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Anne Hathaway Added to Alice in Wonderland Cast

Anne HathawayWho knew a horrible breakup could kick off the best part of one’s career?

In the last few weeks, Anne Hathaway has done a superb job moving past the issues in her personal life. She’s braved uncomfortable interviews, earned Oscar buzz for Rachel Getting Married and made people laugh on Saturday Night Live. (You can see one of her SNL sketches after the jump.) Now Anne’s adding a high-profile project to her resume.

It’s just been announced that Hathaway will be the latest star to join . The Tim Burton film - which already boasts Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter - also features Mia Wasikowska as Alice and Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen. Hathaway is scheduled to play the White Queen.

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Johnny Depp Attached to More Disney Projects

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow has just now officially sold his soul to the Mouse.

After starring in several blockbusters for , the Oscar-nominated actor is ready to go back for more. The studio has just announced that the money maker will be starring in not one…not two…but three more projects for them.

In addition to reprising his role as Captain Jack Sparrow (yes, there will be a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean installment), Depp will be taking on the character of Tonto in an adaptation of The Lone Ranger.

Johnny will also - surprise! - appear in yet another Tim Burton film. Although it was already suspected that he would participate in Alice in Wonderland, his signature was only recently placed on the dotted line. Depp will now be joining Mia Wasikowska as the Mad Hatter.

Alice - which will use the same technology implemented in Beowulf - is slated to hit theaters in 2010.

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Tim Burton’s Alice Is Off to England

Tim Burton starts filming 'Alice' in Plymouth this month

Disney’s favorite eccentric director Tim Burton is at it again, and this time he’s digging a bit older and traveling a bit further for his latest classic remake: Alice in Wonderland.

Burton is taking the cast and crew across the pond to Plymouth, where they will be holding auditions this week for the film’s extras. Casting director Ilenka Jelowicki explains why the locale is perfect for production:

“It’s a period movie, set in Victorian England, so we’re very specific about the look we need. In an ideal world, out of the 125 women we need, they would all have long, naturally coloured hair. We’d love men with beards or facial hair – lamb chops or big sideburns, that sort of thing.”

The only confirmed cast member is HBO‘s Australian actress Mia Wasikowska (In Treatment), who is set to play Alice. Take a wild guess who might be casted as one of the crazy Wonderland characters—I dare you!

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Burton To Direct Disney Films

Why does HE have such a hot wife? will direct a pair of 3-D films for Disney: and .

First, Burton will direct Alice, which will be filmed using a mixture of performance-capture imagery and live action footage, a la this weekends #1 film, . Next, Burton will helm Frankenweenie, based on his 1984 short film (of the same name) about a dog who gets run over by a car and is brought back to life by his owner. ’Weenie will be filmed using stop-motion animation and shown in digital 3-D.

The original Frankenweenie had an odd cast, which included Daniel Stern (as the owner), Shelley Duvall, and The Wonder Years’ Jason Hervey. No word if any of the actors will return for this version.

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