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Mix Tape: Remembering Live Aid, Suffering Live Nation

Live Aid-Old enough to remember Live Aid? An upcoming biopic titled When Harvey Met Bob will tell the story of how music promoter Harvey Goldsmith and musician Bob Geldof organized that 1985 worldwide event.

-Cancellations and low ticket sales for various acts have impacted Live Nation’s bottom line. The concert promoter’s adjusted operating income is predicted to be down at least $40 million from last year.

-According to Amy Winehouse, her next album will be out in “six months at the most.” The singer says the sound will be “very much the same” as her last release “where there’s a lot of jukebox stuff and songs that are ... just jukebox, really.”

-Vampire Weekend is the subject of a bloody lawsuit. The woman pictured on the cover of Contra claims her picture was illegally used after someone forged a signature on the release form.

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Christina Aguilera Concert Tour Postponed

said she’s been doing things that she “normally won’t do” - and this might apply.

Although the singer was set to begin a 20-city tour on July 15, Aguilera has decided to postpone those stops until sometime next year.

While most have been blamed lukewarm response to her single “Not Myself Tonight” for the delay (the song currently stands at #89 on the iTunes chart), claims the singer is simply too busy.

“[Aguilera] felt she needed more time to rehearse the show and with less than a month between the album release and tour date, this wasn’t possible,” the concert promoter said in a statement.

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Kanye West, Lady Gaga Tour Canceled

has just been killed.

Live Nation announced today that the concert tour, starring Kanye West and Lady Gaga, has officially been canceled. This news comes less than a week after tickets first became available. Refunds will be made available to all ticket buyers.

The two musicians, who individually created buzz at the recent VMAs, had been scheduled to hit 34 cities together starting in November. Although no explanation was given for the cancellation, it’s possible the decision may have been a result of Kanye’s behavior at the MTV event.

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