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Box Office Breakdown: Juno Makes An Impressive Surge


Come Wednesday morning, the box office chart saw very few changes at the top.  That’s not to say the five-day holiday weekend didn’t have any notable moments at all:

  • Strong word of mouth helped boost last week’s #10, , up five whole spaces.  The movie - already in it’s 4th week - continues to soar despite its fairly limited release.  It’s $15,788 per screen average even topped $14,232.
  • Golden Globes buzz also contributed to the success of seven-time nominee .  Although it only placed 14th overall, the romantic weeper scored a $15,764 average.
  • outmuscled last week’s #2, .  The family-friendly flick traded spots with the blockbuster thanks to its $2.5 million edge.
  • narrowly missed a place in the Top Ten despite its connection to both and .  You heard it right - the talk show host’s touch does not always mean gold.
  • followed up its disappointing debut with another out of tune performance.  The musical satire plummeted five spots all the way down to #13.

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Box Office Breakdown: Book of Secrets a National Hit

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

This holiday weekend introduced a slew of big-ticket features in our cineplexes.  It also brought us a wide cast of former Oscar-winners competing for our theater dollars.  By Monday, , , , , and Oscar-nominee had all made entries into the Top Ten - but it was who wound up striking gold.

earned $45 million, an increase of $10 million over the 2004 original.  This was the second hit for Cage this year, following the critically-panned Ghost Rider.  In addition to having the weekend’s best gross, Secrets also had the best average of any movie over those three days.  Although ‘s fourth place was respectable (especially for a politically-based film these days), its $3760 per screen take clearly set it apart from this week’s champ.  In contrast, earned an $11,184 average for an impressive 10th place finish.

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‘Borat’ Schtick Officially Put to Rest

BoratRecognizing that its often best to get out early, has decided to put two of his famous characters to rest.  Both and - personas created almost 10 years ago - will now only be remembered in their prime.

Thanks to the exposure on HBO’s and last year’s , the actor/comedian understands that he can no longer keep up the element of surprise.  Fortunately for fans, this will allow Sacha, 36, to now focus his attention on new roles.  In addition to his flashy cameo in the currently released ,  Cohen will later be seen in - a film revolving around the Austrian fashion reporter often featured on his former cable show.

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Review: ‘Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’

Get the closest shave ever…I just got back from the midnight showing of . Previously, I had seen the original Broadway cast perform this show via video cassette tape in my “History of Theater” class. I also saw a very stripped down version of the show performed by a national touring cast without sets or costumes. This film was every bit as good visually, musically and narratively as either one of those shows. For those of you who are unaware of the plot, let me catch you up.

Benjamin Barker () is a happily married man with a beautiful yellow-haired wife and a bouncing bay girl living in ye olde London. A man by the name of Judge Turpin () takes a liking to Barker’s wife and frames him for a crime which he is convicted and exiled for. Upon Barker’s return to London years later, he finds that his wife is dead and his little girl is being held hostage by the evil Turpin. Hell bent on revenge, and now going by the name Sweeney Todd, Barker takes up residence above Mrs. Lovett’s () Meat Pie shop. There, the trained barber kills his customers in hopes that one day it will be the Judge’s turn for a shave.

Oh yeah, and the bodies get baked into the pies.

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Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan…Review (phew!)

BoratBorat Sagdiyev is a journalist from Kazakhstan sent to the United States to learn the ways of American culture.  Upon arriving in New York, Borat and his producer begin setting up interviews with various experts in an effort to take back to their country all they have learned, and to improve the Kazakh way of life.  Plans change, however, when Borat discovers a late night rerun of Baywatch, falls in love with Pamela Anderson, and becomes determined to travel across the country to make her his wife.  Borat: Cultural Learnings For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan will push the moral limits of even the most unscrupulous person, but cannot be ignored for its brilliant social satire and outrageous humor.

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Does Possible ‘Borat’ Inspiration Seek Reparation, or Just Fame?

Mahir CagriMahir Cagri, a Turkish man and freelance journalist, is claiming to be the inspiration for Borat, the fictional Kazakh journalist and main character in the new eponymous film.  Created by Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat first officially appeared on Da Ali G Show in 2003 –  Cohen had been toying with the character for years in Britain, where he began exposing hidden stereotypes, offending innocent bystanders, and making us laugh.  Cagri first became known to the public when he started a personal website to make new friends.  The site quickly gained popularity due to the unintentionally humorous photos of Cagri playing ping pong and wearing a Speedo, and poorly written text, including an invitation for any women wishing to visit his home in Turkey.  This quickly launched Cagri into instant internet celebrity.  However, Cagri claims, “(Cohen) is making money by using me” and seeks an “acknowledgment or an apology.”

Doesn’t this always happen when someone starts to get really famous?  People start coming out of the woodwork, claiming that they’ve been wronged somehow and demanding recognition or payment.  Granted, there are a few coincidences here, but Cohen could’ve culled his inspiration from many different facets of Central Asian and Muslim culture.  It seems Cagri could simply be riding the coattails of a famous character who happens to look and speak similarly.  And even if he is Cohen’s inspiration, should Cagri have the right to call him out publicly?  Should Cohen feel it necessary to apologize?  We don’t think so.  Borat is hilarious – sometimes, satirically brilliant - no matter where he came from, and, despite this accusation, Cohen has molded him into his own unique character.  Cagri should be content in his own celebrity and feel flattered at the possibility of his own grand influence.  So, leave Borat alone; if he not successful in US and A, he will be execute!

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