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Robert Pattinson’s Two Week Abs

Robert Pattinson only had abs for "two weeks" during filming of The Twilight Saga. The British actor admits it was tough for him to be excessively working out while playing the role of vampire Edward Cullen in the movie, and while he tried very hard to buff up like his co-star Taylor Lautner, he lapsed back into old habits after a short space of time.

"Taylor just ruined the whole series for me. As soon as he buffed up, I went, 'Well I'm throwing in the towel on New Moon. I didn't eat candy and I didn't drink any beer for a while. I went kind of nuts. Me and Kristen went nuts working out, because we hadn't worked out for any of [the previous films] I had the abs for, like, two weeks. As soon as I didn't have to be shirtless anymore, [my good habits were] gone immediately."

In the end, the hunky star admits he gave up entirely, and ate endlessly on the shoot for the last movie Breaking Dawn. "During filming in Brazil, the day before I had to do my shirtless scene, I realized my abs weren't as good as Taylor's, so I just ate every bit of chocolate in the mini-bar. I started eating cheeseburgers and stuff."


This Week on DVD and Blu-ray: March 16, 2010

New Moon DVDHere are some of the options today:

  • Armored: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Astro Boy: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Bandslam: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Brief Interviews with Hideous Men: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Broken Embraces: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Did You Hear About the Morgans?: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Dillinger is Dead: DVD
  • The Fourth Kind: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Ninja Assassin: DVD, Blu-ray
  • The Princess and the Frog: DVD, Blu-ray
  • The Twilight Saga: New Moon: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Under Great White Northern Lights: DVD, Blu-ray
  • The Wizard of Oz (70th Anniversary Edition): Blu-ray
  • Wonderful World: DVD, Blu-ray

Make sure to also check out the TV-on-DVD options for this week.

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Robert Pattinson Can Beat Jacob, Not Taylor

Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson

Despite my leaning towards anything in favor of vampires, I must admit that it’s obvious who won the abs contest between Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson. So who would win between Edward Cullen and Jacob Black? Pattinson seems to have it all figured out—based on the books, of course:

“Looking at Taylor’s martial-arts videos from when he was, like, 9, I wouldn’t really want to do anything [to make him angry]. Maybe if I had some kind of weapon. But if Edward and Jacob [fought], I think it’s actually a fact that Edward would win I think, if I read the books correctly. So I guess I could hold onto that for my ego.”

I don’t know what movie you were watching, Robert, but… (vague spoilers after the break!)

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Robert Pattinson Reveals Twilight Message

Bella and Edward constantly lust for each other in the seriesRobert Pattinson believes the Twilight movies are a metaphor for sexual abstinence.

The 23-year-old star’s character, vampire Edward Cullen, is unable to have a sexual relationship with a human because he fears that if he goes further than a kiss, his emotions and the power of his body may injure his beloved.

But the British actor thinks the abstinence makes the films even sexier, because the central characters are unable to do anything about their lust for one another.

“The success of the Twilight books comes from the fact that fans can lust after Edward and yet, certainly in the first book, there’s no actual sexual contact between him and the series heroine. Twilight is a big metaphor for sexual abstinence, and yet it’s erotic underneath. There are so many elements in the story which are sexy.”

The books which the films are based on were written by Stephenie Meyer, a Mormon who does not believe in sex before marriage. The latest film in the series, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, has already taken over $230 million and has turned Robert, the leading man, into a global heartthrob.

Taylor Lautner Tormented at School

Taylor Lautner on the cover of Rolling StoneDespite his overwhelming good looks and charm, Taylor Lautner was bullied at school.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon actor says fellow pupils used to ridicule his acting ambitions, which affected his confidence but he refused to give up on his dream.

“I was never extremely confident. Because I was an actor, when I was in school there was a little bullying going on. Not physical bullying but people making fun of what I do… I just had to tell myself I can’t let this get to me. This is what love to do. And I’m going to continue to do it.”

The 17-year-old star also insisted the female attention he receives is for his character, werewolf Jacob Black, not himself.

He told America’s Rolling Stone magazine, “This could have happened to anybody who played Jacob. I was just lucky enough to be the one that has the opportunity. I’m so grateful. It’s Twilight. It’s not me personally.”

Ashley Greene Loves Blood-Sucker Sex

Ashley Greene as Alice CullenWhen she’s not beating up guys, Ashley Greene is thinking that vampire sex is 100 times better than normal sex.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon star - who is believed to be dating Kings Of Leon rocker Jared Followill - has revealed she believes her blood-sucking on-screen persona Alice Cullen would have a much more fulfilling sex life than she does.

“Take the best sex you’ve ever had in your life, multiply it by 100 and that’s vampire sex.”

The 22-year-old actress was desperate to star in the popular vampire franchise and wishes she was more like her character: “Oh, my God, I wanted this part so badly. So when they told me I got it, I tried to play it all cool, you know, for about a minute. I love absolutely love Alice, my character. She’s sweet, sexy and a killer. I feel if I was in a real fight, I’d get my a*s kicked.”

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty has revealed there is another film franchise she wants to appear in. She explained to Maxim magazine, “I want to hit up James Bond. That would be awesome.”

When you’re in a record-breaking film, I suppose that you can aim for such franchises.

Blind Side Eclipses New Moon on Thanksgiving

Bella and Edward in New Moon

Despite predicted dominance at the box office this Thanksgiving weekend, Twi-hards seemed to be too busy stuffing their faces with food to keep up with movie-goers set to see Sandra Bullock‘s football drama The Blind Side.

Raking in $9.5 million, The Blind Side rushed ahead (barely) of New Moon, which received $9.2 million—raising its cumulative total to $188.4 million.

Will this keep up the rest of the holiday weekend? While I certainly do not possess Alice Cullen’s psychic abilities, I’ve surmised ten reasons as to why the latest installment of The Twilight Saga could be losing its box office grip.

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Man Basher Ashley Greene

Ashley GreeneWord to the wise, guys: don’t make Ashley Greene angry.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon actress is a huge fan of martial arts and says it makes her feel empowered when she practices her skills on men.

“I think part of it is that it’s really empowering and part of it is because it’s fun. It’s incredible to see what your body can do and what you’re capable of and not needing a weapon to defend yourself is a really great thing. It puts my dad at ease and gives him a little piece of mind. I started doing martial arts when I was really young and I ended up sparring with boys instead of girls because I was that into it and I didn’t want to beat up the girls. It’s a fun thing and I’ve always been really athletic.”

Ashley, 22, is planning on increasing her martial arts training after being put through her paces by the trainers on the third installment of the vampire franchise The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

“I’m definitely going to get more involved in it. When we were filming Eclipse we had fight training for about six weeks, so that kind of re-sparked that bug. I had a personal trainer on top of that and they had us do mixed martial arts fighting as well.”

Quote of the Day: Robert Pattinson Scared of Abs

Robert Pattinson's and Taylor Lautner's abs

“It was incredibly annoying when I saw Taylor [Lautner]‘s transformation. I realized just having a pre-pubescent girl’s body wasn’t going to work for me any more. In fact I saw him and thought ‘Jesus, I’m going to get fired.’”

- Robert Pattinson (abs on the left) on New Moon co-star Taylor Lautner’s (abs on the right) muscles.

(Make sure to check out other notable quotes.)

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Tim Burton Talks Directing Breaking Dawn

Despite Robert Pattinson wanting Gus Van Sant for the franchise’s fourth film, two stars from the cast are pulling for Alice in Wonderland director Tim Burton.

So what does the eccentric director think about the gig?

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