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Saturday September 22, 2012 6:49 pm

Mumford and Sons Made Sacrifices for New Album

Mumford and SonsMumford and Sons have made "sacrifices" for their new album.

"The Little Lion Man" band, who formed in December 2007, hope their second record, Babel, will change people's view, after being labeled "folk," a tag they disagree with.

"The cynics can all f**k off. We think this new record will attract a different audience and broaden people's views of us. We have made so many sacrifices and we've not taken the easiest route. And so I hope people do understand where we are coming from because it's a good place, not a capitalistic venture at all," said keyboardist Ben Lovett.

The band added the focus of their new record is to encourage people to see them live.

"We want our second album to be an advert for our live shows. That's why it's more of a mixture than the first record. I'll tour until I'm dead as that's where we are most at home. And I hope that's come across in Babel," lead singer Marcus Mumford told The Sun.

The band, which also includes Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane, are playing at the London Roundhouse with Willy Mason on September 24 - the same day that Babel is released - as part of the iTunes festival, before jetting off to Australia and New Zeleand to tour in October.



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