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PowerMac G5

The new PowerMac runs four cores running in two dual-core G5 processors, and sports DDR2 SD-RAM, PCI-Express on-board, and multiple Cinema Display support. You can run up to four of the largest Cinema Displays at once in fact - 120-inches of computer viewing goodness. The guys over at PowerMax just got their unit in, and has provided a bunch of images for your viewing pleasure. This is one beautiful piece of machinery, is it not?

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Project Gotham Racing 3

We tinkered with the Xbox 360 at DigitalLife in NYC, and played a demo build of Project Gotham Racing 3.  Initially, it was hard to get really excited about a racing game for a next gen console, but fans of the preceding games will tell you that the PGR series is nothing to scoff at.  I can say first hand that this title is stunning in just about every aspect.  It was unbelievable listening to my iPod songs right on the racetrack.  Yeah, I know the current Xbox allows you to customize soundtracks, but there is no importing or modding necessary – just plug it in.  As a resident of New York, I can tell you that PGR3 got the entire Brooklyn Bridge area 100% accurate - down to the scaffolding in lower Manhattan.  What even more stunning is that there are more polygons on the Brooklyn Bridge than an entire level in PGR2.  The photo mode is absolutely phenomenal.  You can even adjust the shutter speed of the camera to show you whizzing by or at a great focus.  Additionally, while in this mode, I couldn’t find even two people in the crowd that were the same.  Look for this game to stun you at launch. Check out one more image after the jump.

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iTunes 6.0.1Man, Apple has been on an iTunes-releasing rampage as of late, haven’t they? Just a week after iTunes 6.0 was released, we have iTunes 6.0.1 available to download:

With iTunes 6.0.1, you can preview, buy, and download over 2,000 videos on the iTunes Music Store and sync your music and purchased videos with iPod to enjoy on the go. To watch purchased videos, you must have Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

iTunes 6.0.1 features several stability improvements over iTunes 6.

After purchasing music from the iTunes Music Store with iTunes 6 or later, you will also need to upgrade your other computers that purchase music from the iTunes Music Store to iTunes 6.0.1.

Go for it.

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Latest Gear Live Videos

EB GamesI just love when folks dish the dirt on their former employers. I mean, we all know that places like Circuit City, Best Buy, and Gamestop are all headed by huge corporate overlords who really could care less about consumer experience. It’s all about the almighty buck. The “Mad Gamer” offers us a peek behind the curtain of EB Games, and it’s a pretty funny diatribe.

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Unlike Microsoft and Google, EB Games can’t force you to sign any sort of NDA when you are a minimum wage employee about to quit or get fired. As a result, we have what just might be one of the most entertaining rants on a video game retail chain that we have ever read. I mean, how can a paragraph like this not make you want to read more?:

Never ever buy a pre-owned game system. 90% of the time they are broken, or will be in a few weeks. Still, EB will sell you a one-time use warranty for $10-$15 more at purchase of the pre-owned system. It’ll be good for a replacement should anything go awry. But ask yourself if it’s really worth what you may be getting for your money. I have seen systems with roaches crawling in them go right out of the store, headed for the home of an unsuspecting buyer. Not only could they have a busted system, but now they have a freaking roach problem. And then there’s the issue of how sanitary are those systems, roaches aside. In my store we kept a lot of those pre-owned consoles in the restroom. Do you know how nasty it was to see some Gamecubes, PS2s and XBOXs sitting in a plastic bag near the toilet with dried piss on them? And guess what? Lots of those pissy Gamecubes, PS2s, and XBOXs got quickly wiped off and sold to customers…at X-mas time. Little Tommy wakes up on X-mas morning and plays with his PissBOX, PeeS2, or Toiletcube and everything is just great in the world.

Wow - makes me feel bad for little Tommy.


This week, The Final Cut takes a closer look at Doom, starring The Rock;  and Stay, with Ewan McGregor.  Also showing on the big screen come Friday are Shopgirl, North Country, and Dreamer; and in limited release you can look for Kids In America, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, After School Special, Uspizin, and Protocols of Zion.  Had the opportunity to check out any of this weekends’ releases?  Tell your fellow Gear Live readers what you thought by leaving your opinion in the comments section.  Check out our thoughts on Doom and Stay after the jump…

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Channel 9 Xbox 360 Media Center Video

One of the most overlooked features of the Xbox 360 is it’s ability to connect to your Window Media Center PC (if you own one) to access all your media library. There is no one better to show off this great feature than the people who know it best: Jeff Henshaw of the Xbox team and David Alles of the Media Center team. Check out the video over at Channel 9.

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Wal-Mart Xbox 360 KioskGotta love Wal-Mart - according to our readers, Wal-Mart locations nationwide are beginning to roll out Xbox 360 kiosk with playable demos of Call of Duty 2, Kameo, and King Kong. The discs also feature videos of other upcoming games. If you want to get an early look at the Xbox 360, give your nearest Wal-mart location a call and see if they have a kiosk. Oh, don’t forget to bring your latex gloves.

PlayFeed Sly 3 GiveawayQuick note for you gamers out there - PlayFeed is giving away a copy of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves to the person that posts the coolest Xbox 360 faceplate design that they can find. Read on if you want a shot at winning.

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Sly 3 GiveawayOkay, so we believed G4TV when they said that the Xbox 360 faceplates handed out to the press at E3 would not fit on the final 360 unit. So to make it right, we are giving away a brand new copy of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves for the PlayStation 2. In order to win, just head on over to our forums and post an image of what you consider to be the coolest Xbox 360 faceplate design - whether it is official or a mockup. Next week we will choose the one that we thought was the best. Contest is open to US residents, and if a winning image is posted more than once, the first person who posted it gets the game. Now will you forgive us?

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