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I happened upon 24 Hour Laundry today after someone pointed me in their direction, and gave the blog a read. My first thought was “Why are they talking about something that they aren’t going to talk about yet?” What I mean is, 24 Hour Laundry’s latest post tells us what the service is not rather than what it actually is. Now, I know that is a way to build hype and keep the casuals coming back in anticipations - but why not just tell us what is going on? In all honesty, I think that this approach may actually deter folks. My approach is to keep quiet until I am ready to launch - but once I get to that point, I go full steam ahead. In talking to a colleague about this earlier, I was told to check out Mark Fletcher’s comments on 24 Hour Laundry. I was glad to see that someone agreed with my thought process. Give it a read to see what I mean. EDIT: Someone else agrees as well.

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One thing that new web designers should be aware of are Cascading Style Sheets. The Internet is taking a turn, moving most things that were done in straight HTML to CSS. If you are looking to put a new site up on the web, check out HTML Dog. HTML Dog is a guide and resource, for beginners and experts alike, to the most commonly used technologies in making web pages - HTML and CSS. I have found this site to be comprehensive, easy to understand, and always up to date. I have recommended many a friend who was looking to create, or update, their internet presence to this website. Heck, if after reading a bit you are still a bit confused, they even offer design and consulting services.

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With so many people split on whether the Nintendo DS is a good system or not, one has to take a deeper look to see what all the fuss is about. The fact is, many compare the DS to the PSP, and based off of that comparison, say that the DS sucks. It just isn’t true. Once you get past the eye candy, it comes down to the software. Pac-Pix is an example of a game that can only be done on the DS, as well as an example of the ingenious ways to use the touch screen when a developer puts their mind to it. Check out our full review after the jump.

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Halo 2 Last week I found Halo 2 in a Limited Collectors Edition tin a pawn show for $15 bucks and I honestly have not taken it out of my Xbox since then. The limited edition comes with a making of Halo 2 DVD and a metal tin.  This is a but of a surprise since my friend and I have had a running joke going about how long this game was hyped by hard core Xbox fans. Right now I think it was a little harsh because I have been blown away by how much fun this game is.

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If you are a Windows user, you probably know that QuickTime 7 For Windows Preview is available for download. It seems that there are quite a few bugs in the code that Apple still needs to work on, like the amount of resources it takes to even watch a movie encoded in H.264 in the first place. A few people on the forums are talking about how QT7 for Windows runs on their PC’s. Let us know how it’s working for you.

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iPod Requests iPodLounge has an interesting article on the their top 10 (well 11 technically) picks for added features to future versions of iPods. Most of them I can agree with - things like a user replaceable battery and gapless playback are pretty obvious, but a few of them struck me as things outside of the realm of what you should expect a portable audio player to do. Oddly they didn’t mention the one ‘feature’ I would have thought of first - a chassis that’s not polished chrome so it won’t emit a gravitational field which attracts scratches and fingerprints. The article is well worth the read if you are a current iPod owner or are considering getting one. It’s well thought out and presents a lot of details well. Apple is coming up on being due for another revision of the iPod - will they listen? Let us know your thoughts on what you would like to see added to or changed on the next iPod revision.

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Spark Fun Rotary

PT from MAKEzine and FlashEnabled has put together a mini-review of Spark Fun’s new rotary mobile phone. I’ve seen some hack projects similar to this, but this is the first commercially available one we’ve come across. I really do miss the old fashioned phones, and once a handset like this comes out that’s a bit cheaper I’ll go buy one for my desk at work. Ideally someone will make a commercially available Bluetooth version of this so it can just act as a headset for the mobile phone left in my bag.

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Virgin LogoBritish telecom giant BT is getting together with Virgin Mobile to roll out BT Livetime today.  This service will allow users to listen to 50 different stations via their mobile phone, and even download songs for a small fee.  BT hopes that these services will take a chunk out of the multi-billion pound music download industry dominated by Apple. Other services available through Livetime include music videos, and live news and sports coverage.

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Photo LabsThose of you that enjoy using you digital camera to take high quality images may want to think about how you take your future photographs.  It seems some photo labs are refusing to print digital photographs that look “too professional”, fearing that in doing so they may be breaking copyright laws.  With traditional photographs, the widely accepted rule was that if you had the negative,  you had permission to reproduce it, but in this age of digital photography it can be hard to tell if the photo was taken by Joe Blow, or simply scanned into a computer or downloaded off the Internet.  While the photo labs fear being sued for breaking copyright laws, there really isn’t any exact way to know if a photo belongs to the person bringing it in and approval could vary from lab tech to lab tech.

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AOL Video Content Within the next few weeks, America Online plans to showcase a new feature on their newly designed free Internet website.  Users will have the choice of two custom start pages- the first with text and image links like any other site, and the second filled with video content.  Users who choose the latter will have their own personalized “Video Hub” allowing them to view anything from news highlights to movie trailers.  AOL isn’t the only web giant getting “tuned in” however.  MSN, Google, and Yahoo are also getting on the network bandwagon, all of course hoping to increase revenue through advertising.

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