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Gear Live Holiday Gift Guide 2004It’s time to wrap up that last minute shopping and finalize all your 2004 holiday purchases. We know, it’s tough trying to decide what to get for the various special (and not so special) one’s in your life. Luckily, Gear Live is here to make the decision process a little easier, as we bring you the Gear Live 2004 Holiday Gift Guide. Within you will find gift ideas broken up by recipient category. Enjoy!

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TrandyGeek Pod Shield GiveawayRemember that Pod Shield Contest we announced a week ago? Well, it’s now a wrap. Don’t let that stop you from leaving your comments though, as always love to hear from the readers. Nonetheless, we have six winners that we chose at random. If your username is one of the following, expect to hear from us shortly so that we may send a Pod Shield your way:

Dee Popat

Congratulations to the winners! Gear Live thanks TrendyGeek for sponsoring this contest. If you didn’t get one, don’t fret. You still have until midnight to win a free video game console or $160 Amazon.com gift certificate from Gear Live.

Solar SeV FineTex SystemThere comes a time in a man’s life when you have so much gear, that a regular book bag would prove either too constraining, or too limited.  There are also times when we find ourselves separated from a power source, and unable to charge said gear.  ScottEVest provides a solution for all you gearheads on the go, and today Gear Live puts it through our field test.  Come find out how the Solar SeV Finetex System fares in terms of storage, comfort, and charging functionality in our latest review, by clicking the link below.

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iRiver H10 Mini Player

So, iRiver has finally gotten into the mini hard drive MP3 player game. The iRiver H10 has all of what we now like to refer to as the “standard goodies”. It has a 5 GB hard drive, 1.5” color screen (for viewing photos), FM radio, voice recording, and of course plays music. Take that iPod mini. The H10 is available in deep red, midnight blue, neo silver and slate grey. Where can you find one? Right now, only in Korea for now starting December 22.


It takes a lot to be able to hang with the big boys.  After the ATT-Cingular merger, Sprint and Nextel weren’t just going to sit around.  While some analysts believe that the cultures of these two companies won’t mesh well together, execs are talking consumer-market dual-mode phones that will likely come out of the deal.  Time will tell what effect this may have on Verizon’s current lead.

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Nokia Label, Sratch and Sniff!

It turns out that Nokia is blaming counterfeit battery manufacturers for a series of incidents where their cell phones have either heated up or exploded.  To help minimize this, customers can now look for a hologram label on their new Nokia batteries.  It will hide a 20-digit authentication code that appears when a portion of the label is scratched.  In addition, users can verify the code either online or via SMS.  This reminds me of some old Transformers toys, which would hide their allegiance (Autobot / Decepticon) until you rubbed their darkened insignias.  Don’t think any of those ever exploded, though.

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We launched Gear Live: QuickTrade! a few weeks ago because we knew how frustrated our users were with trying to find referals for their free stuff promotions. Since then, over 300 people have joined and started trading. QuickTrade! is definately a success, and that is why we are offering new memberships for $5.00 over the next few days. To sign up, visit http://quicktrade.gearlive.com and you will be on your way to scoring some free gear. Click below for some screen captures of the QuickTrade! site.

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BeoCom 2 Cordless Phone

It’s time to look at a phone that doesn’t have to be used in conjunction with a cellular service carrier. Yes, this is just a cordless home phone - but it’s not your standard cordless. You are looking at the BeoCom 2, and it retails for over $1,000 USD. Why? This is the Hummer of all wireless phones. In fact, the method used to mold the pure aluminum chassis is the same process used to form the exterior of the Hummer H2. The phone pocks up voice data streams twice in order to make sure there is absolutely no interference or static. The curves are designed in a way to match the natural curves of the human face to reduce strain on the neck (sorry Fido!). If that weren’t enough, check out this quote:

How often do you reach out for the remote control when the telephone rings? With BeoCom 2, you can turn down the sound of your television or music directly from the telephone’s keypad.


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MusicGremlin Wireless Music DownloadsWe know many, many people have been waiting for this. After all, connecting your MP3 player to your computer to sync your music is starting to get old. In these days with all the wireless-this and WiFi-that talk, why are we still using cables to load music onto our devices? MusicGremlin has been asking the same question, and they are prepared to do something about it. In fact, they not only plan to offer on demand music downloads directly to your device, they also plan on offering a subscription service which will let you listen to anything you want as long as you are a paying subscriber. What’s more, you would also be able to share playlists with other users and receive alerts when other users are in close enough proximity to share info. Unfortunately, a launch date has yet to be announced. However, you can view a teaser graphic at their website.

EA NFL AgreementCompetition is usually healthy for the videogame industry, but this is more like annihilation. In a shocker of an agreement, EA has gained exclusive rights for all NFL teams, stadiums, and players. The biggest casualty, at least in my eyes, is Sega, as this means no more ESPN, at least for the next five years. The deal covers consoles, PC, and handheld systems, as well as console online features. You can blame the NFL, since they were the ones that decided to have a bid for their exclusivity. The deal does not affect other games available on the Internet or on wireless devices including cell phones. I'm guessing this came about because of the way Midway wanted to use the license to portray their Blitz game series in a more controversial light.

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