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McDonald's WiFi DSNintendo and McDonald’s have announced a deal to offer DS gamers free Internet access for gaming in restaurants across the United States. The service will allow users of the Nintendo DS console to play their games against other people the world over, all while stuffing their faces with Happy Meal goodness. About 6,000 McDonald’s chains currently offer wireless access for laptops, but there is a fee involved. Wayport will be providing the access points. Look for the service to go live on November 14th here in the states, and on the 25th in Europe as they try to capitalize on the Mario Kart DS and Tony Hawk SK8Land releases.

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NetGear Storage Center

Our data has become precious indeed.  There was a time not too long ago where only large corporations feared losing essential data, as those on home PC’s didn’t really know what the term “hard drive failure” really meant. Now that times have changed, Netgear brings us Storage Center.  Storage Center places itself on your router over an Ethernet connection and has two handy bays for external drives.  However, this is not your ordinary external hard drive bay.  The device mirrors the data you house on it to further prevent data loss if you put two drives into it. Being an Ethernet device, you can share files anywhere on the network. We just beg that you don’t put bread in this, it doesn’t toast well. More images after the jump.

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AOL Optimized SystemaxAOL is back at it with another “AOL Optimized” budget computer system. For $299 USD, you get a PC that is suitable for web surfing, along with a 17-inch CRT monitor. The only catch here is that an AOL contract is required. This one is really targeted at those who don’t have a PC at home, and just want one to stay in touch with people. AOL started this partnership with Systemax last year, and they even have their own productivity suite - “AOL Office.”

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Verizon OneVerizon enticed us to check out the unveiling of their new phone - Verizon One. Essentially, the 5.8 GHz phone looks okay and is packed with plenty of features to make it worth the $149.99 price tag.  The Verizon One is supposed to be a conglomerate of all of your communication needs in one device. For the price, the phone also has an integrated 802.11g 4-port router along with a beautiful touch screen where you can manage contacts, address books, and schedules for each family individual.  Since it already has an Internet connection, you can also use Verizon SuperPages to find restaurants, theaters, locksmiths, etc.  It does a pretty good job in mapping results out for you, too.  While impressive, this product does have a massive downside - it’s only available to Verizon DSL customers.  Good going Verizon, way to isolate potential consumers.

Revolution ControllerFor all the naysayers out there, it appears that those who have gotten to see the Nintendo Revolution controller up close walk away impressed. Take Time Magazine for example, who call the controller “mind blowing,” in an article looking at the coolest things out there. The article was based on mass-market appeal, and Time believes that the Revolution controller is something that anyone will be able to pick up, understand, and use easily. Sounds like what Nintendo was going for.

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Cingular HSDPA Seattle and PhoenixGood to see Cingular taking action by turning on their HSDPA service in a couple of techno-centric cities. Seattle, WA and Phoeniex, AZ are the first areas to get receive the HSDPA love here in the United States. While no HSDPA phones are available for purchase here in the US just yet, I commend Cingular for taking the leap to show that they are ready to jump into this space. Also nice to see Seattle get first dibs compared to how long it took Verizon to get EV-DO turned on here. Cingular’s new networks were up and running in Seattle and Phoenix using Lucent Technologies and in the Dallas/Fort Worth area using Ericsson equipment. They plan to have the network in up to 20 markets by year’s end, which is also when they would make enabled phones and laptop cards available to consumers.

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Dell HDTVDell has announced yet another addition to their budget television line in the W3706C 37-inch LCD just keeps the good times rolling with their television line. The latest member is the W3706MC 37-inch LCD television, priced at $2,299. This bad boy has a 1366 x 768 resolution, and arrives at your door ready to receive OTA HD content. They also have a 50-inch plasma that they are adding to their line in the W5001C - this is the one they were showing off last month, and it’s going for $3,799. The Dell W3706 and W5001C allow users to multitask by viewing images from different sources simultaneously, with dual tuners and Picture-In-Picture (PIP), Picture-On-Picture (POP), and Picture-By-Picture (PbP) modes.

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Boob earmuffsThere really isn’t much to say about this unique pair of earmuffs other than that they will surely grab you a bunch of attention during your morning commute. Hey, they are only $9 USD, a must for any bachelor party/graduation/anniversary. When doesn’t wearing a pair of boobs to warm your ears equate to a fun time?

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For mobile entrepreneurs who are always on the go, Office Depot has what looks to be a great service meant to give your small company the appearance of seeming larger than it is. As we all know, that can mean the difference between a new client or one that walks away. The Wireless Office service starts at about $65 per month, and includes all of the following services.

After Hours Answering Service
Need a way to manage calls after hours? Wireless office service works for a fraction of the cost of a live answering service and can actually connect the call rather than setting up a call back With Wireless office service, you avoid playing “phone tag” and connect to your callers after hours.

Virtual Receptionist
Don’t have an office? Don’t have a receptionist? Need to present callers with a main business number that routes calls to the right people or information? Wireless office service works as your virtual receptionist 24hrs/day for the fraction of the cost of a dedicated person.

Consolidating and Connecting Virtual Workers
Are a majority of people in your “office” not in the office at all? Most phone systems deliver calls only to office phones. If your company primarily uses home or cellular phones, then Wireless office service is for you.

Consolidating and Connecting Multiple Offices
Looking to consolidate multiple branch offices with one phone number and one phone system? Wireless office service lets you do that and much more.

Making Small Businesses Look and Sound Larger
Tired of your small business sounding like a small business to callers? Wireless office service makes any business sound like a large enterprise.

Retail Call Routing
Are your retail employees spending too much time answering the phone and too little time helping customers? Wireless office service allows retail store to focus on customers while providing automated information to callers and only connect the right callers to the store.

Not bad, eh? If anyone is using, or has used, this service, let us know how it is.

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U2 iPod Discontinued

Not major news, but worth mentioning nonetheless, with the release of the brand new 5th generation iPod with video support, it looks like Apple has quietly discontinued the U2 branded iPod that they have been selling for the past twelve months. Could it be due to the face that the new iPod is already available in black, and adding a red click wheel just isn’t enough of a difference? Judging by the fact that Apple and U2 still are on great terms as evidenced by Bono’s face being displayed on just about every iPod screen image that doesn’t have a track by the Gorillaz playing, I would say so.