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Less than a week after tragedy struck the city of London, a Windows virus is being distributed through an e-mail that claims to have amateur footage filmed minutes after one of the bombs exploded in the London Underground subway system.  The letter reportedly looks like a newsletter from CNN, with the subject line reading, “TERROR HITS LONDON”.  The body of the letter tells the reader to click on the attached file, “London terror moovie.avi”, to view the amateur footage.

Anyone clicking on the file will not be shown a video. Instead their PC will be infected by the as yet un-named Trojan.  Next time the compromised machine is started, it will report in to the virus creator and become part of a spam-sending zombie network.  Because it relies on people clicking on the attachment, the malicious program can affect Windows 2000, 95, 98, Me, NT, XP and Windows Server 2003.

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Remote Keyboard Media CenterMicrosoft’s Hardware division unveiled some fun new products today.  First up is the Remote Keyboard for Windows XP Media Center Edition, designed for those of you that want a wireless keyboard with Media Center-specific functions to help replace that remote control.  It’s got a 30-foot wireless range, and a key lock to prevent accidental activation.  The media keys are backlit, to aid controlling the media center in a darkened room.  It’s even got a pointer nub and mouse buttons (on opposite sides of the keyboard) so that you can mouse-around without putting down the keyboard.  No word on whether or not it is popcorn or soda proof, but I doubt it.  MSRP is $104.95, but expect it to hit stores around $99.95.

Wireless DesktopThe other new keyboard is an update to Microsoft’s Wireless Desktop package.  The Wireless Desktop 5000 has keys dedicated to photo editing, and the mouse features Microsoft’s new “High Definition” optical technology (which we assume is simply a higher scan rate for the mouse, aiding in precision).  The keyboard has the same “comfort curve” as the Wireless Desktop Comfort Edition that was released last year.  Finally, Microsoft’s Digital Image Standard 2006 software is bundled in, so you can get started putting mustaches on your grandmother right away.  It should retail for the same price as the Remote Keyboard.

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Oh yes, there’s swag.  I scored a bunch of pens (my favorite is my shiny brushed aluminum M Audio pen!) and saw a ton of awesome stuff.  I might even check out of the convention early and go back to the hotel to do my writeup, after nabbing a bunch of business cards to remind me of what’s new and cool.  But first, a quick list of what’s hot:

Mac-cessories for Girls
Ladies, ever get tired of having to ditch your girly handbag or swanky purse because there wasn’t somewhere for your iPod or laptop?  Well, fear not.  There’s a slew of products out that not only feature pod-storage, but pod windows!  That’s right, you can show off your iPod, or just get quick access to it, without digging through your bag.  And Toscano has a whole line of feminine laptop cases that won’t cramp your style or look like a backpack or briefcase, while still allowing you to tote around your PowerBook or iBook.

Funny Shirts
Best shirt design of the day goes to the “Mac to the Future!” shirt - yes, it looks like the “Back to the Future” logo.  Hilarious.  I think I’m going to get one for my boyfriend, the biggest Mac geek on the planet.

Custom iPod, PowerBook, and Macintosh decor
Need your iPod engraved?  How about a custom etching on the case of your PowerBook?  I found a place that will do it for you, and does a damn good job of it too.  These designs are totally sweet and they do custom work.  More when I get back to the hotel and do my big writeup, but if you want a custom look for your Mac, Etch a Mac does great work.

iPod Everything
So.  Many.  iPod Accessories.


Over and out!

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iBooks.  TiBooks.  Powerbooks.  I’ve never seen so many portable Apple Computers in one place.  I’m sitting outside the exhibition hall waiting for the Expo to start and everyone here is absorbed in their personal slice of Mac Heaven.  Every car parked outside has an Apple logo affixed somewhere, every backpack has an iPod cord trailing to headphones.  I’ve seen more iPod Shuffles than I can count.  The last time I experienced anything of the sort was the OS X 10.4 Tiger release!  People are lined up to get inside, waiting for what mysterious goodies await inside.

A random passerby summed it up best:

“Dude, it’s like… look.  A line of PowerBooks!”

And here’s the kicker - I took the subway from my hotel to the convention center…  and even the subway trains are covered with colorful iPod logo advertisements. 

