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Watch the First Five Minutes of The Dark Knight

There are times when a sneak preview can work to your advantage. (After watching the first seven minutes of Speed Racer, I knew I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the whole film.)

Then there are times when an advance clip can tell you way too much. Do you really want to know how begins?

Although the movie’s first five minutes have been out there, there are many of you who still haven’t seen it. Wait until July 18…or sample it now. You decide.


Tributes to Heath Ledger

Heath LedgerIf you’re the type of person who immediately heads to the bathroom once a movie ends, you may want to limit your liquids during The Dark Knight. Exit quickly and you’ll miss Warner Bros.’ posthumous tribute to .

The film’s closing credits will acknowledge two Batman contributors who have died since the project began. In addition to Ledger, the crew said goodbye last year to a special-effects worker killed after a car crash during a stunt test. The simple farewell will read:

“In memory of our friends Heath Ledger & Conway Wickliffe.”

Meanwhile, the residents of Perth, Australia (Heath’s hometown) have just paid tribute to the actor in a much grander fashion. On Tuesday, an $87 million theater was named in Ledger’s honor.

Western Australia state Premier Alan Carpenter said they hope the Heath Ledger Theater will help others who have been inspired by the Oscar-nominee’s work. “Heath Ledger was totally dedicated to the craft of being an actor and that’s what made him successful. I think what we’re doing is continuing that support for young people who want to make a career in the arts and acting, stage and in film, whatever it happens to be.”

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More Early Reviews for The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger and Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight

If you needed more than a post on Ain’t It Cool News to tell you The Dark Knight was good, then you’re in luck.

Today, Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) and the David Germain (Associated Press) both heaped their praise on the latest sequel.


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Rolling Stone

Early Review for The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger as The JokerUPDATE: You can find additional reviews from Rolling Stone and The Associated Press here.

Although we still have 3 weeks to go until the premiere of , Ain’t It Cool News already has an early review of the highly-anticipated sequel.

Here are a few of the highlights from the (spoiler-free) critique:

“The film feels more like a crime drama in a grand city scape than a typical comic book movie.”

“Christian Bale owns this role. He is Bruce Wayne and he is Batman.”

“Heath Ledger’s performance of the Joker is truly one for the books. A man of no remorse or morals who simply wants to see things burn.”

Dying to know more? Read the entire review for yourself here.

The Dark Knight rolls into theaters on July 18.

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Batman Sports His Milk Mustache

Batman's Milk Campaign

Want to know the secret behind ‘s success? You can find the answer right on his face.

In this latest campaign for the Milk Processor Education Program, Batman does his best to promote the benefits of the white stuff:

“Others reload. Batman refuels. Research suggests that milk’s unique mix of nutrients can help athletes recover after exercise. And its protein can help build muscle. So train hard and drink lowfat or fat free milk, because the Batmobile isn’t the only thing that needs to refuel.”

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Christian Bale Talks About Heath Ledger

Christian Bale, Details magazineIn the upcoming issue of Details magazine, tells us why we’ll never see him in romantic comedies, details his first experience in the Batsuit and his explains his thoughts about “self-destructing on purpose.” Bale also chats a bit about his Dark Knight co-star, Heath Ledger.

“He was incredibly intense in his performance but incredibly mellow and laid-back. Certainly there was this great anarchistic streak to it—just getting dirtier than anybody’s envisioned the Joker before. This character has power because he has no limits—absolutely nothing to lose.”

When asked how Ledger’s death has impacted his view of the film, Bale added, “Naturally it was something I wanted to share with him—and expected to do so. And I can’t do anything else but hope that it will be an absolutely appropriate celebration of his work.”

opens in theaters on July 18. Until then, Bale lovers can purchase their copy of Details on June 3.

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Collectors Line Up for Joker Doll

Joker action figureWhile the whole thing seems a bit morbid, I guess you kind of have to understand the reasoning.

In New York, collectors reportedly starting lining up around 4 A.M. this morning to cash in on Batman memorabilia.  Their object of desire?  The /Joker action figure.  The item, which sells for $9.99, quickly disappeared from the Times Square Toys “R” Us store and ended up on the internet within a matter of hours.  (There’s nothing like a tragic death that makes an eBay seller salivate more.)

Although some hopeful profiters have been requesting nearly $50 for both the Joker and Batman figures together, a spokesperson for the toy store says they expect to be getting shipments of products on a regular basis.

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Warner Bros. Releases Dark Knight Trailer No. 3

Latest Harvey Dent teaserAs everyone and their mother rushed to the theaters to see this weekend, they were in for quite a surprise as the latest teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Batman series played prior to the film.

Ever since the first screenings of Iron Man, bootleg versions of the trailer have appeared on YouTube; The Dark Knight team seems to have wanted to nip that in the butt quickly, as they ended up posting it on their official site this past weekend, which you can see after the jump.

Although the campaign for the film has bombarded us with clips and images of Heath Ledger‘s character, Joker, very little has been spoken of Aaron Eckhart‘s Harvey Dent, who ultimately becomes Two-Face. That is, of course, until this trailer, where if you look close enough, you’re able to see the scars on the side of his face when he’s holding up the gun.

Folks over at Warner Bros. just continue to keep us entertained, as they had just released new teaser posters a mere couple weeks ago (which can be viewed at Omelete). The film is set to be released in theaters July 18, 2008.

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‘The Dark Knight’ Trailer

Why So Serious? HaHAhaHa!“Let’s put a smile on that face.” Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are well aware that the Batman Begins sequel, , opens this summer starring as Batman and as The Joker. Well, the brand-new full-length Dark Knight trailer debuted this weekend prior to Will Smith’s , along with a couple new movie posters (pictured on the right). WB has released the non-bootlegged, high-quality trailer, so check it out after the jump. Anyone who doubted Ledger as The Joker is now eating their words and it’ll certainly put a smile on your face.

Update: Check out the SIX-MINUTE The Dark Knight preview after the jump.

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‘The Dark Knight’ Shot With Imax Cameras

Dark Knight

We’ve barely gotten through this summer of sequels and yet it somehow feels appropriate to look ahead to next year.  I, for one, would gladly sit out most of the offerings this season if it meant that I could get to the Batman Begins follow-up sooner.

The Dark Knight is not even slated to be released until July 18, 2008…but we now know how some of it will look.  Director Christopher Nolan has announced that four sequences of the movie will be shot with IMAX cameras.  While viewing movies reformatted for an IMAX screen is not unusual, this is the first major motion film to actually be shot with these cameras (as opposed to 35mm).  I personally detest waiting in long lines for any movie, but the opportunity to see Christian Bale looking larger-than-life may be worth the pain.

New arrivals to the latest saga will include Heath Ledger (as The Joker) and Maggie Gyllenhaal (replacing the I’ve-got-better-things-to-do-Katie-Holmes-Cruise).

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