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Trailer for Repo! The Genetic Opera

What do Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Sarah Brightman (The Phantom of the Opera) all have in common? They’re all co-starring in a film.

Months ago, we told you about - a musical featuring an appearance from the socialite. Now we’re finally getting our first glimpse of this strange production.

Let us know your first impression of Repo. If you hadn’t known Hilton was involved, would you be willing to give the movie a chance?

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Repo! The Genetic Opera


Is Paris Hilton Getting Cold?

Paris HiltonWhen went to jail, it become the only media story in the entire world. For a while there, the heiress couldn’t make a single move without finding flashbulbs in her face. But Miss Hilton loves the attention, and she often makes herself available for photo-ops. Maybe…too much?

Hilton’s latest film project, , actually opened this weekend. I know with all the news of the writers strike and the rumors of a second Hannah Montana movie it’s hard to keep up with Hilton’s every move, but the flick came to theaters Feb. 8. Don’t worry - a lot of other people didn’t notice, either. The film, to date, has grossed a disappointing $27,696, which probably doesn’t even put a dent in Hilton’s movie salary.

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The Numbers

In Theaters This Weekend (2/8)

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

Here are some possible suggestions for your upcoming weekend:

Paris Hilton Not a Party Girl Anymore

Paris HiltonStill shaken up from her short stint in jail (those twenty-three days really got to her), is determined to shed her party girl image. This new life direction for the hotel heiress would be a lot easier to believe if she would actually stop going to parties (somebody please give Miss Hilton a clue).

In the October 22 edition of Newsweek, Hilton says “I want to leave a mark on the world.”  Don’t worry, Paris…you already have. Hilton will be documenting her highly-publicized visit to Rwanda, in hopes of turning the footage into a film.  Awwww…it really sounds as though she has the interests of others in her heart. I wonder—who do you think will be profiting from this film?

Obviously not part of her new caring efforts, Hilton is also currently working on the movie Repo, an odd-sounding thriller about transplanted organs…set to music.

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Paris Hilton’s Latest Project

Paris Hilton Last weekend, revealed to People magazine reporters that she was scheduled to begin working on a new movie, filming of which will begin in a few short weeks. The cat may be out of the bag, though, as Paris let a few more clues slip. Though nothing has been officially announced, it seems likely that Hilton will be taking on a project that might just be little too much for her. That’s right…Paris Hilton is going to be in a movie musical.

Dreamgirls was a huge success…so is the re-made version of Hairspray. Chicago won critical acclaim, and the re-make of The Producers was hilarious. Hollywood has a long history of turning out great movie musicals. But, for anyone that saw Alicia Silverstone bomb at the box office with Love’s Labour’s Lost, you know it can often go the other way, too.  Will Paris find lasting musical movie success? The truth is, Hilton’s voice isn’t going to win any prizes…but her star power is probably enough to keep even the worst musical movie from failing. After all, millions did tune in to see her on Larry King.

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