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Simon Pegg Doesn’t Like 3D, But He Does Like The Hunger Games

Simon PeggSimon Pegg is not a fan of 3D. The Shaun of the Dead star doesn't like to see movies with computer imagery as he feels like it is an "intrusion."

"I'm not a fan of 3D, it generally feels like an intrusion," he said.

However, Simon has quite eclectic taste in films and enjoys everything from comedy to zombie classics.

"The last thing I saw was 21 Jump Street, which was very funny. And I was delighted to see The Artist do so well. My all time favorite films include George A. Romero's zombie classics which have been a huge influence and Young Frankenstein which I first watched on 16mm film. I had dinner with Mel Brooks recently and he said he enjoyed Shaun of the Dead, which was a delight."

Simon is also secretly a fan of The Hunger Games: "I'll confess to currently reading The Hunger Games to see what the fuss is about. I've enjoyed it, actually. I think people assume it's going to be like Twilight, which is like reading the diary of a teenage girl - but it's pretty compelling."


Simon Pegg Wants a Happy Set

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Simon PeggSimon Pegg likes working on a happy set.

The A Fantastic Fear of Everything actor says he's learned over the years not to be a diva when it comes to work because it ruins the atmosphere for everyone else involved.

"It probably occurs with actors a little less. It's something that is expected of musicians, you know, the TV out of the window. With actors it manifests itself as disappearing into the trailer for hours at a time. I'm 42 now, I'm not some youngster believing my own hype, and I always enjoy working on a set where everyone's happy. I couldn't walk on set two hours late having refused to come out of my trailer, and feel the grips looking at me thinking: 'Who's that arsehole?' I'm not OK with that, but I can see how it happens," Simon said, speaking of outrageous behavior.

Simon Pegg Wants to be a Bond Villain

Simon PeggSimon Pegg wants to be a Bond villain.

The Star Trek actor believes he is too regularly cast as a good guy in films and would love the opportunity to play an iconic baddie such as Dr. No, who was famed for his love of felines.

"I generally get hired to play nice people but I'd love to play a bad guy. I'd like to be a Bond villain and I like cats so it would be great to have a job that I had to hold a cat a lot. My wife is allergic so I don't get to spend a lot of time with cats."

Simon, however, may have a problem with the sexy Bond girls in any such film as he has previously stated he has to remind himself he is married when he is working around Hollywood beauties: '"I get to work with a lot of lovely girls. I have to keep reminding myself what a wonderful wife I have. When you have to kiss Kirsten Dunst and Megan Fox, it's an odd profession to be in. You have to remember it's not because they like you."

Simon Pegg Surprised at Tom Cruise’s Normalcy

Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg was surprised at how "normal" Tom Cruise was. The Star Trek actor starred alongside Tom in Mission: Impossible 3 and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and he says despite his A-list status he was very grounded as was his wife Katie Holmes and their six-year-old daughter Suri.

"That he's quite normal, you know, he's a real family man. When Katie and Suri visited the set, they're just like a normal little family and you see them doing normal things. I don't know what I expected them to do. Suri's a very sweet unprecocious little girl, she just does what kids do, she's not walking around in high heels and shouting at people, as some people would have us believe," Simon replied when asked what surprised him the most about Tom.

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Movie Review: Star Trek (2009)

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Rating: *** 1/2 stars

(Warning: The following review contains some spoilers.)

The world of in crisis! No, it’s not on the verge of dying due to the release of this film. Instead it’s on the verge of going in a whole new direction. In the 1980s, DC Comics published a mini-series entitled “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. If you are a comic book fan, you are aware of this series and know that it was written in order to say goodbye to DC’s old continuity and create an entirely new one. A new world was born. New stories were able to be told because the previous “universe” no longer existed. That is what has happened to the world of Star Trek.

In this film, there is a Romulan named Nero. Nero and his crew travel back in time and as a result create a new timeline. If you are a Trekker, I’m sure you remember the Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) episode entitled “Yesterdays Enterprise” in which the Enterprise C traveled into the future and created a new timeline. The timeline was later corrected and everything was back to normal, but that will not be the case here.

Star Trek as a franchise was certainly in a crisis prior to the release of this film. With the two previous Trek films received poorly by both fans and critics as well as the demise of the series “Enterprise” Star Trek looked dead. Many people felt that Star Trek should stay low for a while and maybe come back much later with an attempt at reviving the series. Paramount said no and went with and his crew and they have succeeded. This film was great. Tons of action; humor; heart breaking moments. I really enjoyed this film both as a fan of the franchise and as a movie on its own.

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Early Star Trek Reviews Are In

Star Trek movie

Although doesn’t open stateside until May 9, audiences in London were able to preview the long-anticipated prequel last night. Based on the early reviews, J.J. Abrams has a bona fide hit in his hands:

Times Online:  “Just when you thought that the Star Trek phenomenon had truly run its course, along comes J.J. Abrams’s stunning prequel to resuscitate the most enduring franchise in sci-fi history…Abrams’s film is a rollicking space adventure that makes you fall in love with the original series all over again.”

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This Week on DVD and Blu-ray: February 17, 2009

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Shaun of the Dead Stars in Tintin Projects

Simon Pegg and Nick FrostA big-name directing duo has just landed a hot acting pair.

and Nick Frost have just joined Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s upcoming productions of Tintin. The two pictures, which will be filmed as 3-D performance-capture projects, is based off The Adventures of Tintin, a popular Belgian comic book series.

The actors will play Thompson and Thomson, identical-yet-unrelated detectives who sport slightly different mustaches. The duo joins Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings), who had already been cast as Captain Haddock. Meanwhile, the role of Tintin, the young reporter at the center of the stories, has not yet been filled. (A previous selection had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.)

The first of the two planned Sony/Paramount co-productions will be helmed by Spielberg. Jackson will direct the second.

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In Theaters This Weekend: October 3, 2008

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

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