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Sunday June 3, 2012 10:26 pm

Kylie Minogue: Performing is Like a Drug

Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue says performing is "like a drug."

The "Timebomb" singer - who has been in showbiz for 25 years - admits being on stage in front of thousands of fans is a huge thrill and can sometimes be hard to come down from.

"It is like a drug: the adrenaline is so strong and it's such a high that coming back down can be terrible. That's why I consider myself an artist rather than a pop star," she said.

Kylie, 44, admits she still gets nervous before her performances and has to calm herself down before she goes on stage: "I tell myself it is the same for everybody. Without the applause, life would seem very quiet."

The "Slow" hitmaker - who first shot to same playing Charlene Ramsay in Australian soap Neighbours - also revealed how she tries to keep her stage persona separate from her everyday life. "I just take off my gladrags. Without them, I'm a surprised some people still look at me on the street," she said.



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