartphone, this book by O’Reilly may strike your fancy. Nokia Smartphone Hacks is a collection of interesting tips and tricks that you may not know you can do with your phone. There are also some sample hacks available on the site as well in PDF format:

Pick the Right Class of Nokia Phone
Use Calling Cards with Your Mobile Phone
Record a Phone Call
Send Email the Easy Way

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Google WiFi Business 2.0 is speculating that Google might be getting ready to roll out a free nationwide WiFi network. The network could be a new rollout, which is most likely given Googles recent acquisition of fast fiber networks, or could be similar to an MNVO and piggybacked on another providers hardware infrastructure. In either case, the service would be supported by Google AdWords. Best guess is that Google would inject an iFrame into every website visited on the access point, thus generating revenue via their advertisers. The idea of a nationwide free access point network is positive in my eyes - ad supported content and bandwidth really could be the wave of the future!

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ASCII Star Wars

Now this is the swankiest geek presentation of the original Star Wars IV I’ve seen yet. Some creative peeps have turned the entire movie into ASCII art which is now available using Telnet. If you want to see it, open up the command line on your computer (Terminal on OS X, or “CMD” from the run option of your Windows PC) and type “telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl”. Hit enter a few times and sit back with some popcorn to enjoy the show. Speaks well to the power of good old ASCII text. If you are using IP V6, you get color!

Fired For BloggingThere are so many people who have jumped on the blogging bandwagon.  There have been some instances where blogging about your employer, whether it be negative or influential comments, have cost people their jobs.  Career Builder has posted some handy guidelines to follow so you’re not next on the chopping block.

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NintendogsRelationship psychologist Susan Quilliam has found that playing a game like Nintendogs, or any other virtual pet game, can help develop our motor skills, attention span, and our ability to solve problems.  So you benefit in two ways - a fun and entertaining mental exercise, and you don’t need to pick up any poop.

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