On Gear Live: Apple adds to iPad Pro line with new 9.7-inch model, 256GB options

Wireless iPodAccording to a report, Cambridge Silicon Radio has approached Apple with the idea of installing their wireless Bluetooth microchips in iPods to come.  If Apple were to incorporate this idea into its popular iPod line, it would mean that users would be able to listen to thier music via wireless headphones and also have the ability to sync wirelessly with your computer.  One analyst even estimates that consumers could have their hands on a wireless iPod as early as fall 2006.  So what do you think?  Is wireless the way to go, or do enjoy being “tied down” to your iPod?

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Kidz Gear HeadphonesDesigned to withstand a child’s tantrums, Kidz Gear promises not to withhold sound quality with these headphones. The headphones are also sized appropriately for little ones, and at only 19.99, I don’t see how any parent could resist getting these for their car riding, video gaming, DVD watching toddler.  Unless, of course, you like getting your $200 Sennheiser ‘phones covered in applesauce.

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Apple .Mac ImprovementsLate last night Apple unleashed a slew of new features and improvements to their .Mac subscription service, including:

.Mac Groups: .Mac members can now easily create private, ad-free online communities that make it easy for family, friends and private groups to communicate, coordinate and share digital media. With .Mac Groups, members can send emails to the entire group using a single address; post files, pictures and movies with a common group iDisk; publish group web pages and post links to other sites; and keep up-to-date with the latest group events with a shared iCal calendar.

Backup 3: .Mac Backup has been redesigned from the ground up resulting in easier setup, quicker backups and the ability to seamlessly automate the process so users don’t have to remember to run a backup. New features include the ability to automatically back up iLife content, Home folder, iTunes purchased music, and other Mac essentials. Built-in Mac OS X “Tiger” Spotlight search capabilities make it easy to select specific files to backup, while incremental backups help to save time and media costs.

Increased Online Storage: .Mac members now have four times more online storage space than before to host their email messages, documents and digital media files. Storage for individual members has increased to 1GB of combined email and iDisk space, .Mac Family Pack customers now receive 2GB of combined storage. Members can utilize their storage any way they choose dedicating more or less storage space to email or their iDisk. Individuals or Family Pack members can optionally purchase an additional 1GB of storage for US$49.95 annually.

French and German Localization: In addition to English and Japanese, localized versions of the .Mac website are now available in French and German.

I will be diving into the .Mac groups later today, but I must say that for now, I am most excited about the storage increase to 1 GB from a measly 250 MB. Good job, Apple.

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Latest Gear Live Videos

Pirolette Turn Your HeadWe love products that are cool and unique, and the Pirolette from Turn Your Head is exactly that. After sending in an image of your profile, the sculptor takes a block of wood and goes to work. The end result is a sculpture that matches your profile within a 2mm margin of error. Definitely a unique way to capture a moment in time, such as the profile of a toddler. For a limited time they are selling for about $100 each. Not bad for a hand-made work of art.

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MS Word 12I just finished checking out a video done by Robert Scoble with Julie Larson-Green, where Larson shows off some of the new features of Microsoft Office 12. One of the main “features” is the completely redesigned interface, featuring “The Ribbon” in place of the old pulldown menu’s. Old Office types might be a bit scared of the change, but we think it is for the better. The video shows how just about everything you might want to do will be at your fingertips in Office 12, instead of buried in some hidden sub-menu like in previous iterations. Go take a look for yourself.

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Jabra C220sJabra has quickly jumped on the accessory bandwagon for the new iTunes phone with this headset.  Listen to all 100 songs on your ROKR and never miss any phone calls with its pickup and end call feature, all at a price of $34.99.  The only thing it doesn’t do is make the phone not suck. Oh snap!

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TiVo Stops SalesOddly enough, TiVo has stopped sales of their DVR’s both by phone and on the TiVo website. The rumor is that the company that TiVo outsources sales to has gone under, but whatever the reason, customers are being directed to Best Buy for order fulfillment. In addition, TiVo accessories and git subscription sales are also halted for the time being.

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Nintendo Revolution Controller

Playfeed has posted a bunch of images of Nintendo’s recently unveiled Revolution controller. Our forums have been abuzz since Nintendo took the stage at the Tokyo Game Show and gave the world a look at how they plan on changing the game. What are your thoughts?

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iPod My Baby nanoContinuing with news on those hopping on the nano bandwagon, the iPod My Baby folks have just released a “nano Black” version of their baby onesie. If you have a little one that wears 6 month, 12 month, or 18 month clothing, check these out. We have iPodded our baby, and were happy with the results.

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Colorware iPod nano

We think highly of the folks over at Coloreware PC, as you can read when we reviewed their Generation 3 iPod coloring service. They are now getting ready to offer iPod nano coloring services, including the option to have the click wheel painted in a different color - something they have only started doing recently. A 2 GB colored nano will run you at least $265, with the 4 GB model starting at $315. If you prefer, you can also send in a nano you have already purcahsed for coloring.

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