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Wednesday September 26, 2012 1:29 pm

Deadmau5 to Make a Concept Album?

Deadmau5Deadmau5 wants to write a concept album like Pink Floyd's The Wall.

The dance musician has just released his sixth album, >Album Title Goes Here<, made during a hectic period of DJ performances around the world, but he's hoping to take a year off and create something completely different, with a concept, like British psychedelic band's 1979 classic.

">Album Title Goes Here< is like a poster book of my year and the work I got done in the chaos kind of thing. Hopefully next time - and I know I say this every f***ing time - that I'll have this year off of touring and put together something that's like Pink Floyd's The Wall. Something that tells a story and has a big package thing [around it]," he told MTV.

The "Professional Griefers" musician also explained how he judged whether tracks were good enough for >Album Title Goes Here<, by getting reaction to them from fans via the internet: '"It wasn't one of those albums where I did 'A, B, C, this is the way the album is going to go' with the tracks, because I had a big f***ing tour year. I would get home for a couple of weeks, and I would do one song, then people saw that, I streamed it live and then [if it was positive] I thought, 'Okay, I'll put it on the album.'"



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