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Friday September 28, 2012 7:20 pm

Marcus Mumford Denies Babel’s Christian Faith Statement

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Gossip, Folk, Rock, New Releases,

Mumford and Sons' BabelMarcus Mumford denies Babel symbolizes Mumford and Sons' Christian faith. The frontman - whose father was a vicar - insists the album isn't a statement of their religious views and the band are more driven by "spirituality."

"The LP is not a statement of faith. We don't feel evangelical about anything, really, other than music. I don't even call myself a Christian. Spirituality is the word we engage with more. We're fans of faith, no religion," he said.

The "Little Lion Man" singer also clarified his lyrics to "Whisper In The Dark," which reference God. "The lyric, 'I set out to serve the Lord,' no-one realizes it's pluperfect tense. The lyric is 'I had set out to serve the Lord.' It's looking back at a time when that happened," he explained.



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