Yes, it seems like Boston has become Cupertino for the week — and with this weather (Dashboard says 70 degrees and climbing) it’d be an easy mistake to make.  More when I get inside.  This is crazy.  In a good way!

Have you ever tried to access a website from your mobile phone only to find that the site wasn’t phone friendly?  That problem will soon become a thing of the past, as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has approved the suffix .mobi to be used for mobile phone friendly websites.  Many powerful mobile phone makers and operators lobbied for the suffix, in hope that it will encourage websites to create mobile phone sites and in turn cause consumers to upgrade their phones to those with Internet access.  You can look for the new .mobi websites to be out next year, featuring limited memory and bandwidth fit for a small screen.

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Million Dollar BabyThis week’s release list is topped by Clint Eastwood’s latest masterpiece of film-making – Million Dollar Baby. This great film is full of drama, emotion and great acting. If this type of movie is right up your alley then go ahead and add this one to your collection, if not, then there’s plenty of TV on DVD available for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. From TV classics to today’s hit animated series there’s something for everyone’s taste on this week’s line up.

Million Dollar Baby ~ Clint Eastwood
Cry Baby Director’s Cut ~ Johnny Depp
A Very Long Engagement ~ Audrey Tautou
The Nanny - The Complete First Season ~ Fran Drescher
Tales from the Crypt - The First Season ~ John Herzfeld
Unfaithfully Yours (Criterion Collection) ~ Rex Harrison
The Best of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe ~ Marsh Lamore
Night Moves ~ Gene Hackman
Sealab 2021 - Season 3 ~ Harry Goz
Titus Season 1 & 2 ~ Christopher Titus
Hercules The Legendary Journeys - Season 6 ~ Kevin Sorbo
Love at First Bite ~ George Hamilton
Teen Witch ~ Dorian Walker
The Best of the Original Mickey Mouse Club ~ R.G. Springsteen
Max Dugan Returns ~ Jason Robards
Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Collection ~ Keanu Reeves
The Chronicles of Narnia ~ C.S. Lewis
Le Notti Bianche - Criterion Collection ~ Maria Schell


Creative is announcing their Vision, then not announcing their Vision. Earlier today the much rumored Zen Vision - an update to their aging and poorly designed Portable Media Center - appeared briefly on their site only to disappear moments later. Luckily the folks over at DAPreview got their hands on the details and boy are we all excited about them. The Vision will feature a 640x480 screen, 30GB HDD, CF reader (why can’t more PVP devices include this), support for DivX, XviD, WMV, and of course MP3 and WMA. One great feature that the Zen Vision borrows from the rest of the Zen line is a user removable and replaceable battery.

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T-Mobile Motorola RAZRT-Mobile has finally started to carry the Motorola RAZR. The T-Mobile version is identical to the Cingular version in every way, save for the logo. As cool as it is that this great looking, under performing phone has come to T-Mobile, I would venture to say that they are many months too late, and about $199.99 too expensive, as Cingular is offering the same phone for free with a two year service contract. The real question is: When is Motorola going to come out with the RAZR Professional, or perhaps the much drooled after Franklin?

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Apple Many are still baffled as to why Apple switched from IBM’s PowerPC chip to Intel’s X86 chips – especially after Steve Jobs criticized the X86 so much. Jon Stokes from ArsTechnica writes some pretty interesting information regarding this switch, claiming this information has been confirmed by several sources in the know. It boils down to large volume discounts and an MVP like catering to their needs. Most interesting to note is the high possibility of seeing a video iPod very soon due to Intel’s XScale chip that currently powers some color PDAs. This could prove to be a very interesting road we travel in – Apple hand in hand with Intel.

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Having purchased a PowerBook recently, I’m always looking out for accessories that will compliment this sexy machine and protect it at the same time. That is why I love Portectorz. This great little invention helps protect the very sensitive ports on your PowerBook or iBook from debris or liquids that may try to damage your precious computer. Made out of a high-polymer silicone, these port protectors can be cut so as to customize which ports you want to be able to access without leaving the rest of the ports unprotected. Expect to drop $19.95 to $23.95 plus shipping and handling for some protection.

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