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30 Days of NightFilming has begun for the upcoming Ghost House Pictures flick 30 Days of Night. Ghost House has put up the ninth video blog, featuring executive producer Rob Tapert, which has been following the production of the graphic novel to film. Tapert gives a bit of info of what scene was shot and seems pretty excited with the results. I was rubbing my hands together deviously and grinning evilly at his description of the scene. The site also has some video from the director, David Slade, as well from the writer/creator of ’30 Days’ Steve Niles. 30 Days of Night is set in Barrow, Alaska, a town where, in the middle of winter, the sun sets and does not rise again for more than 30 days. When an evil force terrifies the town’s residents, all hopes are pinned on the local sheriffs—a husband-and-wife team who must choose between saving themselves and helping the town survive the siege, which will last until daylight returns. Head on over to the Ghost House website and check out the video.

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Alright peeps - time to kick off this thing we call FilmCrunch. In our very first episode, we check out Little Miss Sunshine, and review the DVD release of United 93. We also talk about a couple of movies we are looking forward to seeing in the very near future - The Last Kiss and The Science of Sleep.

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Okay, we get it - Tom Cruise is crazy, Brangelina rocks, and Josh Hartnett is, like, to die for. However, we think it’s time to dig a little deeper into the industry of Hollywood - and that is why we bring you the newest site in the Gear Live Media Network, FilmCrunch. Headed up by Veronica Santiago and Neil Estep, these guys will definitely lay down the law when it comes to the movies and personalities you care about most. The best part? We do it in audio and video podcasts, along with supplemental text news.

Go give them a warm welcome, and check us out on the regular!

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