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Jack WhiteEmbrace yourself for the following, strange revelation: likes to pretend he’s Lady Gaga.

The singer, guitarist and drummer - who is most famous for his band The White Stripes - tried to think like the flamboyant “Telephone” singer when writing a track for his new album with The Dead Weather, Sea of Cowards.

“I was thinking of the type of song a contemporary musician would write, so I started thinking about . I started thinking of how she would write the music to this song and got quite into being Lady Gaga in an odd way.”

Despite Jack’s foray into Lady Gaga musical territory, the rocker insists the group’s second album builds on the sound established on their debut, Horehound, which was released last year and was recorded quickly in order to capture the band’s energy. Jack - who is joined in the group by Alison Mosshart, Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence - added, “Musically it’s a more powerful, more intense, deeper, bluesier, and heavier at all points. It’s such a fast progression from first to second album, and a totally different sound.”

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Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij‘s Rostam Batmanglij said he hopes “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” will be a huge hit with the gay community one day.

“With that song I was having fun, but at the same time it was honest - those lyrics are meaningful to me, they come from my heart,” the keyboardist, who publicly revealed his sexuality, said about the track he wrote last year for his side project, Discovery. “I was disappointed when it didn’t become a gay anthem, but, you know, it’s not too late.”

Speaking about his main band’s new record, Contra, the 26-year-old talked about how the group worked to develop a postmodern feel for some of the tracks.

“We wanted something very different from the first record,” Rostam said about Vampire’s CD to Out magazine. “You hear ‘80s harmonies on Contra, and for me that was the challenge: to make it not just sound like the ‘80s but feel like the ‘80s too. Because of the way it’s presented, with the sampler and choir, the song ‘I Think Ur a Contra’ sounds new but also nostalgic.”

Vampire Weekend is scheduled to make their second appearance on on March 6.

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The Ting Tings

aren’t desperate for Jay-Z to collaborate with them on their second album, Kunst.

The “That’s Not My Name” hitmakers have been working on the album in Berlin, and say they’re happy developing their new material by themselves, rather than with other sources.

Speculation has been rife Jay-Z would appear on the album since the duo signed to same management company as the rapper, Roc Nation, last year.

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Fall Out Boy

Based on individual comments made over the past 24 hours, it appears may be over…for good.

Late last year, the “Dance, Dance” singers opted to take a hiatus from performing through at least 2010. Now it’s unclear whether the band members will ever reunite again.

During a recent interview with Spin magazine, lead singer Patrick Stump declared: “I’m not in in Fall Out Boy right now… Whether we play again or not, I don’t know.” His comments were then followed up by statements from the other FOB musicians.

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Shooter Jennings-It’s no secret that Stephen King is a music lover, so why not help Shooter Jennings with his upcoming concept album?

-Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams will soon be following Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s shoes. She’ll start playing Roxie Hart in Chicago next month.

-Speaking of Broadway, that’s where Green Day’s musical is headed. American Idiot will kick off on April 20.

-It’s time to unpack your flannel. Chris Cornell has confirmed that Soundgarden will be reuniting. The band split in 1997.

-And while we’re on the grunge page, let’s talk about Courtney Love. The singer will be touring with her band Hole next month in Europe.

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Kings of Leon

- who teamed with Jay-Z on “Empire State of Mind” - has named a few other artists she’d like to collaborate with.

“Working with other people is definitely something I want to do more of. I love it a lot. It takes me out of my element into a whole other world. I’d love to collaborate with and M.I.A. I think would be crazy,” she said.

Alicia has previously worked with Whitney Houston, co-writing her hit single “Million Dollar Bill,” and Jack White on the James Bond theme “Another Way To Die.”

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Def Leppard's Joe Elliott-Def Leppard, the cartoon? The rockers are currently in talks to develop an animated series about themselves. Other branding opportunities, including cell phone apps and videogames, are on the table.

-Want to help out the recovering Rivers Cuomo? Then contribute a demo for Weezer’s new song “Shusui.”

-Guitarist John Frusciante has announced that he has officially left the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He claims his decision was based on different musicals interests, not drama.

-MTV News has just declared Lady Gaga their Woman of the Year. Does Kanye West have anything to say about that?

-A Michael Jackson tribute concert has officially been called off. Organizers, including Jermaine Jackson, were never able to secure headlining acts.

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John LyndonJohn Lydon - also known as the Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten - has accused two hugely successful bands of lacking “heart and soul.”

and Radiohead bug the hell out of me because it’s so soulless. It just seems pointless. It’s nice but it’s tosh. They don’t care about you. They care about lining their coffers,” he fumed to BBC radio station 6 Music. “There’s nothing about heart and soul, they don’t know about heart and soul, they don’t know about people dying, living and aspiring.”

The punk singer’s offhand opinion may not be entirely founded, as famously released their last album, In Rainbows, to fans on a pay-what-you-like basis - with many choosing to pay nothing.

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Kelly Clarkson says she has started work on a new LP and is promising a dramatically different direction to her previous efforts.

“We’re already working on it but it’s probably not going to hit until, like, the fourth quarter of next year - around Christmas next year,” she said. “There’s still some like singer/songwriter stuff on the album, but there’s… I don’t know. It’s almost like Garbage-meets-pop-meets-. It’s a little different.”

However, Kelly also said that she is still in the early stages of the recording process. “I don’t know how it’s going to end up. Who knows?” she said. “It always ends up being something completely different,” the singer added to Q100 radio.

In between working on her own album, Kelly is also attempting to pen tracks for other musicians. “So we’ve been writing for other artists but then I end up liking it so much that I can’t give them away,” Clarkson admitted.

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Weezer bus crash

UPDATE: Cuomo has just been released from the hospital

One day after a terrifying crash in New York, Weezer’s was reported to be “sitting up” and “talking clearly” in his hospital room.

The group’s lead singer and his assistant, Sarah Kim, were both injured in a Saturday morning incident that sent his tour bus down a muddy ravine about 40 miles west of Albany. The bus -  also occupied by Rivers’ wife, daughter and nanny - hit a patch of ice before going through a guardrail and traveling an additional 8-10 feet down a slope.

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