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Kylie Minogue Credits Sia for Her Sexy Album

Sia and Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue has blamed Sia for making her album about sex.

The "All the Lovers" hitmaker has teamed up with the producer for her forthcoming album Kiss Me Once - which includes tracks "Sexy Love," "Sexercize" and "Les Sex" - and insists she encouraged her to put a cheeky spin on her tracks to make them sound hotter.

"Sia is executive producer with me, which is amazing and a little dream come true, and there was a certain point on the album where we had countless songs, and she said, 'We need some sex on there.. we need a hot song.' Next thing I know there's 'Sexy Love,' 'Sexercize' and 'Les Sex'! And even looking at the album titles, trying to figure out what makes it on the album, I thought 'I can't really do that,' and then I thought 'Yeah, I really have to do that because they're all really great songs.' And I couldn't call them anything else, because that's what they are."

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Kylie Minogue Depressed without Pop

Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue feels depressed when she isn't being a pop star.

The "Wow" singer finds it hard to adjust to regular life when she finishes an album and a tour, because creating and performing her music gives her such an adrenaline rush:

"I think it's a little bittersweet. Let me put it this way: There's a middle ground which I'm sure is a better, healthier, more balanced place to be. But instead of that I tend to do 'busy busy busy,' then adrenaline gets you going, and you're firing on all cylinders, and then you have to stop because you get ill, or you catch a cold and you're out for a week. And then all you can do is rest. And then that creates a little depression. It's the classic performer's quandary. That middle ground is hard to find, or settle in."

The 44-year-old singer believes it is the difficulty some artists have with "normal" life which leads them to take drugs or become dependent on alcohol. When asked if boredom leads some musicians to experiment with substances, she answered, "Yes! Exactly."

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Coldplay, Pink Floyd and Kylie Minogue to Be Dropped From Label

ColdplayColdplay, Pink Floyd and Kylie Minogue are to be dropped by their label.

Troubled British record company EMI is undergoing a takeover by Universal Music Group, and the European Commission ruled today it can go ahead on condition it sells off most of its smaller record labels.

Acts who will now find themselves without a parent label include David Guetta, Tinie Tempah, Gorillaz, Cliff Richard, David Bowie, Tina Turner and Duran Duran, who are all signed to Parlophone. Chrysalis - home to Depeche Mode and Moby - will also have to go, as will Mute, home to the Ramones and Jethro Tull.

One act EMI will be keep are The Beatles, a hugely lucrative band, who still sell millions of albums even though they split in 1970.

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Kylie Minogue: Performing is Like a Drug

Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue says performing is "like a drug."

The "Timebomb" singer - who has been in showbiz for 25 years - admits being on stage in front of thousands of fans is a huge thrill and can sometimes be hard to come down from.

"It is like a drug: the adrenaline is so strong and it's such a high that coming back down can be terrible. That's why I consider myself an artist rather than a pop star," she said.

Kylie, 44, admits she still gets nervous before her performances and has to calm herself down before she goes on stage: "I tell myself it is the same for everybody. Without the applause, life would seem very quiet."

The "Slow" hitmaker - who first shot to same playing Charlene Ramsay in Australian soap Neighbours - also revealed how she tries to keep her stage persona separate from her everyday life. "I just take off my gladrags. Without them, I'm a surprised some people still look at me on the street," she said.

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Kylie Minogue Takes Show to Vegas

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Kylie Minogue is about to become a Las Vegas showgirl.

The “Wow” singer - who has spent years trying to crack the US - has been offered a residency in the city after impressing American fans with her recent tour.

“The response from her shows in America have been phenomenal. They love her out there. She was nervous about going over for the first time, but it has gone better than she expected,” Kylie’s sister Dannii revealed to Britain’s Daily Mirror. “She has now been asked to take the show back to Vegas and extend it as a residency over there. I’m so proud of her.”

Las Vegas promoters were mesmerized by her glamorous show and are convinced she can draw in the crowds night after night.

Dannii says Kylie is thrilled by the offer and she will be supported by her family on her opening night. “Kylie called to tell me how well everything has been going and about the Vegas offer. I was joking with her that is finally where she belongs!” she said. “Kylie’s show is perfect for Vegas, it’s so theatrical. She has loved performing out there.”

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