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Avril Lavigne in June 2011Pop-punk musician Avril Lavigne has already written eight songs for her next album. The "Smile" singer only released her fourth album, Goodbye Lullaby in March, but is keen to follow it up quickly, and has already been working on tracks.

"I already have 8 songs! I would like to release the 5th album really quick (sic). This record was more mellow, and the next one will be pop and more fun again. I already have a song that I know is going to be a single, I just need to re-record it (sic)!" she wrote on fan site Avril Lavigne Band Aids.

The 26-year-old also revealed she will be performing a cover of Coldplay's "Fix You" as part of her set when she tours this summer. Avril also caused controversy at the weekend when she appeared at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Canada, as she swore during her performance of "What the Hell," which was broadcast live on TV.

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Miley Cyrus delighted her concert-going fans when she announced during her Ecuador show that she’d be doing a special song. “I want to be able to do the music that inspired me and made me want to be here on this stage tonight,” she announced.

“This song is something I always sing with my little brother… so this song is also for him.” And the crowd went wild, screaming with hysteria in anticipation of…perhaps some light country music fare? Maybe something from Miley’s childhood (such as it was), a ditty from the Jewel or Sheryl Crow songbook? Or perhaps a country standard by a legend like Patsy Cline?

Nope. Miley’s band began playing the opening strains of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” instead, a grunge rock anthem that was released in 1991, one year before Cyrus was born. Watch the performance in the video above.

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Watch the video above to hear ninth place American Idol finisher Pia Toscano belt out “I’ll Stand By You” on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. The number became Pia’s most talked-about Idol tune.

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Finally! Glee returns on Tuesday with all new music, and you can get a sneak listen in the video above. The “Night of Neglect” episode will feature “Turning Tables,” “I Follow Rivers,” “All By Myself” and “Ain’t No Way.”

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In this week’s Ford music video, the Top 11 American Idol contestants sang “Kryptonite” and ran around cars in the rain. The group performance is not the last time they will sing together, though the reality series sent two more home the night they debuted this video. All 11 of them will be a part of Idol's summer tour.

Stay up-to-date with the current season of the show when you read all our American Idol 10 posts.

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David CookAmerican Idol has picked David Cook for its 10th season: the singer’s cover of the hit “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” is this year’s good-bye song. The iconic tune was notably featured in The Breakfast Club. Now, it will send disappointed American Idol 10 contestants away from the competition.

Cook was American Idol’s seventh season winner, and he’ll perform twice on the show this season. His version of the song will be available on iTunes on March 8.

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The hosts of the 83rd Academy Awards really want to host for you, you, you, as this funny video clip proves. Anne Hathaway and James Franco put this little piece together to promote the event, a tribute to "You're the One That I Want" from Grease (which we teased last week). As much as we adore James Franco, we're coming around to the realization that he's no singer. Don't believe us? Listen to the video and find out.

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In one of the more beautiful moments from this year's award season, on Sunday night Celine Dion appeared on the 83rd Academy Award stage with no introduction to sing “Smile” for the In Memoriam segment, a number so heart-wrenchingly toughing it was guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye. The losses for the year of 2010 include funnyman Leslie Neilson, actor Tony Curtis, actress Patricia Neal, actress Anne Francis, actor Denis Hopper and writer/director Blake Edwards. Watch the entire thing in the video above.

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James Franco is upset “for me and Cher” following the decision to cut his version of the singer’s “You Haven’t See the Last of Me” from this year’s Oscars. He released a short clip of himself singing via Twitter, and in it he himself calls his singing “a little growly.” You can hear him in the video above.

But don’t let that fool you. His co-host Anne Hathaway says the Oscar nominee “has a lovely singing voice,” though she won’t say whether or not they’ll be singing together during the show.

The 83rd Academy Awards will air later this month on ABC -- and if there are any musical numbers, we’ll let you know about it! Follow Albumista on Twitter to get all the latest gossip, videos and rumors.

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Watch Glee’s Lea Michele kicking off Super Bowl XLV with her gorgeous vocals in the video above.

Michele's rendition of "America the Beautiful" surely made hearts weep with patrotism. She was so stunning -- audibly and visually. Maybe the planners will do the right thing next year and ask her to sing the national anthem.

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