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Wednesday April 3, 2013 2:24 am

Advertisements Inspire Paul McCartney

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Artist News, Pop, Rock,

Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney used to be inspired by cinema adverts. The Beatles star says his early influences included anything that would make him laugh, and remembers he and bandmate George Harrison were particularly amused by a particular furniture commercial.

"There were millions of things. Information we'd had from very early childhood and from teenagehood, when you're going down the cinema, seeing something funny and making a song out of it. George and I really loved cinema adverts, for instance, which we used to take the p**s out of. There was one for furniture called Link, showing this couple eyeing stuff up, where the catchphrase was, 'Thinking of Linking?' And me and George were like, 'You know what? That's a good title.' So one of my earliest songs went, 'Thinking of linking my love with you, thinking and linking can only be done by two.' Terrible! We never did anything with it, of course."

The track was actually recorded twice in 1969, and Paul, George and Ringo Starr recorded it again in 1994 during the Beatles Anthology sessions. "Hey Jude" hitmaker Paul is even considering bringing it back into his live shows: "I saw it on a list of songs the other day, funnily enough. I might bring that back into my set, for a laugh."



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