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Terrence Howard Leaks Iron Man 2 Dates

Terrence Howard spills the beans on Iron Man 2

While it is no surprise that the Air Force has become quite the collaborative presence in Hollywood blockbusters lately (i.e. Transformers, Iron Man), what is a surprise is the fact that Terrence Howard spilled the beans on Iron Man 2 dates!

The Oscar-nominated actor was in New York a couple weeks ago to share his training and work experience with the Airmen. As he reflected upon his rewarding research, he unexpectedly spilled a tidbit of info on Iron Man 2!

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Box Office Breakdown: Audiences Raise Their Glasses to Sex and the City

Sex and the City Movie

Thanks to a mob of high-heeled women, the big-screen adaptation of took in nearly $57 million over the past three days. Pretty impressive considering the film was expected to land somewhere in the $25-$35 million range. But Carrie and Company did just more than score first place, their hard work put them into the record books:

  • Sex and the City had the best opening weekend for an R-rated comedy.
  • The film’s debut topped any live-action adaptation of a TV show. (The original Mission Impossible raked in $45 million.)
  • SATC‘s premiere surpassed all romantic comedies including Hitch ($43.1 million) and ($30.7 million).
  • It was the fifth best showing for any R-rated movie ever.

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Will Robert Downey Jr. Take on Hugh Hefner?

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Hugh HefnerRobert Downey Jr

At this time last year, we told you a biopic of Hugh Hefner was in the works. The movie, which had no writer yet attached to it, would detail the life of the Playboy founder starting with his upbringing in Illinois.

Now the Chicago Sun Times is reporting that an actor may have been chosen for the project: Iron Man. The 82-year-old entrepreneur reportedly signed off on the casting choice after seeing ‘s recent work in the action film. But whether Downey will be able to don the the iconic robes is another question. Assuming he’s even interested, his schedule might not allow him to take on the role. His recent success may have him tied down with sequel work for some time to come.

Although (Rush Hour) was originally scheduled to helm the project, the film is currently without a director. If a script is completed soon, production could begin as early as next summer.

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Chicago Sun Times

Box Office Breakdown: Prince Caspian Crowned the Winner

Prince Caspian

Although it failed to reach expectations, was still mighty enough to take down Robert Downey Jr. this past weekend. The Disney sequel pulled in over $55 million dollars and earned itself a first place finish. Unfortunately, the film’s gross was slightly disappointing given the first installment’s take; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe opened at $65.6 million back in 2005. 

In other adaptation news, Warner Bros.’ continued to fall behind in the race.  The colorful adventure slipped another notch into fourth, right behind What Happens in Vegas. Meanwhile, Iron Man‘s $31.8 million total pushed the film past the $200 million range.

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Box Office Breakdown: Ashton Kutcher Drives Past Speed Racer

What Happens in Vegas

Despite arresting visuals and a $120 million budget, the Wachowski brothers were unable to bring to life.  The Warner Bros. movie - which many had already predicted would fall behind Iron Man - did even worse than originally thought.  At one point, it was believed the anime adaptation would debut in 2nd place.  Unfortunately, the final box office numbers placed the PG film in third.

Meanwhile, became the second wedding-themed entry in the recent Top Ten.  The comedy, starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, replaced Made of Honor as the go to ‘chick flick’ of the week.  The movie grossed $20.1 million, a slim $1.6 million more than Speed.

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Iron Man 2 Already Announced

Iron Man 2Although a leading man has not yet officially been attached, Marvel has gone ahead and cleared a spot for another film.

The studio, which already had options for two more sequels, immediately greenlighted the second installment after their record-busting weekend.  Given that Robert Downey Jr. has been widely credited for making the well-received film a success, it’s expected he’ll be bargaining with execs for a larger paycheck.  Meanwhile, Marvel is reportedly set to talk with the actor and director Jon Favreau about the follow-up’s general storyline soon.

Assuming negotiations go well, we should be expecting to see Iron Man 2 - with and Terrence Howard - on April 30, 2010.

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Hollywood Reporter

Box Office Breakdown: Iron Man Strikes Gold

Iron Man

Where exactly can the summer box office go from here?

This past weekend, blasted into theaters in a big way.  The comic book adaptation raked in a whopping $102 million putting an $87 million difference between itself and its nearest competitor.  The PG-13 film officially became the 10th best opener of all time and had the second best premiere for any non-sequel.  (Spider-Man grossed $114.8 million back in 2002.)

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In Theaters This Weekend (5/2)

Made of Honor

Here are some possible suggestions for your upcoming weekend:

Tropic Thunder Trailer

Earlier this month, we told you about Robert Downey Jr.‘s potentially controversial role in Tropic Thunder.  In the comedy, the actor plays an actor who plays a black man.  (Get that?)

Now here’s your chance to see a clip of the film also starring and Jack Black.  I’m excited to say the movie looks like a riot.

storms into theaters on August



Robert Downey Jr. Plays a Black Man in Next Role

Tropic ThunderWhile many have been oohing and ahhing over the pics of . as Iron Man, its his work in a less splashy flick that may generate the most talk.

In the upcoming movie, Tropic Thunder, Downey plays an actor who plays a black man in a film he is shooting.  Instead of rewriting a role originally written for an African-American, Robert’s character, Kirk Lazarus, opts to go the method route and dyes his skin.  (You can see him in the picture next to Jack Black.)

This movie already came with buzz attached to it long before Downey’s role was revealed.  This was the film Owen Wilson was attached to at the time of his suicide attempt.

So what do you think?  Should this role be considered controversial? Should it simply be taken into context?  Should we just be happy that it’s not 1986’s Soul Man?

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Daily Mail