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The Incredible Hulk Trailer

.  This is the movie that’s supposed to make us forget about Ang Lee’s 2003 mistake called Hulk

Unfortunately, I just found myself giggling after I saw the big, cheesy reveal. 

Question is:  Could they have possibly made the green guy look better?  After seeing movies like , have we come to expect too much from our ‘monsters’?

The Incredible Hulk comes to life this summer on June 13.


New Photos of Upcoming Hulk Movie

Nearly five years after Ang Lee’s disappointing abomination once referred to as Hulk, has given us all a new hope: .

With the help of Transporter director Louis Leterrier, Norton re-wrote Zak Penn’s (X-Men: The Last Stand, Fantastic Four) script, which was intended to be a sequel to Lee’s 2003 atrocity. Back with a better cast (, Robert Downey Jr., Tim Roth, and William Hurt) and a better director (let’s face it, Lee has done nothing noteworthy other than post-Hulk, Oscar-friendly Brokeback Mountain), the film is clearly going to be great.

Empire Magazine has released new photos of the movie, which is set to release in mid-June of this year:

Norton hulking out as BannerWilliam Hurt as General Ross

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Empire Magazine

The Incredible Hulk Revealed

The Incredible Hulk in silhouetteSuper Hero Hype has posted the very first image of the new Incredible Hulk himself taken from, what appears to be, a promotional banner. The first teaser posters appeared at this year’s Comic-Con and featured a silhouette of the angry green giant (pictured on the right). And now, that silhouette has been filled in. The franchise reboot, , opens June 13, 2008 and stars (as Bruce Banner), (as Betty Ross), (as The Abomination) and (as General Thunderbolt Ross). Click the link below for the new photo.

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Super Hero Hype