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Behind the scenes of Sex and the City

Sex & the City Sex & the City left HBO when the series was still highly popular, at the top of its game. When any successful show leaves the air, it causes questions…and confusion for fans who are left wanting more. It wasn’t until after the Sex was all over that the rumors surfaced and the interviews began. Reportedly, the series ended because of star squabbling - namely, Kim Cattrall. The actress who was loved on the small screen as Samantha Jones allegedly wanted to receive the same amount of pay as the show’s star, Sarah Jessica Parker (a.k.a. Carrie Bradshaw). And that’s when everything fell apart. The series ended amid much hype, HBO tributes, and tons of press. But even then, there were whispers that there might be more Sex to come.

Until that, too, fell apart. Again, it was reported that the Sex & the City movie’s progress was stymied by Kim Cattrall, who refused to do the project. And millions of women were disappointed. Three years after the final farewell, the Sexy movie is back on – with, yes, all four leading ladies as part of the cast. But has time softened the hard feelings that plagued the series? According to on-set reports, no.

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Jennifer Hudson Joins ‘Sex And The City’ Movie

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Jennifer Hudson is proving (to many jealous women out there) that her career did not peak with a silly little .  The winner has now been cast in the big screen version of .

The former contestant will be joining , Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis in the Big Apple.  After months of talk, production on the show-turned film will finally begin next week. 

While plot details have yet been leaked, we do know that Jennifer will play Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant (Louise).  Any guesses out there as to what that means?  Did Carrie become a full-time writer at Vogue?  Does this mean she will actually be working outside of her apartment…in an office?

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The Big News on the Sex & The City Movie

Sex & the City ladiesYes, the Sex & the City movie is a done deal. Contracts are signed, apparently the script is written, and production is going forward next month. By 2010, all the Sex fans will strap Monolos to their feet and be off to the theaters to celebrate this triumphant big-screen debut of a show that’s still being syndicated (and probably always will be).

Yes, a lot of filming will be done in the city of New York – you can’t have Sex without it. Yes, is definitely signed on to play Samantha Jones and is going forward with the flick (HBO offered her a series just to cinch the deal). , , and will all set the big screen on fire as Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte. But…there is still one more element that we all must have, or else we just can’t have Sex.

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