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Chris MartinChris Martin forces himself to drink vodka to remind himself “not to be an idiot.”

The frontman abides by the bizarre ritual which stems from an incident in the group’s early days when his bandmates punished him for sacking their drummer Will Champion by making him get drunk.

“It started when I had to ask forgiveness for sacking our drummer Will about 10 years ago,” Chris explained. “Three days later the rest of us were feeling really miserable and we asked Will to meet me and out bassist Guy Berryman in Monkey Chews, a bar in Camden, London, where we asked him to come back. They made me have lots of vodka and cranberry juice in remembrance of what a nasty piece of work I was being. Now if I find myself making a big mistake, I have to force myself to drink that stuff to remind me not to be such an idiot!”

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After numerous years seated behind a drum set, musician Phil Collins has been forced to place the sticks down. The former Genesis singer says its far too painful for him to take up the instrument now.

The 58-year-old, who recently saw Mike Tyson imitate his “In The Air Tonight” solo in The Hangover, had been playing for most of his life. His stint with Genesis lasted 26 years before he moved on to a successful solo career.

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The band members of Muse were hit with a bout of stage fright before performing a recent homecoming show. The group - made up of singer Matthew Bellamy, bassist Christopher Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard - was so nervous about playing the highly-anticipated concert in their hometown of Teignmouth, Devon, they thought they would have a heart attack on stage.

“I’m totally s***ting myself. We’re very nervous. We’ve not played for over a year, so we’re probably completely unfit and will have a heart attack after two songs! There’s going to be s**t loads of people we know there as well. It’ll be the first gig we’ve ever done where it’s like that. I still live in Teignmouth so I’m gonna recognize most of the people in the crowd. Part of me’s going to have to switch off a bit and pretend it’s just a normal gig,” Chris said.

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Bat for LashesBat For Lashes hates being compared to Tori Amos.

The singer - whose real name is Natasha Khan - finds it “frustrating” and “weird” to be compared to the “Cornflake Girl” hitmaker just because of her choice in musical instrument. “I’m getting f**king tired of people saying that I sound like Tori Amos just because I play the piano. It’s just so shallow and weird and inaccurate,” she said.

Despite her frustration, the 29-year-old singer enjoys performing live because of the intense atmosphere of the crowd. “I feel like the more you sing out that stuff and the more it becomes part of this communal ritual experience, it kind of diffused the intensity of it on a tragic, personal level and becomes something that’s swirling around in the universe,” she explained.

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Arctic Monkeys

The Arctic Monkeys have been blasted for their unfriendly attitude at the Reading Festival.

The “Crying Lightning” rockers - who headlined the music event over the weekend - have come under fire for their insistence on a segregated backstage area and refusal to mix with other acts on the bill.

“At festivals most bands take the opportunity to hang out with each other but the Monkeys demanded privacy,” a source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper. “They had their own area set up away from the other acts on the bill, which was guarded at all times by two security guards. Now they’re on their third number one album they can make any demand they want and have it granted.”

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Travis Barker and DJ AM

Although they found the strength to perform over the weekend, has decided to cancel an appearance Monday night in New York. The group made the decision based on the “circumstances surrounding the unfortunate and untimely passing” of their friend DJ AM.

On Saturday, drummer Travis Barker - who survived a deadly plane crash last September with Adam Goldstein - and the rest of his band members paid tribute to the disc jockey at a concert in Hartford, Connecticut. An emotional Mark Hoppus told the attendees that they had “lost a really dear friend” right before leading them into a moment of silence.

“We thank all of our fans for their support in this tough time,” the group said in a statement about this evening’s gig. Other acts still on the schedule include Weezer, Taking Back Sunday and Chester French.

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Kris AllenNovember is going to be a busy month for past American Idol winners. On November 11, Carrie Underwood will host the CMA Awards for the second year in a row. Now Kris Allen is getting a date on the calendar.

On Friday, the Season 8 champ used his Twitter account to break professional news. (That’s so very Paula Abdul.) “Hey guys! The album is set to release Nov 17th,” Allen revealed.

Earlier this summer, the 24-year-old said his upcoming album would be built on the sound that helped him win. “Everyone’s been asking me what it’s going to sound like. It will be very similar to what you heard from me on the show — definitely in the pop/rock genre.”

Kris’ as-yet-untitled CD can be pre-ordered on Amazon now.

(FYI - You can also follow Albumista on Twitter.)

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Oasis' Noel GallagherOasis’ Noel Gallagher announced he has left the band in a short statement posted on their website Friday night. The 42-year-old’s deteriorating relationship with brother Liam for his decision.

“It’s with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer,” Noel wrote. “Apologies to all the people who bought tickets for the shows in Paris, Konstanz and Milan.”

The group canceled last weekend’s performance at Britain’s V Festival in Chelmsford claiming Liam had contracted laryngitis. They were due to play Paris’ Rock en Seine festival this weekend. According to reports, the brothers had a fist fight shortly before they were to take to the stage.

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John Lennon

An old interview with John Lennon has recently come to light, revealing that there might have been a great deal of animosity among the post-breakup members. In an interview with Rolling Stone’s Jann Wenner, Lennon unleashed some anger toward former band mates.

“We got fed up with being sidemen for Paul [McCartney],” says Lennon at one point. He also said the “music died” in the group and that “we never improved,” which I think plenty of critics would argue with.

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Tommy LeeKids - this is why you shouldn’t handle fireworks.

A mishap with sparklers - yes, sparklers - will keep from performing in several concerts with his crew. The Motley Crue drummer suffered a burn to his left hand last week conveniently during the band’s Crue Fest 2 tour.

Thanks to bandages on Lee’s left thumb and forefinger, Sevendust’s Morgan Rose - who “came charging in like a knight in shining armor” according to Nikki Sixx - has been asked to fill in. His first performance was last Friday in Cincinnati.

“We all wanna say we’re sorry Tommy has to sit out a couple shows, but we hope to have him back up on the drums ASAP ... I think Morgan needs a standing ovation for his dedication to kicking ass and helping not only Mötley Crüe out, but the road crew and everybody else out here whose lives would (have) been [affected] ... As for now, Mötley Crüe is a five-piece band — making history, one injury at a time,” Sixx wrote on his MySpace page.

No word at this time when Lee will be able to resume playing. The tour wraps up on September 2nd.

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