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Friday August 20, 2010 7:25 pm

Man Commits Suicide During Swell Season Concert

UPDATE: The group has offered to pay for group counseling sessions to help those who witnessed the suicide.

Fans attending a Swell Season concert Thursday night in Saratoga, CA left stunned by what they saw.

A man who had climbed onto a roof behind the stage jumped to his death before the crowd. The victim, later identified as 32-year-old from San Jose, fell approximately three stories onto a speaker. He reportedly landed within feet of singer Glen Hansard. (The video above was shot after the event.)

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A witness described the incident to the All Shook Down blog:

“Glen was joking about his new guitar player, poking fun at one of his songs when a body shot down from above and slammed downstage left. The guy fell like a dead weight, not flailing, not screaming, just hitting the stage hard and bouncing from the impact. Even Glen didn’t know what it was until he stood over it and realized a man had just launched himself from the top of the stone church-like building at the back of the stage.”

Although medics did make attempts to revive the man, he was pronounced dead on scene.

Today, the band posted a statement about the tragedy on their Facebook page. “The band, crew and all involved with them are shocked and saddened by the death that occurred at last night’s show. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the deceased, his family and friends.”

Swell Season members Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, stars of the movie Once, won an Academy Award for their song “Falling Slowly.”



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