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First Look: Watch Julia Roberts Eat, Pray, Love in New Trailer

Most women would probably say that if they ever met Billy Crudup, James Franco or Javier Bardem, they would feel pretty content. But in ’ case, it takes all three.

In , an adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s popular memoir, a discontented Roberts (Gilbert) sets off on a global adventure in hopes of discovering herself.

Get caught up in the journey when the movie unfolds on August 13.

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New Frankenstein Movie Coming to Life

Dean Koontz's Frankenstein

A modern version of Frankenstein is in the works.

X-Men producer Ralph Winter and former Vanguard Films president Terry Botwick are working on the project after acquiring the rights to Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein. Instead of the traditional setting for the horror character, the movie - which could be turned into a franchise - will be set in modern day New Orleans.

“These books have enough twists and turns to keep the public coming back to the theaters for many years to come,” Ralph told Variety.

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New International Harry Potter Teaser Trailer

Since Warner Bros. has chosen to delay the next Harry Potter premiere, this international preview gives a whole new definition to the word “tease.”

If you can’t wait until next year, just keep flipping back and forth between the first and second trailer and pretend you have a whole movie.

hits theater on July 17, 2009.

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Ben Affleck Returns to Director’s Chair

Ben Affleck will soon be following up his critically-acclaimed work on Gone Baby Gone with another Massachusetts-set drama.

For The Town, Affleck will be wearing three hats at the same time. In addition to directing and acting, the Oscar winner (Good Will Hunting) will make tweaks to a screenplay already started by Peter Craig and Chuck Hogan. (Hogan is the author of the book - Prince of Thieves - on which this movie is based.) Last year, Ben and Aaron Stockard worked on adapting the novel for Gone.

In the Warner Bros. production, Ben will play a career thief who becomes romantically-involved with a bank manager. Unfortunately, an FBI agent hunting the criminal also has his eyes set on the same woman.

Affleck, who is currently filming Mike Judge’s Extract, already has two films scheduled for release next year. He’s Just Not That Into You hits theaters in February while State of Play arrives in April.

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Body of Lies Trailer

and director Ridley Scott, collaborators on three movies, have reteamed for a fourth due out this fall. The CIA thriller, Body of Lies, comes just under a year after their last project, American Gangster, debuted.

In this David Ignatius adaptation, co-stars as a a CIA operative (Roger Ferris) on the hunt for a terrorist in Jordan. Crowe plays Ed Hoffman, Leo’s “manipulative” boss.

Body of Lies - penned by Academy Award winner (The Departed) - hits theaters on October 10.

Casting Corner: Nicolas Cage, Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert De Niro

Nicolas Cage

Here’s a quick look at some of the casting announcements made recently:

Ghost Rider‘s may soon getting off the bike and heading behind bars. The actor, last seen in National Treasure, is currently in negotiations to play an inmate serving a life sentence in Scared Straight.

The movie, based on the program that tries to ‘scare’ temporary inmates into leading a clean life, will focus on an incarcerated teen held hostage during a prison riot. Cage, unable to sit back and watch this unfold, will reluctantly come to the kid’s rescue.

Scared - which will be directed by (Halloween) - should begin filming this October.

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Is Where the Wild Things Are Scaring Children?

Where the Wild Things AreScores of parents have used Where the Wild Things Are to help put their children to sleep.  Unfortunately, a viewing of ‘s film adaptation could reportedly leave those same children with a few nightmares.

Jonze, the Oscar-nominated director behind Being John Malkovich, has been in the process of bringing Maurice Sendak’s children’s book to the big screen.  Unfortunately, poor test screenings may have forced Warner Bros. to push the film’s release date to 2009.

According to internet reports, children were so frightened by the scary images, they left the theater crying.  (Well that’s no good.)  One tester supposedly said, “The things are not cute. Max comes off a bit weird and off-putting. He slaps his mom! And he seems confused and not charming at all.”

Well, if it makes Spike feel any better, I thought would do great things with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - and that movie creeped me out as well.  So if nothing else, at least he’ll be keeping good company.

(To see a clip of some leaked screen test footage, click here.)

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Lindsay Lohan to Tell Her Story?

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Lindsay Lohan has it that Razzie-nominated actress may be making ready to write her memoirs. Gossip suggests Lohan is motivated by a single need: money.  Varied reports have Lohan borrowing money from friends and quickly running out of funds, though how this is possible I simply can’t say.

The book, reportedly, will talk about Lohan’s troubles with substance abuse (and subsequent trips to rehab) and what it’s like to be a big star in a small world. I’m less interested in what the book’s about and more interested in another compelling question: is she writing it herself, or using a ghostwriter? There’s a good chance the readers will never know.

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The Unauthorized Tom Cruise Biography

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Tom Cruise: Unauthorized BiographyWhen you put yourself in the public eye in a very bold way, you have to expect at least a little backlash. Could that be what’s happening to couch-jumping and overzealous right this moment? Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography (which you can buy right now for less than twenty bucks online) talks at great length about Cruise and his various women, rumors concerning this love life and of course, . The media has already reported that Morton may be getting sued by Cruise and the Scientology Church for the mind-boggling sum of $100 million. Doesn’t matter. The book hit the shelves January 15, no matter what Cruise or anyone else has to say about it.

Before the book’s release, an excerpt of the prose was released which detailed the inner circle of Scientology followers, showing just how important Cruise’s role is therein. Followers of the religion, which is based on a series of books by author , have taken a lot of flak from the press (and the spoofers). But in this country, we’re all allowed to believe whatever we please - even our biggest stars. Read all about it in the unauthorized (and possibly very costly) Tom Cruise biography.

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The Buzz About ‘The Secret Life of Bees’

Queen Latifah is one bee movie which will boast A-list stars. An of the best-selling book, the story is a coming-of-age tale which focuses on two friends. , , and are already signed up, while negotiations with and are just on the verge of being wrapped up.

Set in the 1960s American south, The Secret Life of Bees is about teen Lily Owens (the role undoubtedly going to Fanning) and her pal Rosaleen (Hudson). The pair leave their homes on a quest to discover the truth about Lily’s deceased mother. While in South Carolina, the two meet three sisters who keep bees (Latifah, Okonedo and Keys). Since the script was completed pre-, this is one movie project that may not be quickly canceled.

Right now, plans to release the flick in 2008.

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