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Lindsay Lohan’s Release from Rehab

Lindsay LohanAfter some well-publicized hijinks, has left Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah for her rehabilitation. Lohan spent two months at the facility after another DUI charge put her in rehab, the actress’s third stint. Following a reconciliation which occurred during Lindsay’s stay, her father Michael Lohan helped her pack her bags for her release. Lindsay is going back to LA to begin shooting on a new movie, Dare to Love Me. She’ll also continue receiving outpatient treatment from a Cirque-affiliated facility in the city. Her father Michael says Lindsay is approaching sobriety with more confidence this time. While at the facility, Lohan was photographed participating in activities such as river rafting, hiking, biking and yoga. She also participated in a work-treatment program, stocking shelves at a supermarket. Lindsay’s earnings all went to charity.

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Michael Lohan To Visit Lindsay in Rehab

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Lindsay LohanMichael Lohan, father of Lindsay, will visit his daughter in rehab – at least, that’s what People is reporting. Since she was 18, has had the option of seeing her father – she just hasn’t exercised it. According to the sources, Lindsay’s mother and brother talked her into allowing his visit. The visit actually hasn’t been confirmed by Michael Lohan, who says his ex-wife Dina has done everything possible to prevent him from seeing his children. Lindsay is currently in rehab in Utah, at the Cirque Lodge. The meeting was negotiated through Lohan’s attorney Blair Berk. The dramatic and lengthy divorce battle between Michael and Dina Lohan is expected to be settled soon. 

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