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PocketDishEchoStar Communications, parent company of Dish Network, is attempting to be the latest to break in to the PVP market with the PocketDish. Basically, it’s a portable video player that can store TV programs along with music, games and photos. There are three versions with LCD displays of 2, 4 and 7 inches, and prices accordingly step from $329 to $499 to $599. The PocketDish goes on sale next month, but we are skeptical about how well this thing will be received. Check it - if you connect the PocketDish to a Dish Network receiver, you can transfer a full-length movie in under 10 minutes. Solid. However, if you are not a Dish Network customer, then the PocketDish is simply a recorder. This means that you can hook it up to your Comcast box, but there is no high speed transfer. It will take you an hour to transfer over that latest episode of Lost. I’ll pass.

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In case you were wondering what kind of impact Nintendo made with the announcement of their Revolution controller, look no further than Google’s top 15 gaining queries for the week ending 9/19/2005. Believe it or not, the term “nintendo revolution” was fourth, one spot higher than the term “hurricane rita” even. PS3 and the Xbox 360 are nowhere to be seen on the list, making it that much more impressive. Take a look at the top 5:

1. kenny chesney
2. kate moss
3. britney spears baby
4. nintendo revolution
5. hurricane rita

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We must make this clear right off the bat - we are stunned, amazed, and proud that the term “Nintendo Revolution” was one of the top 15 gaining queries on Google for the week ending September 19, 2005. In fact, more people searched for Nintendo Revolution than they did for Hurricane Rita, Harry Potter, Survivor Guatemala, PS3, and Xbox 360. In case you haven’t noticed, with their announcement of the Revolution controller, Nintendo just made themselves the talk of the gaming town. Here are the top 5 queries, according to Google:

1. kenny chesney
2. kate moss
3. britney spears baby
4. nintendo revolution
5. hurricane rita

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Microsoft Intel HD-DVDThe HD Format DVD war is still going on and Toshiba’s HD DVD camp just got 2 more allies.  Microsoft and Intel announced yesterday that they will be supporting the HD DVD format over Blu-Ray.  Each format has a significan’t amount of followers, but at this point it really is a wash as far as who is ahead.  The main reason for Intel and Microsoft’s support is the storage capacity.  For a while, Sony has claimed Blu-Ray has the most storage, but yesterday it was established that due to Toshiba’s dual-layer technology, their discs will hold up to 30GB rather than Blu-Ray’s 25GB. Which format will prevail?

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Green Day iPod Case

Check out this Green Day iPod case. I know, it is a little strange to carry around a case featuring the name of a band, but if you are a fan, this deserves a closer look. I have been testing the case for a few days, and I am impressed with the protection that it offers the iPod. I squeezed a 60 GB iPod photo into this thing, and immediately I knew that this thing could be dropped from a reasonable height without worry. The iPod pocket is lined with a very soft felt, eliminating the worry of scratching up your device by inserting and removing it from the case. The front flap covers the face of the iPod, and is held in place with a magnet just strong enough to hold the case closed - but not strong enough to get to your data.

Flipping the case open, you will find that the only portion of the iPod that is not protected is the click wheel, giving you full access to the functionality of the unit. On the underside of the flap are the words “American Idiot”. Even with a closed case, the top and bottom ports of the iPod are available for your use. The Green Day case also has an integrated belt clip, one of the few that I have seen that isn’t too bulky to be comfortable. The case is available at Circuit City, and comes with a $2 off coupon for a music purchase from the store, along with a card for two free music downloads, and a couple of fan club stickers. Check out the rest of the images after the jump.

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SE W800i ReviewWhile the Motorola ROKR landed with a dull thud, SonyEricsson has launched the W800 with almost no noise at all.  While the this phone doesn’t have iTunes (although you can hack it to make it seem like it does), what it does have is far more features and versatility than the ROKR, and a price tag to match. Let’s get the hard part out of the way.  The W800i is going to cost you $499.  No service providers in the US are offering the phone at this point, which means that you’re not going to be able to get a subsidy to offset the cost of the phone. What do you get for your five Benjamins?  Let’s take a look ...

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Lexar JumpDrive Secure II

Lexar introduced the latest revision of their JumpDrive series, which includes software to help secure files.  Their software allows the user to easily drag their file to their computer into an “Encrypted Vault” which will automatically secure them with on-the-fly 256-bit AES Encryption.  Another cool feature is the Digital Shredder which allows you to leave no “digital trail” when deleting your files for maximum security.  These files are not even recoverable using the most advanced file recovery tools.  All of these features in half the size of the first series of JumpDrives.  They come in 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB flavors. A 2GB version is scheduled for release in October 2005.

FurbyOver the years, we’ve seen some great products hit the market.  Unfortunately, we’ve also seen some pretty bad ones as well.  Check out CNET’s list of the top ten worst products, including the shameful Windows ME and our personal favorite - FURBY!

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Motorola C118

Earlier today Motorola dropped a ton of phones over at 3GSM in Singapore, aiming to “Connect the Unconnected.” We are going to take you through the list real quick-like:

With its compact design and easy-to-use keypad, the Motorola C118 is a versatile handset that provides impressive talk times of up to 450 minutes and up to 350 hours of standby, eliminating the need for frequent recharging - unless, of course, you are a teen. The phone features selectable ringtones, SMS, an alarm clock, screensavers, and games making the Motorola C118 a practical and affordable mobile phone for everyday use.

Motorola C139

With its brilliant color display, compact size, and durable anti-slip side grips, the Motorola C139 keeps you connected in style. The C139 is packed with features including a 65,000 colour TFT display, multi-character phonebook search with internal phonebook storage, SMS, vCard, calendar/datebook with alarm, downloadable ringtones, and an impressive 700 minutes of talk time/ 450 hours of standby time. The phone also includes enhanced usability features such as zoom font, which displays enlarged characters when entering numbers, and Motorola’s illuminating Lantern technology.

Motorola C168

Designed for the socially minded individual on the go, Motorola’s C168 offers broad functionality and features in a sleek and slim form factor. With storage for up to 600 phonebook entries and 250 SMS messages, the C168 allows users to keep important information and messages at their fingertips. The C168 includes a 65,000 colour screen, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), zoom font, polyphonic ringtones, as well as Motorola’s Lantern feature. In addition, the C168 keeps everyone connected with the latest news and information via a built in FM Stereo radio.

Motorola C257Motorola C261

The Motorola C257 and C261 are the latest of Motorola’s slim and stylish handsets, which focus on sophisticated ultra-thin design. These new phones provide a high sense of style and value for mass market consumers. Both models offer a crystal clear TFT display capable of 65,000 colours, MMS and up to 450 minutes of talk time and 250 hours of stand-by. The C257 and C261 also include speakerphone functionality enabling users to engage in conference calls with small groups. In addition, the C261 features a VGA camera to capture images while on the move.

Keyboard key handbagThe creative artist Joao Sabino has announced his creative recycling hack of this unique and creative ladies handbag decorated with keys from old keyboards. The design is attractive, environmentally friendly, and makes a great geek statement for the chic girl on the go. The bag is available in both white and black keys, and no two are the same.

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