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Tuesday June 8, 2010 12:07 pm

My Reactions to Lady Gaga’s Alejandro Video

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Gossip, Music Videos, Videos, Pop,

What a better way for to celebrate June 8th than with a video that is over 8 minutes long?

In this Steven Klein-directed clip for “Alejandro,” the singer takes a relatively simple approach when it comes to hair and costuming. She didn’t, though, spare any drama when it came to the video itself.

WARNING: This clip for “Alejandro” is NSFW. So you might have to settle for my initial reactions after the jump.

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-Ugh, I hate when I have to watch fashion commercials before the actual video starts. What? The bold lettering’s part of it? (Rewind.)

-Fishnet stockings - life is a cabaret!

-So those are the evil Russians, right?

-We are a part of the Rhythm Nation…

-That isn’t a heart, is it?

-Shirtless guy looks really cold… and also like a young Tom Cruise!

-What is Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas doing in here? Ohhh, that’s just the back of her head.

-Note to self: Tell you found his Willa Wonka glasses.

-I hate the smell of wrestling mats.

-Why won’t the other boys let that guy dance? He looks sad.

-It’s nice to her red Elizabethan dress being used again.

-Boredom in sleeping quarters leads to whips… a number of sexual positions… men wearing heels.

-I’m pretty sure now that Lady Gaga isn’t concealing any packages down there.

-Kids: Be careful eating hot dogs…or rosaries.

- called and she wants her “Like a Prayer” controversy back. She’ll take her “Vogue” dance scenes with her too.

-I’m pretty sure that’s not an 18-hour bra, but it might be able to fire off 18 rounds.

-Is that Alejandro? He missed most of the show! No wonder he looks pissed.




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