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Has Fall Out Boy Fallen Apart?

Fall Out Boy

Based on individual comments made over the past 24 hours, it appears may be over…for good.

Late last year, the “Dance, Dance” singers opted to take a hiatus from performing through at least 2010. Now it’s unclear whether the band members will ever reunite again.

During a recent interview with Spin magazine, lead singer Patrick Stump declared: “I’m not in in Fall Out Boy right now… Whether we play again or not, I don’t know.” His comments were then followed up by statements from the other FOB musicians.

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Fall Out Boy Retire Michael Jackson Cover

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Fall Out Boy have decided not to continue performing “Beat It” - a rendition they recorded with John Mayer last year - in light of ‘s death.

“We never got the chance to meet him. I don’t even know if he heard it. We kind of recorded it on a whim, like, nine months before he passed away,” bassist Pete Wentz revealed. “We’ve decided not to play it anymore. It’s his song, you know? We put it on the record because we did a video for it, but it’s definitely his song.”

Wentz - who writes most of the group’s lyrics - also admitted that he takes great care when choosing the band’s infamously long song titles, but never reveals them until the last minute.

“Lyrics are just like spring cleaning; it just dumps out of my head and leaves Patrick to put it together. Song titles are all inside jokes or references to the songs. They’re not random,” he revealed. “I choose them at the last minute before the record goes to print and then it just pisses everybody off.”

Gallery: Fall Out Boy Retire Michael Jackson Cover

Fall Out Boy Forced to Give A Cappella Performance

Could Fall Out Boy be looking for a new manager?

Although the band had intended to give a free acoustic concert earlier this week, poor planning forced the group members to awkwardly improvise. Someone neglected to file the necessary paperwork for the Washington Square Park appearance, which meant the use of instruments would not be allowed.

Fearing they would be arrested by the New York police department if they chose to rebel, the group members elected to do an a cappella performance instead. (The show must go on, right?)

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