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The Big News on the Sex & The City Movie

Sex & the City ladiesYes, the Sex & the City movie is a done deal. Contracts are signed, apparently the script is written, and production is going forward next month. By 2010, all the Sex fans will strap Monolos to their feet and be off to the theaters to celebrate this triumphant big-screen debut of a show that’s still being syndicated (and probably always will be).

Yes, a lot of filming will be done in the city of New York – you can’t have Sex without it. Yes, is definitely signed on to play Samantha Jones and is going forward with the flick (HBO offered her a series just to cinch the deal). , , and will all set the big screen on fire as Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte. But…there is still one more element that we all must have, or else we just can’t have Sex.

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Vacancy Leaves Fans Empty

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Neon Motel SignA dark, somewhat eerie night. A strange, somewhat scary locale. A couple with a broken-down car. Either this is a classic B-movie horror setup, or we’re about to be treated to a fabulous cult classic. Many, many movies have used the same premise – a handful have even created memorable screen drama with this same scene, but it’s even more ambitious for horror filmmakers to use a plot that’s been brilliantly, and totally, done before. If nothing else, Vacancy is at least a very ambitious flick. It’s not easy to take the same old plot that’s worn thin and present it to movie-goers as though it’s something new - in fact, it’s quite courageous. Scary, weird old hotel in the middle of nowhere, travelers with no place else to go, a spooky and offbeat proprietor…this movie could have gone a lot of ways. But, Vacancy is no Psycho.

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