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Captain America are tough to get, even when the economy is running along smoothly. Now that we’re still in the middle of a deep recession with a large number of folks unemployed for quite some time, it’s even harder. Still, there are a few places for resume senders to send a resume.

Reed Exhibitions, the nemesis of Gareb Shamus, is looking for a Sales Executive for their ReedPop group. No, that isn’t some kind of mid-Western cola, it’s their Comic and Anime division that caters to “fans of comics, anime, movies/tv, video games, action sports, mixed martial arts, food and toys.”


Love Knot 1I know Spring Break just ended for everyone who’s not Lindsay Lohan, and that means summer’s coming and if you’re getting ready to graduate and jump into what’s left of America’s labor pool, or if you are already there and looking for something new and different in the field of comic books, then a good place to start shopping that resume could be out in Los Angeles, at the headquarters of manga publisher .

They have four (count ‘em 4) openings, starting with a Marketing Manager. In that position, you’ll be creating and executing “the Tokyopop marketing plans with a focus on online brand development and management, grassroots, and social media marketing” and reporting all to the Associate Publisher. In addition to getting your Twitter on with your Facebooking and your YouTubing, you’ll be heavily involved in the Tokyopop Tour, managing national and retail accounts and trying to figure out how to increase marketshare. (Unhelpful Hint: in the comics industry, that usually means putting more books on the schedule, so try to think outside of that particular box.)

domoIt’s never ever easy to get a job in comics, just like it’s never easy to get a job at Google or Yahoo. It’s always easy to get a job at Borders, but that’s hardly the dream now, is it? So let’s check the help wanted internet and see what’s being offered.

If you love the manga and you don’t mind getting coffee or picking up the dry cleaning for the busy manga executive on the go, Tokyopop just might be your place. They’re looking for a “Personal Assistant, Office of the CEO” who can “support all facets of the CEO’s activities, including administrative areas, business development areas, creative areas, personal and time management areas, and any other areas required by the CEO. In addition, provide phone and meeting support to the SVP as required.” There are a lot of duties, including scheduling and phone management, and you “must be willing to travel frequently to various countries, accompanying the CEO.” As always, I’ll bet one of those countries is Japan. The job is full time, which at Tokyopop translates to 55-60 hours per week.

If you like to read books, look at stuff, keep all your graphic novels in alphabetical order, and “ooh” and “ahh” over shelf porn, there might be something for you in the state of Virginia. Virginia Commonwealth University is looking for a new Department Head at their university library, specifically Special Collections & Archives.

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It’s a tough, tough employment climate out there. Opportunities to grab a foothold in comics – especially old-school print comics – are few and far between. There’s at least one company publicly looking for someone right now. Could it be you?

Tokyopop, the manga giant that has been laying off staff over the past year or so in a pink slip tornado, needs a new editor, someone to “guide the selection, creation, development, and marketing of licensed manga products.” You’ll be working with the senior editor and associate publisher to manage all this licensed manga, so no OEL for you. You’ll also be doing what sounds like a lot of marketing stuff, but in a recession-based economy, it’s the underpaid multi-taskers who hang on the longest.

But before you get too excited and slap a few trendy buzzwords on your updated resume, you’ll need to meet a batch of requirements. Some include: the ability to write and speak Japanese (okay, I’m out), possession of a college degree (presumably your own), enough manga knowledge to be the Ken Jennings of Japanese culture, and have the positive can-do attitude that only a job in comic books can bring!

Details are at the link. Go for it!
(artwork © Tokyopop)