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New X-Files Trailer

We apologize for the less-than-perfect quality—the clip was shot by a die-hard fan last night at the Paley Festival in Los Angeles.  The trailer was introduced by creator Chris Carter himself.

Be prepared to start believing again when returns on July 25.


‘X-Files’ Casting Decisions

Xzibit, no stranger to the filming studio thanks to MTV, has joined the cast of the upcoming X-Files movie and are already signed on for supporting roles in the flick.

One source says the rapper and the movie star (Xzibit and Peet) will play FBI agents working with Scully and Mulder, the stars of the show and the film. The plot is being kept very hush-hush, and FOX is releasing very little information on which roles the actors will play. Xzibit has played roles in films before and was set to appear in the film, Pinkville. The Pinkville project, however, has been scrapped because of the ongoing and seemingly unending writer’s strike.

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‘X-Files’ Movie Slated for July 2008

X-FilesJuly 25, 2008.  That date will be personally significant to me but globally significant to fans everywhere.  Although my husband should be taking me out to dinner to celebrate our 4-year wedding anniversary, I sense that evening will be spent in a movie theater instead.  After all—how often does an film come around?

After years of rumors and denials, what had been looking like a pipe dream is now becoming a reality.  , and creator have finally gotten their acts together and jointly committed to the long-awaited X-Files .  Production is scheduled to start in December in time for the Summer 2008 release date.

Although the cult series only ended in 2002, it has been a whopping ten years since Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were last seen on the big screen.  While the new film is meant to be a ‘stand-alone’ feature, I suspect DVD rentals of the series and movie will spike sometime around June of next year.  I know I could use a bit of refreshing myself; the only thing I remember about the first pic were the bees.  Lots of them.

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