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Oliver Stone to Tell the Tale of George W. Bush

President George W. BushIn the history of the United States of America, no president has become a star of pop culture quite like . In his two terms in the White House, there have been more skits, more jokes, tons of movies and more clips of his press conferences than you can shake a Bill of Rights at. Now, director will create a full length feature film depicting the Presidency that changed our Constitution. Stone has previously created movies about JFK and Nixon, and promises reporters this new movie will tell the true tale of Bush’s time in office.

Currently, the director is in talks with actor (No Country for Old Men) to play the title role. If all goes well and production begins on schedule, the movie will be released in November during the heat and hostility of election time. If this timetable can’t be met, Stone is hopeful he can have the movie in theaters the following January (when the new Pres is being inaugurated).

In his own words, Stone says he will make a movie that is “a fair, true portrait” of our current president. So…it’s going to be a tragic , right?

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‘X-Files’ Casting Decisions

Xzibit, no stranger to the filming studio thanks to MTV, has joined the cast of the upcoming X-Files movie and are already signed on for supporting roles in the flick.

One source says the rapper and the movie star (Xzibit and Peet) will play FBI agents working with Scully and Mulder, the stars of the show and the film. The plot is being kept very hush-hush, and FOX is releasing very little information on which roles the actors will play. Xzibit has played roles in films before and was set to appear in the film, Pinkville. The Pinkville project, however, has been scrapped because of the ongoing and seemingly unending writer’s strike.

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Olive Stone and Woody Harrelson Re-Team

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Woody HarrelsonWhen snagged the highly publicized role in Natural Born Killers, Harrelson’s acting creds were hardly up to par. He’d appeared in a well-loved comedy TV series and a lighthearted basketball comedy, hardly roles that displayed his chops to play the murder-loving, law-breaking, hardcore killer that has now become a screen cultural icon. Stone said at the time that he saw murder in Harrelson’s eyes, a strange comment to make considering the actor’s father was serving a prison sentence.

Now, Stone is giving Harrelson another role in the gritty Vietnam War drama Pinkville. The flick will focus on the 1968 My Lai Massacre, where 500 people were killed by U.S. soldiers. Harrelson’s role is Col. Henderson, the officer leading the task force who committed the massacre. won’t be Stone’s first foray into the , and he’ll direct a star-studded cast in the flick. Production is scheduled to start next year.

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