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Less than a week before her 27th birthday, Britney Spears gave international audiences a taste of what she has in store for 2009. Unfortunately, copycat ensembles and lip synced numbers aren’t probably what fans had in mind.

Last Thursday in Germany, the pop princess gave her very first “live” performance since the 2007 VMAs. And while her appearance on the 2008 Bambi Awards was far from disastrous - the physically-fit singer seemed a bit more confident - it still could have used slightly more oomph. And originality. Strangely enough, she opted to wear an outfit identical to the one Madonna has been sporting during her Sticky & Sweet tour. Britney also chose to keep her dance moves and live vocals to a minimum.

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HP Magic Giveaway

So, a few days ago we told you about our HP Magic Giveaway, and how we’d be giving away an absolutely ridiculous amount of prizes to the winner. Now, we are announcing the the contest has officially started, and we’ve got the details on how you can enter to win. First, though, a refresher on what we are giving away:

Yes, you do see four computers listed, as well as a Media Center Extender. No, you aren’t dreaming. Yes, we (and ) are awesome. You want the goods? Here’s how to enter to win - we are making this super-simple:

  1. If you don’t have one already, sign up for a Gear Live account
  2. If you don’t have one already, sign up for a Twitter account
  3. Add the Gear Live Twitter account to your follow list
  4. On Twitter, post a tweet about our contest and link to this page. In the tweet, include the phrase “#glmagic”.
  5. Once that is done, leave a comment here in this post with a direct link back to your Tweet. Be sure you are signed in to your Gear Live account before you leave the comment.

Here’s an example of an appropriate Twitter entry:
“Entering to win a ton of HP gear! http://jk9.qlnk.net/ #glmagic”

BONUS ENTRIES: Want more chances to win? Share the link to our contests on the following sites, and leave us a comment linking to those as well:

  • Facebook: Shared Link
  • Del.icio.us bookmark
  • FriendFeed: Use Post a Link
  • Your blog: Have a site? Link to our contest on it!

Remember: The bonus entries are just that - bonus. In order to be eligible to win, you must complete the core Twitter requirements.

Now, as to the actual contest dates. The contest starts today, November 28th. You have until 11:59 PM PST on December 4 to enter your comments here on this post. We will then announce our winner, chosen randomly out of all valid entrants and bonus points, on December 5th. We are also going to encourage (but not require) you to think about donating a portion of the prize package to someone else. It can be a charity, a relative, friend, a fellow contest entrant - anyone. We can even handle the shipping to that third party for you. It’s all in the spirit of giving, and we will let you play Secret Santa, if you so choose.

The contest is open to anyone in the world, which is a rarity. If you are in the US, you’ll even have your tax burden taken care of. What more could you ask for? Now, good luck to all - comments are open!

Update: We’ve announced a winner - and a new contest!


Listen, it’s the holiday season, the economy is going to hell, prices are going up on everything but gas, and you know that no one is going to get you any super-fancy consumer electronics this year. Or, so you thought. You see, once again we are partnering with (along with 49 other sites) to bring you a mind-blowing prize package. That means that you get 50 chances to win the following:

  • HP TouchSmart IQ816
  • HP HDX18 Premium Notebook PC
  • HP Pavilion dv4 Entertainment Notebook PC
  • HP Mini 1000 (Windows XP)
  • HP MediaSmart Connect

Oh, what was that? That isn’t enough? Well, our bad, we though that five computers being given away would be enough. But hey, you pulled our arm, so I guess we’ll also throw in the following:

  • HP Photosmart C6380 Wireless All-in-One printer
  • HP 564 Photo Value Pack
  • Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition 2007 with 3 licenses
  • Microsoft WIndows Live
  • Corel VideoStudio X
  • Kung-Fu Panda on Blu-ray disc, and two DVDs

There, now are you happy? We figured as much. Go back and look over that list again - that’s a lot of stuff. In fact, the value of all that is over $6,000 USD. There’s enough there that you could win it all, and give away some of it as gifts to your family or friends - that what the holidays are all about, right? That whole better to give than to receive thing?

We’ll be announcing the contest rules soon, but in the meantime, check out the HP Magic Giveaway page for more information on the prizes, and other participating sites.

Oh, and let us know what you think of this contest in the comments!

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Britney Spears CircusIt looks like has a marketing team in place that “gets” this whole social media game that all the cool kids are playing these days. Case in point, not only are they not concerned with album leaks, they’ve teamed with IMEEM for an exlusive pre-release landing page that lets you listen to all the tracks on Britney’s upcoming Circus album, which is set for a December 2 release. You can go there, right now, and listen to all 13 tracks in their entirety (and, for some reason, they included Radar again on this album - it was already on her last album, Blackout.)

They’ve also got a bunch of videos related to Britney, including a few music videos, music playlists, video playlists, photos, and more. It’s really well done, and anything that gives me early access to music gets a thumbs up from me. You can pre-order the album in CD form, or as downloadable MP3s, from Amazon.

[Thanks, Alana!]

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No Doubt

What should you do just months after giving birth to your second child? Start preparing for another world tour, of course!

Over the weekend, Gwen Stefani and her bandmates from No Doubt officially announced plans for a new tour and album. The group - which had been on hiatus since 2004 - delivered the news via their joint website.

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mos def

GIFTED - that’s the word that comes to mind when talking about Mos Def. You may be thinking host of Def Poetry, or star of Be Kind Rewind - or maybe you’ve just come across him as #69 in the Stuff White People Like blog. No matter how you came to know Mos Def, you should know his skills are grounded in music.

Listen for yourself, with this free download of “Life in Marvelous Times” off his upcoming album The Ecstatic, hitting stores in December.

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After watching ‘s new video for “Rehab,” ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did Rihanna’s character actually know the guy (a.k.a. Justin Timberlake) on the bike, or did he randomly stop to use her shower?
  2. If you were to live in a desert, what pair of earrings would you wear?
  3. Who does the black hood/cap look better: Rihanna or Grace Jones?


Theater of the Mind, the upcoming album from Ludacris hits stores on November 24th, and after hearing several tracks, we feel pretty confident in saying that it’s going to blow up. Don’t believe me? Download I Do It for Hip Hop” featuring Jay-Z and Nas and tell me if I’m wrong.

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Kanye West

Okay, I am now beginning to believe all tracks from ‘s upcoming album will be leaked prior to the November 24 drop date. Case in point, the latest released track “Amazing” featuring Young Jeezy, which showed up today. True to the rest of the album, Kanye uses Auto-Tune technology and tears it up once again. Download “Amazing” here, and be sure to check back tomorrow for the next track.

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Twilight SoundtrackThe second phase of domination is officially complete.

Now that we’re just eight days away from the big-screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s novel, it’s becoming increasingly impossible to avoid anything with Robert Pattinson’s face on it. The mania over the best-selling book has inspired collector’s edition magazine covers (EW), news packages (Nightline) and sight-seeing tours (Forks, WA). It’s even evolved into a #1 album.

After two turns at the top of the charts, AC/DC’s Black Ice was just dethroned by the soundtrack for the vampire-themed movie. Although Twilight is now the third soundtrack this year to reach #1 (following and Mamma Mia!), it’s the only one since 2006’s Sing-a-Longs and Lullabies for Curious George to debut there.

Twilight - which includes tracks from Linkin Park, Muse and Paramore - sold 165,000 units last week. AC/DC came in second with 160,000 while came in third with 110,000.

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