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Cillian Murphy For The Dark Knight Rises?

Cillian MurphyCillian Murphy has hinted he may appear in The Dark Knight Rises.

The Irish actor - who starred as villain Scarecrow in Batman Begins - could reprise his role for the third and final movie in Christopher Nolan's franchise.

"Well, it's coming out in July isn't it? That's not long to wait. All these questions!" he said when asked if he would be appearing in the film.

Scarecrow made a brief appearance in The Dark Knight, and Cillian previously revealed he would be happy to take on the role for a third time: "It's not for me to start campaigning for the Scarecrow to come back, but if Chris wants me back in that role, yeah, absolutely, I would love to do it."

Cillian combines a Hollywood career along with theatre - most recently picking up New York's prestigious Drama Desk Award for his Outstanding Solo Performance in Enda Walsh's Misterman - and he revealed he unpredictability is one of the best and worst things about being an actor.

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In Theaters This Weekend: May 21, 2010

Here are a few selections in theaters this weekend:

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New Inception Trailer Still Trippy, More Exciting

Is it really important for you to understand what a movie about before deciding if you want to see it?

Although I was already intrigued by the first trailer for Inception, this newest teaser has me pumped like no other summer movie has so far this year.

So what is this film about? Dreams? Heck, I don’t care. + Leonardo Dicaprio + Joseph Gordon-Levitt + Cillian Murphy + a Matrix-y vibe = opening night tickets for me.

Inception unfolds in theaters on July 16.

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This Week on DVD and Blu-ray: April 20, 2010

AvatarHere are some of the options today:

  • 44 Inch Chest: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Avatar: DVD, Blu-ray  **releases on April 22/Earth Day**
  • The Basketball Diaries: Blu-ray
  • Batman: Blu-ray
  • Batman Forever: Blu-ray
  • Batman Returns: Blu-ray
  • Cheech & Chong’s Hey Watch This!: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Crazy Heart: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Fist of Legend: Blu-ray
  • Homecoming: DVD
  • The Horse Boy: DVD
  • The Lovely Bones: DVD, Blu-ray

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First Look: DiCaprio in Nolan’s Inception Thriller

While little has been spoken about Christopher Nolan‘s follow-up to The Dark Knight, the trailer makes it clear that he appears to have secured another summer blockbuster with Inception.

Set to hit theaters July 16, 2010, the sci-fi film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy, and Michael Caine.

Let’s hope for the sake of all our sanity that the film doesn’t meet the same fate as Leo’s other upcoming thriller.

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In Theaters This Weekend: March 13, 2009

Last House on the Left

Here are some possible suggestions for your upcoming weekend:

This Week on HD DVD and Blu-ray: January 08, 2008

Zodiac HD DVDThis week marks the release of the first batch of high-definition DVDs since on-the-fence Warner landed decidedly on the Blu side; I must admit, as an HD DVD man, the day feels a bit colder than normal. But no matter—the format war is far from over.

On a lighter note, both formats have some exciting titles to speak of, including the Blu-ray release of one of my favorite movies from 2007, Sunshine; Roman Polanski’s Oscar-winning film, The Pianist, on HD DVD; and the long-awaited special edition of David Fincher’s Zodiac, also on HD DVD. The DVD release from July contained nary a special feature, so this two-disc director’s cut ought to please those Fincher fans waiting for a decent version.

Check out the full list of high-def releases after the jump.

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This Week on HD DVD and Blu-ray: October 9, 2007

28 weeks later logo

The war between Blu-ray and HD DVD rages on, but this week the battle looks particularly one-sided.

HD DVD has only one exclusive release this Tuesday (and not even a very good one), which can’t counter-balance the nine exclusive Blu-ray titles.  Now, one could see this as merely a slow week for the format’s proponents—Universal has the one title, and Paramount has zilch—or maybe Fox, Sony and MGM have simply realized that the holidays are fast approaching, and that … well, this is a war! Whatever the case, HD DVD loyalists will find little to drool over this week. As for the Blu-ray fans, they’ll find three day-and-date releases plus a high-def 28 Days Later to supplement its impressive new-release sequel.

Have a look at this week’s HD releases after the jump.

Check out this week’s standard-definition releases,
or take a look at the TV-on-DVD titles.

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This Week on DVD:  September 4, 2007

Georgia RuleHas Lindsay’s stay at Utah’s Cirque Lodge left you feeling lonely?  Are you trying to remember if she really can act?  Well pick up her latest DVD this Tuesday and reacquaint yourself with the beloved scandal queen.  But if you’re enjoying this DUI-free respite, here’s a glance at the slim pickings this week.

  • Georgia Rule—starring , Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda
  • Delta Farce—starring Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall and DJ Qualls
  • The Wind That Shakes The Barley—starring Cillian Murphy and Padraic Delaney

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Review: Sunshine

Sunshine the movie

The Alex Garland/Danny Boyle team is back with another harrowing look at humanity, it’s need for hope and willingness to sacrifice, both on a grand scale and within each of us.

The year is 2057.  The sun, the source of all life on Earth, is dying.  A spaceship called Icarus II is 60 million miles from the world, en route with a crew of eight scientists, physicists, and astronauts to set off a type of nuclear bomb in hopes of reigniting the dwindling star.  This group of experts represent the last hope for Earth and all of mankind, and their mission, like that of the first Icarus journey, is based on theoretical science in the face of unknown conditions — mere miles from the surface of the sun.

Visually stunning and intense beyond imagination, Sunshine  reminds everyone of the insignificance humanity represents on a grand scale, while simultaneously inspiring us to fight for it.

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