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Box Office Breakdown: Dark Knight Struck Down by Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder

Despite a somewhat disappointing opening last Wednesday ($6.5 million), actually managed to surpass the four-time box office winner. The comedy grossed $25.8 million over the past three days, nearly $10 million more than its caped competitor.

And while Ben Stiller should be happy by his movie’s accomplishment, the Dreamworks/Paramount film still left a lot to be desired. Recent comedies such as Get Smart ($38.6 million) and Step Brothers ($30.9 million) debuted to better numbers. But then those two films didn’t have a distraction like Michael Phelps to contend with.

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Box Office Breakdown: Batman Smokes Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express

’ strong open last week made number crunchers wonder: Would this be the week Batman was finally taken down? Unfortunately, breaking the record for ‘Any Wednesday in August’ doesn’t necessarily mean a movie will succeed on Friday or Saturday or Sunday. And despite Pineapple‘s promising start (the movie grossed $12.1 million on its first day), the comedy found itself smoked by the Caped Crusader.

‘s recent $26 million take has now pushed the film past $441 million. When the sequel passes Star Wars’ $461 million (which should happen shortly), it will become the #2 film of all time. By staying on top for the fourth weekend in a row, Knight has also accomplished something that hasn’t been done since 2003’s Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

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Box Office Breakdown: The Dark Knight Fights Off the Mummy

The Mummy's Michelle Yeoh

It was a close one. A very close one. But after a tight contest, once again emerged as the box office winner this weekend.

Although it initially appeared as if was going to bring Batman down, the three-quel lost steam at the end. The film, which grossed $40.4 million over the past three days, narrowly lost out to Knight and wound up being the lowest performer in its series. (The Mummy opened at $43.4 million in 1999 while The Mummy Returns scored $68 million in 2001.)

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Box Office Breakdown: The Dark Knight Hits $300 Million

The Dark Knight

Despite the combined forces of Ferrell/Reilly and Duchovny/Anderson, Team Bale/Ledger could not be slowed down.

This past week, added a few more records to the franchise’s box office mantle:

  • The film became the fastest movie ever to surpass the $300 million mark. (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest crossed that line in 16 days; Knight did it in 10.)
  • The sequel is now predicted to break $400 million in approximately 18 days. Shrek 2 took 43 days to the same in 2004.
  • IMAX theaters also continue to benefit from the blockbuster’s success. Another $4.6 million was grossed over the weekend.
  • It’s now believed the latest Batman installment could soar to $500 million - making it only the second movie to do so. Domestically, ($601 million) still reigns as the box office champ. (The original Star Wars pocketed $461 million while Shrek 2 earned $436 million.)

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Christian Bale Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Family

Christian BaleUPDATE: No charges will be filed against Bale for the July 20 incident.

Is as dark off-camera as the characters he plays on screen?

According to Britain’s The Sun, the actor was arrested by police in London earlier today after reportedly assaulting his mother and sister at the Dorchester Hotel on Sunday. That is where Christian has been staying since arriving for Monday’s premiere of . Although the two women reported the incident to police yesterday, officers chose to wait until after the red carpet affair before speaking to Bale.

It is customary in England for police to arrest someone before he has been questioned in connection to a crime. Since the 34-year-old has not yet been charged, a department spokesman could not specifically name Christian in the official statement:

“A 34-year-old man attended a central London police station this morning by appointment. He was arrested in connection with an allegation of assault. He currently remains in custody.”

Bale is next scheduled to be in Spain on Thursday for the Barcelona premiere.

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The Sun

Box Office Breakdown: Record-Breaking Weekend for The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

Okay, let’s not beat around the bush. We all know was huge. But how big exactly was it? Let’s break the numbers down:

  • The film grossed approximately $158.3 million, beating the record set by ($151.1 million) last year. The total already comes within reach of Tim Burton’s Batman. (The $251.2 million grosser has been the best earner in the franchise so far.)
  • Knight pulled in $18.5 million during its Friday midnight screenings alone. The previous record holder was 2005’s Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith ($16.9 million).
  • The movie had the best Friday total ever: $67.8 million.
  • The sequel earned $6.2 million from IMAX showings alone. That number, again, beat Spider-Man 3 ($4.7 million).
  • In one weekend, The Dark Knight grossed more than the last three Batman installments made in their opening weekends combined.
  • The Christopher Nolan feature, along with the strong performance from , helped the industry attain the best box office weekend ever. Mamma‘s $27.6 million outperformed last year’s Hairspray ($27.5 million) to become the biggest musical opener ever.

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Which Caped Crusader Outshines All?

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Christian Bale - The Dark Knight

Batman is back and he’s just as heroic as ever, but isn’t exactly walking where no other actor has ever trod before. The new Batman movie may make it to the top of the box office, but will the new Batman make it to the top of this list?

That’s right, it’s time to put an end to that age-old question: who was the worst Batman, Clooney or Kilmer? Let’s rate the Batmans from worst to best, and find out which man shines as the greatest Bat-like hero of them all.

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Terminator Salvation Teaser Trailer

Could Christian Bale be any hotter? Even though is the most-anticipated picture this summer, the actor’s next blockbuster is just as buzzworthy.

Here is your first glimpse of Bale playing John Connor in next year’s .

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins hits theaters on May 22, 2009.

In Theaters This Weekend: July 18, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Here are some possible suggestions for your upcoming weekend:

No Robin for Christian Bale’s Batman

Batman & RobinWhile I’m sure Leatherheads is probably something would eventually like to forget, Batman & Robin will probably serve as his most regrettable big-screen project. And that’s a mistake Christian Bale would not like to repeat for himself.

While Bale has made it known he’d be up for a trilogy, he is apparently opposed to introducing a sidekick. According to Starpulse, the intense actor claims he would rather hang up his cape than work alongside another masked man.

“If Robin crops up in one of the new Batman films, I’ll be chaining myself up somewhere and refusing to go to work.”

I’m sure if George had the same clout then that he does now, he would have sad the exact same thing.

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