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Queen Releasing New Songs with Freddie Mercury

Queen with Adam LambertQueen will release new tracks featuring Freddie Mercury singing later this year.

The legendary "We Will Rock You" band's frontman died in 1991, but drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May have since carried on with the group and are currently putting together a new album including recordings made with Freddie before he passed away.

"We found a few more tracks with Freddie singing and all of us playing and they are quite beautiful. It is a compilation but will have this material that nobody in the world has ever heard. I think people will really enjoy it," Brian told the BBC.

The musician added the material comes from when they band were at their height and will most likely be called Queen Forever: "Most of it comes from the 80s when we were in full flight. It is quite emotional. It is the big, big ballads and the big, big epic sound. It wouldn't have been if we hadn't have done this restoration job. We had to start from scratch because we only had scraps. But knowing how it would have happened if we had finished it, I can sit there and make it happen with modern technology."

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Katy Perry Looks Up to Freddie Mercury

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Katy Perry as Freddie MercuryKaty Perry models herself on Freddie Mercury.

The "Roar" singer takes not just her musical stylings from the late Queen frontman, but believes he helped make her a confident woman:

"Queen's track 'Killer Queen' made me discover music and helped me come into my own at the age of 15. The way Freddie Mercury delivered his lyrics just made me feel like a confident woman; I'd say his fingerprint is all over me in general. And I also love the idea of a woman who reigns and has power, like Queen Elizabeth in the UK."

Katy, 28, also said she loves experimenting with her look, and doesn't worry if she's not always perfectly turned out as it shows her humanity. "I love having fun with my looks. I want to present myself as a human being, with lots of different aspects that aren't necessarily perfect. I think it's totally fine to accept everything you have if you can. It's good to try and have a certain grace with everything, but a sense of humor is most important. I try not to take myself too seriously," she added.

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Freddie Mercury Inspires Psy

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Psy on stagePsy wanted to be Freddie Mercury while growing up.

The "Gangnam Style" hitmaker found himself mesmerized with Queen's live performance at London's Wembley Stadium in 1986 and admits he would watch it on loop when a child in South Korea, admiring the stage presence of the iconic singer during the concert.

"If it wasn't for Queen at Wembley, I wouldn't be a pop star. When I was growing up I would watch Freddie Mercury with all those fans in the palm of his hand. He is the best," he said.

Freddie isn't the only Brit Psy - real name Park Jae-sang - credits for helping him becoming famous as he revealed "Candy" singer Robbie Williams helped thrust him into the limelight after sharing his first single via his official Twitter account: "Robbie was one of the first to tweet 'Gangnam Style' so I feel I owe him a lot."

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Freddie Mercury to Appear on Stage as an ‘Optical Illusion’

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Freddie MercuryFreddie Mercury is to appear on stage as an "optical illusion."

The late Queen front man - who passed away in 1991 - will seem to perform for an audience at musical We Will Rock You, which is based on the band's music, to mark the tenth anniversary of the show in London.

Queen guitarist Brian May told BBC news the new "effect" was "an optical illusion of sorts." He added, "People will come out saying, 'did we actually see Freddie?'" However, Brian said the effect used will be different to the hologram technology which made late rapper Tupac Shakur appear on stage and perform at Coachella festival in California last month.

"It's a little unfortunate they did that thing with Tupac as we've been trying to make Freddie appear on the stage for quite a while The hologram technique is something we've looked at ourselves but I think probably for a show that runs eight shows a week it's not really practical."

The special edition show of We Will Rock You will take place on May 14 at London's Dominion Theatre. Queen have previously made live appearances where Freddie appears to sing the band's hit "Bohemian Rhapsody" using a backing track and video footage of him singing the song.

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Adam Lambert a ‘Great Interpreter’ of Freddie

Adam Lambert with Queen at the MTV EMAsQueen says Adam Lambert will be a "great Interpreter" of Freddie Mercury's songs at Sonisphere.

The "We Will Rock You" group confirmed on Monday they will headline the rock festival in July, with former American Idol contestant Adam taking the place of late frontman Freddie - who passed away in 1991 - and guitarist Brian May is sure he can step up to the challenge.

"I think all the vibes will be good. And I'm, sure that if Freddie was around, or if he is around then he'll appreciate what we're doing, because its interpreting those songs and those songs should live. A lot of those songs are Freddie's and you've got a great interpreter there in Adam. It will be challenging - my God, it will be challenging, but you've got to set yourself big hurdles to get over really, that's what life is about," he told BANG Showbiz, speaking at Tuesday night's BRIT Awards.

Queen have previously performed with Adam on the final of American Idol in 2009, and again last year at the MTV European Music Awards, where they received the Global Icon trophy. This summer's show is bound to be poignant as Queen played their last ever show with Freddie in 1986 at the same ground in Knebworth as Sonisphere takes place.

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Mix Tape: Stone Temple Pilots Postpone Dates, Wyclef Jean Drops From Race

Scott Weiland-Twelve dates on Stone Temple Pilot’s reunion tour have been postponed. It’s not known whether Scott Weiland’s strange behavior at recent Houston show has anything to do with the rescheduling.

-Wyclef Jean has officially taken his name out of the race for the presidency of Haiti. “This was not an easy conclusion to reach; but it is one that was thoughtfully made,” he stated.

-Singer Bret Michaels is scheduled to go back into surgery early next year. That is when he’ll have an “operable and treatable” hole his heart—something unrelated to his recent medical issues—repaired.

-Borat actor Sacha Baron Cohen has been tapped to play Freddie Mercury in an upcoming biopic about the band Queen. Filming should begin next year. Surviving band members—Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon—all support the project.

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Will Adam Lambert Front Queen?

Gene Simmons might not see Adam Lambert as a rocker, but his opinion isn’t shared by all. The members of Queen were so impressed with the American Idol finalist, they’ve even expressed interest in working with Lambert again. Maybe even on a permanent basis.

When asked about the frontman rumors, guitarist Brian May denied any job offers were made after last week’s season ender. But that doesn’t mean America hasn’t already seen the new Freddie Mercury. “Amongst all that furor, there wasn’t really a quiet moment to talk. But [drummer Roger Taylor] and I are definitely hoping to have a meaningful conversation with him at some point,” May revealed to Rolling Stone. “It’s not like we, as Queen, would rush into coalescing with another singer just like that. It isn’t that easy. But I’d certainly like to work with Adam. That is one amazing instrument he has there.”

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