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Martin Freeman Is Annoyed He Wasn’t in ‘Harry Potter’

Martin FreemanMartin Freeman is "annoyed" he wasn't in Harry Potter.

The British star was never cast in the boy wizard film franchise - which starred Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and a host of other UK talent - and jokes he is still upset at being one of the few major actors to miss out.

"I was one of the only people who wasn't in Harry Potter, and I'm still annoyed by that," he said.

The 41-year-old star is now making up for missing out by landing the lead role of Bilbo Baggins in Lord of the Rings prequel The Hobbit', and has had to prepare himself for how being in the sure-fire blockbuster will change his life: "You have to police yourself not to become an idiot about it. Because its not normal and it doesn't happen to people with normal jobs. if you're a doctor - and what's more important than that? - then people don't stop you in the street and say, 'Loved the way you took that pulse.' So its skewed and its silly, I know that. But I think I've been pretty rigorous and self-flagellating about it."


Cate Blanchett to Reprise Lord of the Rings Role

Cate Blanchett in Lord of the Rings

Cate Blanchett will put on her Lady Galadriel ears again for The Hobbit, which begins shooting in February.

Director Peter Jackson is thrilled that Blanchett will continue with the Lord of the Rings franchise. He said she is one of his “favorite actors to work with, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have her reprise the role she so beautifully brought to life in the earlier film.”

The central role of Bilbo Baggins will be played by Martin Freeman in the new flick.

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