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Court Date Set for Watchmen Lawsuit

Court sets date for Watchmen trialWhile most Watchmen fans only had the film’s release countdown to consider, a new development in the Watchmen copyright lawsuit has added a new date to watch out for: January 6.

U.S. District Court Judge Gary Allen Feess assigned the date for the case, which is set to decide whether or not Fox does hold the rights to the Watchmen movie. Between the January 6 court date and the film’s scheduled March 6 release, let’s hope that things go in the fans’ favor and they settle this between that time.

If the case goes according to Fox, fans of the highly-anticipated Zack Snyder film will never see that March 6 release happen, which could very well happen come January.

The dispute goes back to 1991, when Fox “quitclaimed” its right to Alan Moore‘s acclaimed graphic novel to Largo Entertainment, with an agreement that the production company was to release the movie under the big studio (if not, Largo Entertainment was to buy the rights through an agreed buyout formula from Fox).

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Watchmen Fans Protest Fox’s Lawsuit

Fox attempts to stop Watchmen movie's releaseEven though the much-anticipated film’s premiere is not scheduled until March 6, true Watchmen fans are not taking any chances with Fox’s plans to completely prevent the release.

ComicBookMovie.com has organized a petition in hopes that the people over at Fox change their minds about touching the classic graphic novel’s film adaptation. One fan named Wyatt Barlup is even planning to picket the Fox lots with like-minded, passionate comrades.

There are even those that are on the offense: readers at Comics2Film.com have suggested taking action against Fox‘s upcoming films The Day the Earth Stood Still and X-Men Origins: Wolverine by calling for a boycott. Whoever knew real life drama could be better than fiction!

Why such extreme action, one might ask? Well, probably the fact that Fox isn’t planning on settling this—the studio heads don’t want to see Zack Snyder‘s film released, period.

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Watchmen Teaser Trailer

Two days, two exciting trailers. Just yesterday, we showed you the first clip from Terminator Salvation.

Today, we give you .

For another look at the characters in the Zack Snyder (300) film, click here.

Alan Moore’s graphic novel comes to life on March 6, 2009.

Watchmen Action Figures

Nite OwlRorschach

Last month, we gave you a glimpse of what the upcoming movie will look like.  (You can see the actors in their costumes here.)

Now - thanks to Entertainment Weekly - we have a teaser of the movie’s action figure line.  (These two examples of Nite Owl and Rorschach are currently prototypes.)

You can expect the DC Direct collectibles to be in stores by January - just in time for the Warner Bros. release on March 6, 2009.

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Watchmen Photos Revealed

is officially a god to comic book fans everywhere. Snyder has released, via the film’s production blog, the first photos of the cast in costume, and they look absolutely amazing. Alan Moore (V For Vendetta, From Hell) and Dave Gibbons have good reason to be proud. Too bad we’re going to have to wait exactly an entire year for the film’s release!

Click on the image for a closer look. If you need a refresher course on the illustrations, Cinema Blend provides side-by-side comparisons for you.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as ComedianPatrick Wilson as Nite OwlMatthew Goode as Ozymandias

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Cast Set for ‘Watchmen’ Movie

WatchmenI kid you not.  My husband loved the Watchmen comic book series so much he actually read the whole thing to me right after we started dating.  Luckily, I had the pictures to distract me.  And luckily for him—I married him anyway.  Now, I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the story….it was just weird having a comic book dictated to me.

For those who are equally enthusiastic about the 1980’s Alan Moore series, you may be happy to know that casting has finally been announced for a film adaptation.  Whether you agree with the choices in an entirely different matter.

  • Billy Crudup (Almost Famous) = Dr. Manhattan
  • Patrick Wilson (Little Children) = Night Owl
  • Matthew Goode (The Lookout) = Ozymandias
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Weeds, Grey’s Anatomy) = the Comedian
  • Jackie Earle Haley (Little Children) = Rorschach
  • Malin Akerman (Harold and Kumar..) = Silk Spectre

The Cold War-set movie will be directed by 300‘s Zack Snyder.  While I may have feigned interest six years ago, I’m sure I will be there on opening day (assuming the production ever gets started).  Meanwhile, there is one casting announcement piquing my catty alter-ego.  Billy Crudup (the man who abandoned a pregnant Mary-Louise Parker) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (the man who just dated Mary-Louise Parker) are in the same movie together???  Muy interesante!

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