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Crazy JThis is a pretty awesome project involving some electronics and a musical instrument. The guitar player is composed of two mechanical systems that interact to play a range of 29 musical notes.  A plucking mechanism with six independently controlled picks is mounted over the body of the guitar and a fingering mechanism with an array of 23 fingertips is mounted over the first four frets of the fingerboard.

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PacmanOne of the most popular features of Appleā€™s latest OS release, Tiger, is Dashboard. Basically it runs JavaScript on a separate and dedicated desktop, and it turns out you can even run games on it. What better game to experience this than one of the greatest games ever to hit the arcades? Someone has actually created a Pac-Man dashboard widget.  Unfortunately, Namco has told the creator to stop the production and distribution of the file, but we have your hook up courtesy of MacUpdate.com. Get it while you can as this download link might not stay alive much longer.

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Archive.org Some day our kids will look back on the Internet as something primitive. Heck, if something has a museum dedicated to it, then it’s no longer cutting edge, right? In 1996, a group of people in San Francisco decide to start the most extensive Internet library.  Internet Archive is just that: an Internet archive that continuously records website information. What’s the purpose? Well, future generations will be able to benefit from sites that are long gone through their archives - a lot like how we can read books that are far out of print.  While this is a fantastic humanitarian effort on its own, you must try their “Wayback Machine.” Indeed, it takes you way back.  Be careful, it’s highly addictive.

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Xbox 360 Marketplace Dashboard

If you’re interested in the Xbox 360 (and if you’re not, you’re on the wrong frickin’ site), be sure to get yourself over to the Windows SuperSite, where Microsoft journalist Paul Thurrot has been compiling some very in-depth information on the Xbox 360, including a two-part interview with Microsoft’s Jeff Henshaw where the veil is pulled back in just about every possible way. Specifically, you’ll get a detailed look at the Xbox 360 dashboard, the way the “blades” work when you’re playing a game, the media features and more.  It’s the most thorough look at the Xbox 360 yet.

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Apple Cell Phone ServiceCould your next cell phone be an iPod?  Probably, it’s no secret now that Apple has been working with Motorola to make a phone that works with iTunes.  But what if your next cell phone service came from Apple as well?  According to Forbes, that’s precisely Apple’s plan, or at least, they think it is. Still, Forbes is missing the big picture here.  Apple is about branding.  There are few brands larger than the iPod right now, and their dabbling with Motorola leaves a lot of unanswered questions.  First, do you really think Motorola will call their iTunes-enabled phone the “iPod Phone?”  It’s doubtful, but that’s what it’s called in iTunes.  Could Apple be working on an iPod with phone capabilities to go along with their new cell phone service?  It would make sense, explaining quite neatly why Apple has upgraded all the iPods to color screens ... heck, those screens are better than what you find on most cell phones.  The form factor is pretty close, and they already have a calendar and other features.  It’s not that big a leap, and it’s one that would likely reinvigorate the brand that is already facing some backlash.

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MMORPG FarmHave you ever been playing your favorite Massively Multiplayer Online game, and thought to yourself how convenient it would be to just pay a few extra bucks and have a ton of extra money or items?  Apparently, you’re not the only one.  1up has a story about the people running these “pharming” operations, sweatshops where people are paid pennies to play games, then they sell the proceeds. How can they possibly make any money doing this?  Maybe the correct question is how much, because these people are raking in the real cash, enough to buy real houses and real cars.  And you’re still playing in the online world.  Sucker.

Next question: How are they doing it?  1Up has your answer.

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Wireless RevolutionIn May of 2005 U.S. hardware history was made. This was the first time that laptops sold more than desktop computers in a single month. Indeed, Current Analysis, an innovative research firm headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, confirmed that laptop sales leapt to 53.3 percent of the total PC retail market in May 2005.

Were these figures just a blip on the the computer sales radar? Your own eyes can answer that question for you - folks with laptops are everywhere. Students learning interactively in the classroom, business men and women compiling data reports on planes and trains, and casual surfers reading emails in coffee shops. So, what current factors contribute to the massive popularity of laptops with the computer buying public?

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NeweggIf you have ever been on our forums you know who NewEgg.com is.  If however you are a Newegg newbie, the company provides computer parts and accessories at fantastic prices.  I know there have been many positive experiences with Newegg so I give you some insight into what happens when the egg isn’t all its cracked up to be - a Newegg nightmare if you will.  Check out my impressions after the jump.

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DescriptionAll of you guys have surely been in a situation where a tiny, insignificant part was missing from a gadget right? Frustratingly, it’s those tiny pieces that, when lost, cause total failure. This news clipping is an example of just that. A missing 1-inch cotter pin (a clip used to keep a bolt on) was missing on a Vancouver ferry resulted in a chain reaction where the ferry sped out of control into 24 boats docked at the Seweell Marina. A private contractor is to blame for the missing cotter pin.

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Revolution Think Outside The Box

I don’t know why I am still hearing people say that Nintendo’s new home console, the Revolution, will be launching at the end of 2006. Nintendo has continuously stated that they will not be the last out of the gate this time, and the above image proves that.  They really need to stick to their guns this time, as a lot of their fans are done with the myriad of broken promises given by the Big N. I must say, the poster is sleek, and the whole “Think Outside The Box” thing works for me in a big way. Here’s to hoping they can pull it off.