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It’s All in the Family: Hollywood Nepotism

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In most places of business, nepotism is frowned upon. In Hollywood, it’s part of standard casting policies. Why is it okay for La La Land to offer opportunities to unknown - but well-connected - actors, when hiring regulations are in place for every other industry in the country? Let’s dip our toes into the Tinseltown gene pool and see how many family trees we can count.

If you haven’t heard by now, Will Smith’s son is going to become the next A-list, must-have child star. He’s starring in the new Karate Kid reboot (a movie that’s unnecessary at best), and now he’s putting his on display in a movie soundtrack tie-in. Like it’s not already great being Will Smith’s kid, Jaden, 11, is now forging a strong career in the “family business.” Which just happens to be multi-million-dollar movie and recording contracts. Nice.

Is Jaden Smith the most talented kid for the ? Are his rap skills so superior that he deserves the outpouring of press he’s been getting for his involvement with the film’s theme song?

Frankly, it doesn’t f&*^ing matter. The Karate Kid reboot (which, we hate to break it to you, does


feature karate) is produced by and from its inception was intended as a Jaden Smith vehicle. No one else ever auditioned for the role of the Karate Kid, not that anyone else had a snowball’s shot in hell of landing it anyway.

Hollywood has always been the land where dreams come true…if you’ve already got an “in.”

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First Look: Jaden Smith in Karate Kid Trailer

“The only way to stop them is to face them” - talking to Jaden Smith about

Hollywood remakes

his Chinese bullies.

In this remake of , the drama has shifted from Los Angeles to Beijing, chopsticks have been coupled with a fly swatter and “wax on, wax off” has been replaced with “pick up your jacket.” Otherwise, I think the story’s pretty much about the same…? (I’ll let you decide whether that’s a good thing or not.)

The martial arts action kicks in June 11.

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Getting Into Character: Jaden Smith in Karate Kid Remake

Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan in The Karate Kid

That’s not Daniel-san and that ain’t Mr. Miyagi, but that’s definitely —or at least the the 2010 version of it.

For the martial arts reboot, (The Pursuit of Happyness) worked out daily to play Dre Parker, an American boy who moves to China. “I trained every day for four months with Master Wu [the film’s fight coordinator],” the 11-year-old told People.

Fortunately, Jaden had the real-life mentoring of (Mr. Han) to get him through the overseas shoots. “Jackie taught me to ask, ‘My left or camera left?’” Smith recalled about filming.

The Karate Kid opens June 11, 2010, the same day as another remake: .

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This Week on DVD and Blu-ray: April 7, 2009

Here are some of the options available this Tuesday:

Doubt DVD

  • 2010: The Year We Make Contact: Blu-ray
  • Above the Law: Blu-ray
  • American History X: Blu-ray
  • Bedtime Stories: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Collateral Damage: Blu-ray
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Donkey Punch: DVD
  • Doubt: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Final Destination: Blu-ray
  • Fly Away Home: Blu-ray
  • I.O.U.S.A.: DVD
  • John Q: Blu-ray
  • Not Easily Broken: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Point of No Return: Blu-ray

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Ralph Macchio on Karate Kid Remake

If you felt yourself cringing when you heard about the Karate Kid remake, you weren’t the only one. Nevertheless, the original’s star is still finding one reason to smile.

In a interview with MTV, Ralph Macchio admitted that it feels “pretty good that so many people are angry” about the redo. The 47-year-old (yes, he’s that old) said it’s been great to see such an “outpouring” of response from fans of the 1984 classic.

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Remake News: The Karate Kid, Oldboy, Pinocchio and More

The Karate Kid

Fame: The previously announced remake has just secured its administrative lineup. The film, an update of the 1980 original, will once again follow the lives of students at New York High School of Performing Arts. Those guiding the talented crop include Megan Mullaley, Bebe Neuwirth, Kelsey Grammar and Charles S. Dutton. Debbie Allen - a veteran of the first film - will also join the cast as Principal Simms, an entirely new character.

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Trailer for The Day The Earth Stood Still

In The Day the Earth Stood Still, stars as Klaatu, a humanoid alien who arrives on Earth with a robot companion.  The two have a warning to deliver to the world’s leaders.

Those familiar with the 1951 original should know this remake will come with a slightly different message. In an interview with MTV, Reeves said, “The version I was just working on, instead of being man against man, it’s more about man against nature. My Klaatu says that if the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the earth survives. I’m a friend to the earth.”

Earth - also starring Jennifer Connelly, Jaden Smith and Jon Hamm - lands in theaters on December 12.

Will Smith’s Nepotism Streak Continues

Tom Cruise, Connor CruiseFirst, he introduced son Jaden to theatergoers in The Pursuit of Happyness.  Then he let daughter Willow take on a much smaller role in last year’s I Am Legend.  Now another kid will be participating in a movie: Connor Cruise.

Yes, I know.  Connor is not exactly related to Will.  (He’s actually ‘s adopted son.)  But that doesn’t make the whole situation smell any less nepotistic to me.

In Seven Pounds, Will Smith stars as a man who affects the lives of seven strangers.  Connor, in a minor part, will play a younger version of the main character.

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