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Box Office Breakdown: The Incredible Hulk Pulls in the Green

The Incredible Hulk

It looks like ticket buyers are willing to give some things a second chance after all…

Despite horrible reviews for 2003’s Hulk, wary theatergoers turned out in big numbers for the latest big-screen version of . The newest rendition, starring Edward Norton and Liv Tyler, came in first place after earning $55 million during the past three days. While that total falls behind Ang Lee’s version (that movie debuted with $62 million), it did better than expected. The 2008 update had the best showing for any film over Father’s Day weekend (passing Silver Surfer‘s $58 million) and should also have a longer shelf life thanks to favorable word of mouth.

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Box Office Breakdown: Kung Fu Panda Fights Off Competition

Kung Fu Panda

Theatergoers in need of more family-friendly fare pushed to the top of the charts this past weekend. The comedy - and its $60.2 million take - was the third best animated opener for DreamWorks Animation (behind the first two Shrek films) and the 8th of all time (just ahead of Cars). Panda was also the first time a Jack Black film debuted at #1.

Meanwhile, another laugher was raking in impressive numbers of its own. - the latest production from Adam Sandler - grossed $38.5 million to take second place. Zohan‘s total falls in line with the rest of Sandler’s films from the past 10 years. Since 1998, the actor’s comedic projects have all seen $30+ million opens. (Last year’s I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry took in $34.2 million.)

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Box Office Breakdown: Audiences Raise Their Glasses to Sex and the City

Sex and the City Movie

Thanks to a mob of high-heeled women, the big-screen adaptation of took in nearly $57 million over the past three days. Pretty impressive considering the film was expected to land somewhere in the $25-$35 million range. But Carrie and Company did just more than score first place, their hard work put them into the record books:

  • Sex and the City had the best opening weekend for an R-rated comedy.
  • The film’s debut topped any live-action adaptation of a TV show. (The original Mission Impossible raked in $45 million.)
  • SATC‘s premiere surpassed all romantic comedies including Hitch ($43.1 million) and ($30.7 million).
  • It was the fifth best showing for any R-rated movie ever.

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In Theaters This Weekend (5/30)

The Strangers

Here are some possible suggestions for your upcoming weekend:

Sex and the City’s Fashionable New York Premiere

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Sex and the City

As masses of mostly-female fans huddled behind barriers wearing their promotional tank tops, the four women of the hour strolled down the red carpet for New York’s premiere of (the very last stop on a three-premiere tour for the movie), held at Radio City Music Hall. For this gala event, there is one concern which shines above all others: what did our Sexy ladies wear?

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LA Times

Sex and the City Premieres in London

Sex and the City premiereCynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker made their Sexy stroll down the red carpet for the first premiere of their movie in London. The movie will celebrate two more premieres before it comes to theaters May 30.

As thousands of moviegoers screamed “We want Sarah!”, the ladies made their entrance. One BBC reporter cried to American journalists that it was “the biggest turnout to a red carpet premiere anyone has ever seen!”

SJP wore a strapless green gown designed by Alexander McQueen, topped off with a floral motif cap designed by England’s Philip Treacy. Kim Cattrall, sporting an upswept ‘do, wore a red Vivienne Westwood dress, while Kristin Davis was highly formal in Guy Laroche. Cynthia Nixon was daring in a glittering black gown. 

As to the movie, that remains under wraps until the world premiere (still scheduled for May 30).

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LA Times

SATC Scoop: Set Secret Spills

Sex & the City

The May 12 premiere of the movie is still up in air, though it is said the film will certainly not make its debut at Cannes. Right now, insiders are hinting toward London, though it’s still not altogether impossible the movie will premiere in New York. The press junket is scheduled to begin in New York May 2, and rumor suggests Sex may premiere in London and New York.

As to the soundtrack, current gossip says that Fergie and Jennifer Hudson (who will play Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant in the film) will both record new tunes. But the real Sex scoop was released by , a.k.a. Miranda Hobbs. This certain redhead let it slip on April 15 that “a character dies in the movie.” Enter panic mode now.

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LA Times

New Sex and the City Trailer

Sex and the CityFinally - a more substantive glance at the upcoming Movie! 

While I will undoubtedly watch the release, I must say the newest trailer gives the film a much darker tone than I would have liked to see.  (You can view it for yourself, after the jump.)  Is it because the show is best served on the small screen?  Should the series only be viewed in 30-minute snippets?  Is the teaser simply a bad representation?  (Oh, I hope so.)

Regardless, the clip does give us a few juicy tidbits:

  • Apparently Mr. Big’s (full) name is John James Preston.  (I think I like him better when he’s not an actual person.)
  • It looks like Steve may have cheated on Miranda.  (The Steve I know would never do something like that.)
  • Commitment-phobe Samantha may be wandering from Smith Jerrod.
  • Charlotte is indeed pregant.  (She adopted that kid for nothing.)
  • And last but not least, Carrie’s planned wedding to Big falls apart?

Be looking for SATC to hit theaters this May 30.

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Jennifer Aniston Paired With SATC Hunk

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Jason LewisA-list celeb and famous ex-wife has reportedly paired up with hottie . According to , the couple is “practically living together.”

Jason Lewis immediately won over Sex and the City fans when he appeared in Season 6 of the series as a young, hunky boy toy for Samantha Jones and in later episodes became Smith. Gossip says Aniston and Lewis met through Jennifer’s then-hubby . One source says the two enjoy spending their evenings at home, cooking and watching DVDs. Reportedly, the pair even spent Christmas together with Aniston joining her man’s family for the holidays.

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‘Sex and the City’ Trailer

Sex & the City screenshot: wedding dressThe Sex and the City movie trailer has finally arrived, and it’s just as promising and exciting as fans could want. It begins with a voice-over and a wide, sweeping view of Manhattan, then quickly falls into an image free-for-all while the theme music blares invitingly. Quick screenshots flash past, showing images inside Carrie’s apartment, the four girls walking together, and a photo shoot where Carrie sports the much-touted wedding dress. As the music ends, the final scene shows a steamy kiss between Carrie and Mr. Big. All of it leads up to the promise that the movie will debut May of 2008.

Click on the link below to see the SATC trailer for yourself.

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