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Sunday November 25, 2012 11:53 am

Marilyn Manson Struggled to Start Over

Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson found it hard to admit his career needed rejuvenating. The goth rocker became "frustrated and didn't want to work on music" and blamed the "incompetent salesmen" at former record label Interscope for diluting his music:

"I'd make things and I'd turn them into the profiteers, the record label, Interscope or whoever, and they would do something with it that was not only as smart as what I would do with it, it diluted it. They tried to dull it down, basically. I didn't even understand why they wanted me in the first place. I'm not bitter about it, I'm just pointing out that they were incompetent salesmen. So I did my best to get dropped from my label. It was like starting over. I mean, it wasn't like I was scrounging around for another record deal; people were throwing a lot of money around, but what is money? It's just something that allows you to continue doing what you like to do in life. I don't care about money."

The 43-year-old singer treated new record Born Villain as a comeback and now thinks his career is back on track. "I had a period before making this record where I didn't like who I was. And I had to admit to myself that I had to make a 'comeback.' And that's a tough c**k to swallow, to say that you weren't as good as you were. And I wasn't. So I fixed it," he said.



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