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Box Office: Rio Stays on Top

Rio - Number One at the Box Office

Rio is number one for the second week in a row. The animated family film earned $26.8 million at the box office over the weekend, barely edging out Tyler Perry’s sequel.

Madea’s Big Happy Family earned $25.8, just missing the number one mark set by Rio. Water for Elephants, driven by the much-touted on-screen pairing of Reese Witherspoon and Twilight star Robert Pattinson, debuted at third place with $17.5 million.

Hop continues to hang around in the top 5, earning $12.5 million to secure fourth place. Scream 4 fell to fifth, taking only $7.2 over the weekend.

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Box Office: Rio Trumps Scream Sequel

Bloody carnage just doesn’t compare to animated fun… at least, not this weekend. Rio soared to the top of the box office results, earning $40 million during its opening weekend to leave all the horror flicks and feelgood films in the dust (by more than $20 million).

Scream 4, the highly-anticipated and long-awaited sequel, opened in the number 2 position. The star-studded horror flick earned $19.3 million over the weekend, far below expectations. Hop fell to third place with its $11.2 million weekend take.

Soul Surfer is down to fourth place, earning $7.4 million, and Hanna fell to fifth with $7.3.

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Scream 4: New Clips!

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The closer we get to Scream 4’s April 15 release date, the harder it is to wait! Thankfully, we’ve got four new clips of chilling horror to watch. In the clip above, you’ll see Hayden Panettiere and Emma Roberts get frightened by a chilling phone call. Follow the jump to see clips with Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette…

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Scream 4: Who Dies First?

Scream 4 poster

We’ve got details on the opening scene of Scream 4 -- including which two TV actresses are going to get bloody within the first few minutes. Drew Barrymore famously starred in Scream’s first opening sequence, and the first death is a much-coveted position for the upcoming sequel.

Which pretty little starlets nabbed the gig? We just gave you a clue -- follow the jump to get the entire spoiler…

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Neve Campbell, Wes Craven Talk Scream 4


Scream 4, according to actress Neve Campbell, will be both “very scary” and “very funny.” Campbell went to to say that writer/director "Wes Craven is brilliant."

Craven himself is expressing excitement about the flick as we draw closer to its April 15 release date. It seems even the day is meant to poke a little scary fun at audiences -- because what’s more terrifying than the day everyone’s income tax returns are due? “The young cast brings a whole different world to [the Scream franchise] and a whole different take on horror,” Craven said.

“It’s a lot about looking back on the last ten years of horror and comparing it and contrasting it and having fun with it,” he said. And nobody has as much fun with horror as Wes Craven.

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Scream 4 Trailer Debuts at Scream Awards

UPDATE: We've included a better version of the trailer above.

The first Scream 4 trailer debuted at Spike TV’s Scream Awards on Saturday night (the event will air later this week), and we’ve your first look. Watch to see a mix of Scream alum and several new faces in this hair-raising video.

Two returning cast members to the franchise (Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox) have offered up several details about what their characters lives are like when the Screaming starts again. Keep reading to find out how their characters will figure into the plot.

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Scream Queens: Kristen Bell, Anna Paquin

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Scream 4The cast of Scream 4 has room for all, it seems - including an Oscar winner and the girl next door.

Anna Paquin and have both been confirmed to the cast of the horror flick, joining Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox-Arquette, David Arquette, Hayden Panettiere and Adam Brody on the set.

Dimension Films has offered no hints on the characters Paquin and Bell will play, but we do know that will play Jill, the film’s heroine (and therefore, least likely to be brutally murdered onscreen).

The movie will be released in April 2011.

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Sequel News: The Hobbit, Wimpy Kid and More

The Hobbit: Guillermo Del Toro’s exit from The Hobbit doesn’t necessarily mean an end for the prequels. Lord of the Rings’ Peter Jackson is now in talks to serve as both producer and director. It’s still hoped the two films can be released in 2012 and 2013.

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Sequel News: Paranormal Activity, The Hangover and More

Scream 4: The Scream series is known for killing off beautiful young starlets, so the the fourth installment should make no exceptions. So far Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere have both been confirmed for Scream 4. Roberts will play Sidney Prescott’s cousin while Panettiere has reportedly been cast as the best friend. The film will premiere on April 15, 2011.

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Extra Early Scream 4 Spoilers

Do you like scary movies? on the upcoming Scream 4 flick have been leaked by an ironclad source - screenwriter Kevin Williamson. He spilled a few essentials on the casting and the possibilities for the future of the franchise. Keep reading to get the first of many movie spoilers…

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