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This Week on DVD and Blu-ray: April 13, 2010

Pirate Radio DVDHere are some of the options today:

  • Apollo 13: Blu-ray
  • The Best Man: DVD
  • Defendor: DVD
  • Gone with the Wind (The Scarlett Edition): DVD, Blu-ray
  • The Great Mouse Detective (Mystery in the Mist Edition): DVD
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street: Blu-ray
  • Nightmare on Elm Street Collection: DVD
  • Pirate Radio: DVD, Blu-ray
  • The Slammin’ Salmon: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Tenderness: DVD
  • Tenure: DVD

Make sure to also check out the TV-on-DVD options for this week.

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This Week on DVD and Blu-ray: April 14, 2009

Here are some of the options available this Tuesday:

The Spirit DVD

  • 8 Mile: Blu-ray
  • Anna Karenina (1961): DVD
  • Dark Matter: DVD
  • Hiding Out: DVD
  • Imax: Deep Sea: Blu-ray
  • Irreconcilable Differences: DVD
  • The Last Kiss: Blu-ray
  • Mean Girls: Blu-ray
  • Pillow Talk: DVD
  • The Reader: DVD
  • The Spirit: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Strange Wilderness: Blu-ray
  • The Thirteenth Floor: Blu-ray

Click here to see the TV-on-DVD options for this week.

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In Theaters This Weekend: February 27, 2009

Chun Li

Here are some possible suggestions for your upcoming weekend:

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This Week on HD DVD and Blu-ray: January 08, 2008

Zodiac HD DVDThis week marks the release of the first batch of high-definition DVDs since on-the-fence Warner landed decidedly on the Blu side; I must admit, as an HD DVD man, the day feels a bit colder than normal. But no matter—the format war is far from over.

On a lighter note, both formats have some exciting titles to speak of, including the Blu-ray release of one of my favorite movies from 2007, Sunshine; Roman Polanski’s Oscar-winning film, The Pianist, on HD DVD; and the long-awaited special edition of David Fincher’s Zodiac, also on HD DVD. The DVD release from July contained nary a special feature, so this two-disc director’s cut ought to please those Fincher fans waiting for a decent version.

Check out the full list of high-def releases after the jump.

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Review: 3:10 to Yuma (2007)

3:10 to Yuma posterWhen struggling Arizona rancher Dan Evans (Christian Bale) sets out one morning to find his lost cattle, he happens upon a stagecoach robbery and a gang of thieves led by infamous outlaw Ben Wade (Russell Crowe).  In need of money, Evans volunteers to help capture Wade in a nearby town, escort him to a railroad stop, and put him on the “3:10 to Yuma”, a train that takes prisoners to trial.  There’s only one problem: Wade’s gang is looking for their boss, and they’ll kill anyone who gets in the way.  3:10 to Yuma is based on the classic 1957 western of the same name. 

I had a chance to see the film a week early (thanks, Warren Report); here is an in-depth review of the action-packed western.

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