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Xbox 360 Hands On While at DigitalLife, we got our grubby hands on an Xbox 360, and put it through the paces.  We took a few key features for a stroll, looking at how the console plays with a Windows Media Center PC, the Xbox Live Dashboard, and even hooked up our iPod over USB.  Check out all of our initial impressions on our sister site, Playfeed.

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Xbox 360 Impressions

At DigitalLife 2005, I was able to get my hands on the controller and speak one on one with a Microsoft representative before the mass of public invaders crowded up the whole space.  Aside from taking some close up pictures of a few of them, I got to fiddling with the entire media aspect of the Xbox 360. It was already connected to a Windows Media Center PC for convenience and its USB ports were equipped with a few cables that would be used later in this demo.  Once I got the controller in my hand, I noticed that it was very familiar since the design is so similar to the current S controller for Xbox.  I got to tinker around with the Xbox Live interface where you can do an infinite number of things not found in the current version of Xbox Live. 


czm Paul Nelson InterviewWe ran into Paul Nelson at DigitalLife as he was just wrapping up a seminar on the pro gaming leagues.  Just about everyone I know thinks they have what it takes to be the next big money making gamer.  Paul, or as you know and fear him, “czm,” was kind enough to answer a couple of questions for us:

PlayFeed: What game made you start competing?
Paul Nelson: Quake, I mainly play Quake 3 right now in tournaments.

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Here at DigitalLife we got to experience some of the cool things already, but eJamming definitely caught our collective eyes when we saw a drummer banging on some MIDI drums.  How is this innovative? Well, he wasn’t alone.  He was jamming with 4 other musicians - but only one of them was actually near him.  Using eJamming’s software, you can actually have real time sessions with MIDI (and soon audio too) via a broadband connection.  Of course, if you want to take it to the next level, you can record your entire MIDI session and export it to your favorite editor such as Pro Tools or Cubase for further editing and mixing.  The bad part is if you’re the guitarist that likes to break amps, they will most likely be your own. Read More | eJamming

ZipConnect BeetleNow this is off the hook, especially for those VW Beetle fanatics out there. Check it - it’s a Volkswagen Beetle replica with a digital alarm clock built-in to the windshield. Now, the fun doesn’t end there, as it (like all ZipConnect speaker systems) includes a ZipConnect module (with convenient retractable 18-inch cable and mini stereo plug) for playing any iPod, MP3, portable CD or satellite radio — any audio source with a headphone jack. The Beetle has working headlamps and taillights, with stereo speakers hidden in the wheels.

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iPod video PreviewCNET has a quick 90 second video showing off the new 5th generation iPod with video support. It’s a nice way to see the video features in action, as well as the sheer thinness of the device. We have been trying to get our hands on one, but here in Seattle our Apple Store doesn’t expect to see them in stock for another week or so. As soon as we do, expect a full review. For now, check out the video at CNET Videos.

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GameTap InterviewWe recently had a few minutes to talk with Rick Sanchez and ask him some questions about the new online service called GameTap. Most recently, Sanchez served as vice president of publishing at IGN Entertainment, Inc., the leading community-based Internet media and services company for video games. At IGN, Sanchez managed the day-to-day operations for IGN.com, RottenTomatoes.com, GameSpy.com, GameStats.com, the Planet network and the Vault Network, which draw a combined audience of more than 18 million monthly visitors. He also managed the organization’s broadband group, developing original content and the delivery strategy. He recently became the Vice President of Content for GameTap and from our conversation with him he’s very happy to be part of their team.

Can you give us your definition of what the GameTap Service is?
GameTap is Turner’s first-of-its-kind broadband entertainment network that offers games-on-demand plus original programming via a broadband connected PC.

Are there different subscription levels of service? How much is a subscription?
GameTap is an all-you-can-play service for a monthly fee of $14.95. You can have up to seven sub accounts under one master account.

28 Corner EraserThe Kadokeshi Plastic Eraser features 28 corners, aiming to outlast all other eraser competition on the market. How so? The theory here is that people use 8 pointed erasers because the points provide for more precise erasing of an area. Once the eight corners have rounded out, you no longer have that sniper-like control. Therefore, tack on twenty more corners, and it should last that much longer. When one of the cubes rounds itself out, cut it off, and you have fresh corners at your disposal.

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DigitalLifeWe will be covering some very exciting events happening here at DigitalLife 2005 today.  Everyone from Microsoft to Nokia is here respresenting their newest and upcoming products, and as such, we wouldn’t want you to miss a beat.  Heck, if you’re in town this weekend, stop on by and say hello.

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Sony PSP 2.50Attention all PSP owners: there’s a new firmware update available from Sony, that being version 2.50. There’s a few updated features, including network security, but we all know this is just a way for Sony to patch the “downgrading” ability of the earlier firmware. So go ahead and update your PSP through the usual method, unless you care about all that homebrew stuff.

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