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Death Proof Fails to Stand Alone in the UK

Death Proof posterQuentin Tarantino’s Death Proof opened in the UK last week, its producers, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, hopefully anticipating the result of their decision to split the film from its counterpart, Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror. But without the nostalgia of a bygone B-movie tradition and the novelty of a rare double-feature bridged together with wonderfully cheesy trailers in a faux-intermission, the film didn’t manage to captivate British audiences; if it did, they certainly weren’t compelled to go to the theater in great numbers. The film debuted in a pathetic sixth place at the box-office (£407,525 or $821,623) behind only one other opener: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, which came in third.

As you may recall, Grindhouse walked away from the US box-office with a measly $24.9 million despite critical praise, something The Weinsteins chalked up to the uniqueness of the movie coupled with a long run-time and poor marketing. The decision to split the film into two separate entities for overseas distribution and DVD release was an attempt to recoup the losses incurred by that poor US performance. The marketing for the UK release of Death Proof hinged on Tarantino’s name and credibility, since he’d had successful openings in the past (Reservoir Dogs actually had better attendance there than in the US).

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Moviegoers Take Note: Grindhouse May Soon Be Split

Grindhoue DirectorsIf you haven’t gone to see Grindhouse yet, now might be the best time.  The three hour and twelve minute long double feature, directed cooperatively by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, finished a distant fourth last weekend at $11.6 million.  The reason?  Despite an abundance of positive reviews, many analysts say the film is just too long to attract a mass audience; Harvey Weinstein, head of Weinstein Co. and one of the film’s executive producers, concurs.  And, said Weinstein, if the film fails to improve in profits over the coming weekend, the double feature could be split and shown separately for the remainder of its theatrical release.  The decision to divide the two 70s-themed gorefests has already been made for their international and DVD releases; now, in a rather sad turn of events, the gimmick on which this unique homage hinges may be torn asunder before our very eyes.  So, for all of you still sitting at home polishing off the last of the Cadbury Creme Eggs, this may be the only week to see Grindhouse exactly as the filmmakers intended.  On the other hand, those of you steering clear of this lengthy film may find things a bit more palatable in a week or so.   

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Grindhouses Not Just Theatres With Tarantino

Grindhouse movie poster It’s so hard to find a good Grindhouse these days. Theatres that cater to the darker side of the psyche by showing grisly, gory violence just aren’t easy to come by. In fact, the days of most Grindhouse theatres are days gone by. What’s a movie maker that wants to grind violence into the minds of moviegoers to do in these post-Grindhouse days? To fill this grinding gap in current culture, Quentin Tarantino (with the help of Robert Rodriguez) decided to make his very own Grindhouse double feature. Always striving to take movies to a new level of violent chills and thrills, Tarantino’s signature movie style is most definitely in place for the new double-feature flick. Early reviews are in…will Grindhouse grind out?

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